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CMIG + News Office. Producing valuable media for the University. Introducing… Joshua Bartos Senior Producer [email protected] 2-8665. The “relationship” (between CMIG and the News Office). 10 hours/week dedicated to strategy and production Consultation to determine best use of media

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Cmig news office l.jpg

CMIG + News Office

Producing valuable media

for the University

Introducing joshua bartos senior producer jbartos@uchicago edu 2 8665 l.jpg
Introducing…Joshua BartosSenior [email protected]

The relationship between cmig and the news office l.jpg
The “relationship”(between CMIG and the News Office)

10 hours/week dedicated to strategy and production

  • Consultation to determine best use of media

  • Production: Interviews, b-roll, press conferences, events (shooting + editing)

  • ISDN line interviews (at the DML)

Protocols l.jpg

  • CMIG production calendar: [email protected]

  • Pre-production form:If you know what, when, where, who

  • Call Josh: 2-8665For advice, confirmation, logistics

  • Permission form:

Is it valuable three motivations l.jpg
Is it valuable?Three motivations…




  • Promotion

    • Capture interview prior to event/announcement in order to attach clips to the press release

    • Capture clips from event to post with a web feature or article

Scavenger Hunt

Rockefeller Carillon

Physics with a bang

Is it valuable l.jpg
Is it valuable?

Presidential Inauguration



  • Archive

    • Document an event that has historical significance for the university

    • Document an event that is newsworthy and will generate significant public interest

Bill Gates’ visit

Daley’s Gun Violence press conference

Nobel press conference

Is it valuable7 l.jpg
Is it valuable?

  • Resources for media

    • Campus/event b-roll

    • Remote interviews

      • NYT Online: interview with Clemens Reichel

      • ScienCentral interviews

    • Broadcast quality audio (ISDN)

Types of media l.jpg
Types of Media?

Alumni Weeknend

  • Video

    • short format: Event, ambiance3-5 minutes (average web attention span)

    • long format: Lecture/Public talk~45 minutes, esp. if there is “star power”

  • Audio: Conference (best when single speaker)

  • Slideshows: Photos + VO/music

  • Live Webcasts: Immediacy, newsworthy, large non-local audience

Humanities Day

Olympic Arts Symposium

When is video the best option l.jpg
When is video the best option?

  • Interesting subject (The Math “Pirate”)

  • Event not easily described

  • Highly visual and active events