becoming a bona fide tech y tools to improve technological literacy among educators
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Becoming a Bona Fide Tech-y: Tools to Improve Technological Literacy Among Educators

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Becoming a Bona Fide Tech-y: Tools to Improve Technological Literacy Among Educators. Rea Gubler Artis Grady Kathy Croxall. Baseline: Do we value technology?. As FCS Professionals, have we embraced technology thus far? What have you seen in your lifetime?.

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becoming a bona fide tech y tools to improve technological literacy among educators

Becoming a Bona Fide Tech-y: Tools to Improve Technological Literacy Among Educators

Rea Gubler

Artis Grady

Kathy Croxall

baseline do we value technology
Baseline: Do we value technology?

As FCS Professionals, have we embraced technology thus far?

What have you seen in your lifetime?

baseline do we value technology3
Baseline: Do we value technology?

Which is the most valuable Invention?



The value of an invention can be measured in it’s usefulness!

Not all inventions are useful all of the time!

It is the same with technology--

Keep the concept of useful in mind!

indeed we must value technology
Indeed, we must value technology!


Lead it and prosper

Tolerate it and survive

Fight it and die!

(*paraphrased from Governor Mike Leavitt)

demands on teachers to use more technology by
Demands on teachers to use more technology by:





Vision of Students (by students)

Vision of Students (by educator)

Definitely plays on our emotions!

why then do we resist
Why then, do we resist?



Challenge of learning something new or foreign to our experience

Not convinced that it is better!

we should be wary
We should be wary!

We are trained to be wise consumers!

Is ‘New & Improved’ an oxymoron?

How can it be new, if it is an improvement?

Can you recall a technological advance that you found to be NOT useful?

keeping up
Keeping up--

Space Race

Sputnik in the 50s

First to the moon

Now what?

Arms Race

Nuclear power


Human Race?

a wise consumer
A Wise Consumer:

Apply what we know before ‘purchasing’ or ‘buying in’ to new technologies

  • Cost benefit ratio
  • Can you afford the ‘time’ to implement it?
  • Avoid impulse purchases
  • Comparative shopping
  • Determine longevity
  • Keep your goals and objectives in sight!

Local newscaster, Dick Nourse, made an interesting

comment at the time of his retirement:


Keeping Technology in Perspective!

can we use technology to improve student learning and retention
Can we use technology to improve student learning and retention?

Can we ‘teach on their terms’?

Should we ‘teach on their terms’?

Why does technology appealing or ‘their terms’?

Hands on! (sort of, like the chalkboard)

The satisfaction is in creating or constructing!

  • Choice- not all students use same tools

(multiple intelligences)

  • Variety-different media, group/individual, etc
  • Control-student initiated and completed

Student projects displayed on ‘you tube’:The Physics Guy

*Final project for an AP Physics class

speak techno let s see
Speak Techno?Let’s see!

Using the iClickers to test vocabulary!

  • Define wiki
    • Tool for voice communication
    • Miniature witch
    • Collaborative content
    • Reliable internet source
speak techno let s see13
Speak Techno?Let’s see!

2) Define podcast

  • Loudspeaker announcement
  • Distributed digital media files
  • Organized group activity
  • ipod collection
speak techno let s see14
Speak Techno?Let’s see!

3) Define blogs

  • On-line diary
  • Overbearing administrator
  • Chat room
  • Role playing game
speak techno let s see15
Speak Techno?Let’s see!

4) Define LMS

  • Library management system
  • Logical management system
  • Learning management system
  • Licensed management system
speak techno let s see16
Speak Techno?Let’s see!

5) Define webquest

  • Grade book based on the internet
  • Internet metasearch engine
  • Role playing game over the internet
  • Internet supported learning activity
speak techno let s see17
Speak Techno?Let’s see!

6) Define RSS

  • Right student seminar
  • Really simple syndication
  • Rigid specific strategy
  • Rapid serial system
technical teaching tools google now a verb
Technical Teaching Tools:Google (now a verb!)

Calendar—Sync with other people, other software and PDA

Google Docs- multiple contributors to one document

Google Mobile-

SMS (Short Message Service)

Based on zip code

Get info on pizza places, movies, etc

**More to come!

technical teaching tools messaging
Technical Teaching Tools:Messaging

“I can’t remember or imagine my life without text!

….Amanda Hayes (SUU Student)

Instant messaging

Video messaging


technical teaching tools wiki s blogs
Technical Teaching Tools:Wiki’s & Blogs


(Not just a bogus encyclopedia!)

Used for collaboration


These are not the same as social networking

Some basic guidelines are a must

technical teaching tools lms learning management systems online delivery management communication
Technical Teaching Tools:LMS (Learning Management Systems)Online delivery, management & communication






technical teaching tools ipod more than entertainment
Technical Teaching Tools:iPod (more than entertainment)

Tape Lectures

Subscribe to Pod Casts

Portable Hard Drive

Organize collections


technical teaching tools podcast
Technical Teaching Tools:Podcast

What is a podcast? (can also do video podcasts)

  • A collection of digital media files
  • Distributed over the internet
  • Often using syndication feeds for playback on computers or portable medial players
  • Can be Podcast vs Streamed

RSS, etc or wmp, mp3, etc

  • Can be random, but usually are subscribed to
  • Create & podcast lectures, messages
  • Software: Audacity, Garage Band, Camtasia, iTunes, ProfCast
  • GabCast (via cell phone)
technical teaching tools digital portfolios
Technical Teaching Tools:Digital Portfolios
  • Designed by students:
    • Showcase work
    • Prepare for jobs
  • Online, cd, flash drive
  • Commercial –(Chalk & Wire, costly)
  • Self made- PowerPoint or Other software
  • Samples using PowerPoint
bona fide tech y
Bona Fide Tech-y?

On Your terms!

You also need

Choice- select carefully (consumer skills)

Variety- keep you and students engaged

Control- your class, your content, YOUR DECISION

Caveat- (not always that easy)


  • Accept the technological demands placed upon you
  • Invest in technologies that you value
  • Don’t overextend yourself!
  • Old technology is sometimes ‘new’ and engaging to students

Vision of Students (by students)

Vision of Students (by educator)

Dick Nourse

The Physics Guy


Wikis for collaboration


What is a podcast?