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Greening Garbage Trucks New Technologies for Cleaner and Healthier Cities Teleconference: US Conference of Mayors, March 23, 2005. Joanna D. Underwood President, INFORM. Background. INFORM is an independent research organization founded in 1974.

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Greening Garbage Trucks New Technologies for Cleaner and Healthier CitiesTeleconference: US Conference of Mayors, March 23, 2005

Joanna D. Underwood President, INFORM

Background l.jpg

INFORM is an independent research organization founded in 1974

  • It identifies environmentally sustainable ways of doing business

  • It offers thoroughly investigated, innovative, and effective options for change

  • It collaborates to promote environmental progress

  • Noteworthy INFORM Transportation publications include:

    • Drive for Clean Air (1990)

    • Paving the Way to Natural Gas Vehicles (1992)

    • Harnessing Hydrogen (1995)

    • Bus Futures (2000)

    • Greening Garbage Trucks (2002)

    • The Transportation Boom in Asia (2005)

Features of the garbage truck market l.jpg
Features of the Garbage Truck Market

Garbage trucks are among the oldest, least fuel efficient, and most polluting U.S. fleet

  • Approximately 179,000 vehicles: 136,000 collection trucks, 12,000 transfer trucks, and 31,000 recycling trucks

  • There are twice as many garbage trucks in the US as there are urban transit vehicles.

  • 40% of garbage trucks are more than 10 years old.

  • A garbage truck logs an average of 25,000 miles a year, the fleet travels 3.4 billion miles a year.

  • Garbage trucks get the lowest mileage of any vehicle type: 2.8 miles per gallon

Why fleets are switching the natural gas garbage trucks l.jpg
Why fleets are switching the natural gas garbage trucks

Drivers Behind Switch to Natural Gas Trucks

  • Surest compliance with clean air regulations

  • Addresses urban concerns about asthma and cancer risk

  • Improves quality of life (trucks are50-98% quieter)

  • Economic feasibility:

    • Federal funds help cover incremental vehicle costs and fueling infrastructure

Findings pioneering natural gas fleets l.jpg
Findings: Pioneering Natural Gas Fleets

INFORM survey of fleets operating alternative fuel garbage trucks in 2002, updated in 2004

  • Natural gas is most common commercial alternative fuel used

  • Natural gas engines developed for buses making its way into the refuse hauler market

  • Short daily routes and central refueling are conducive to use of natural gas

  • Still, less than 1 percent of the garbage trucks in the US operate on natural gas

Findings 2002 natural gas garbage truck fleets l.jpg
Findings: 2002 Natural Gas Garbage Truck Fleets

26 Fleets, 692 Natural Gas Trucks

Findings expansion of 2002 fleets by 2004 l.jpg
Findings: Expansion of 2002 Fleets by 2004

966 Natural Gas Trucks, Up 40%

10 Larger Fleets, 6 Smaller

Summary of 2004 update l.jpg
Summary of 2004 Update

Strong Growth in Existing and New Natural Gas Fleets Since 2002

  • 40% growth in 2002 fleets, 274 net new trucks

  • 26 new fleets since 2002, 382 new trucks

  • 1,308 natural gas trucks now in 3 states

  • 89 percent growth in 2 years

  • LNG emerging as fuel of choice (79% in 2004, up from 68% in 2002)

  • California, Texas, and Massachusetts lead

  • INFORM’s 2002 projection seems conservative—natural gas is very strong

Findings natural gas garbage truck use slowly increasing l.jpg
Findings: Natural Gas Garbage Truck Use Slowly Increasing

INFORM Projected in 2002 Natural Gas Refuse Truck Fleet to Triple by 2010

Observations l.jpg

Natural Gas Fleets: A Winning Urban Strategy

  • Natural gas trucks are commercial options today.

  • Garbage trucks - centrally refueled and traveling short distances - make fueling infrastructure viable.

  • Significant funding can offset the costs of implementation.

  • Success relies on partnerships with fuel suppliers, refueling infrastructure builders, vehicle providers, and funding sources.

  • Natural gas, a domestically plentiful fuel, helps reduce fleet reliance on imported oil.

  • Natural gas use paves the way for a future transition to hydrogen.

Please visit inform s website for more information www informinc org l.jpg

Please visit INFORM’s website for more information:

Joanna D. Underwoodphone (212) 361-2400 ex. [email protected]