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Cuba/Florida Covenant. Cuba/Florida Covenant. Welcome !. What is the Cuba/Florida Covenant ?. An agreement between the Methodist Churches in Cuba and in Florida to implement ministries that strengthen local churches through shared resources. Our Pledge. To pray for one another

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Cuba/Florida Covenant

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Cuba florida covenant l.jpg

Cuba/Florida Covenant

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Cuba/Florida Covenant

Welcome !

What is the cuba florida covenant l.jpg

What is the Cuba/FloridaCovenant ?

An agreement between the Methodist Churches in Cuba and in Florida to implement ministries that strengthen local churches through shared resources.

Our pledge l.jpg

Our Pledge

  • To pray for one another

  • To engage in the interchange of people

  • To respond to the priorities of the Cuban church

Slide5 l.jpg

  • To build relationships

  • To support one another

  • To enable training

  • To share mutually

Who participates l.jpg

Who Participates?


  • Methodist Church of Cuba

  • Florida Conference of the UMC

Cuba lies 90 Miles south of Key West

Did you know that l.jpg

Did You Know That?

Slide8 l.jpg

Until 1968 the Methodist churches in Cuba were part of (and reported to) the Florida Annual Conference?

Slide9 l.jpg

The Methodist churches in Cuba have more than 50,000 worshipers?

A little over 10,000 are church members.

Slide10 l.jpg

In all attendance to gatherings and worship services for all church activities, 85% of those present are youth and young adults?

Slide11 l.jpg

70% of the church members and active church participants are tithers?

Slide12 l.jpg

Membership in a Methodist church in Cuba requires about 105 hours (approx. one year) of New Member Orientation?

That is why total attendance to Methodist churches surpasses the number of members.

Slide13 l.jpg

There are more than 200 Methodist churches in Cuba, almost 2/3 have sister relationships with Florida Churches?

Slide14 l.jpg

Cuba/Florida Covenant caravans go to their churches twice a year from Florida sister districts to share in prayers, evangelism and fellowship?

Slide15 l.jpg

Those returning to their Florida churches carry back the fire of the Holy Spirit and the love of Cuban sisters and brothers.

Who participates16 l.jpg

Who Participates?

  • Brothers and Sisters in Cuba

  • You and I

An answer to their prayers.

And they have requested l.jpg

And they have requested…

“Let us know if our prayers for you have reached our Lord’s throne and have made a difference in your ministries.”

And they have requested that we pray for l.jpg

And they have requested that we pray for…

Wisdom for their pastors and leaders, their ministries & fraternities, their marriages, transportation.

I suspect you are beginning to experience the true blessings of this covenant l.jpg

I suspect you are beginning to experience the true blessings of this covenant!

Our sister churches are churches on fire

Praying for us!

Upholding the covenant l.jpg

Upholding the Covenant

  • Pray

  • Visit

  • Give

  • Write

  • Translate

  • Special Projects

  • Share

When to start l.jpg

When to Start -


Slide22 l.jpg

We Have a Purpose

  • Further the relationship with our Sister church

  • Determine needs first hand

  • Assess our ability to assist

  • Unique opportunity to gather in His name and praise God

Slide23 l.jpg

Our Mission Trips

Members will be taking gifts, medicines, letters, pictures, and agape. Even the clothing worn while in Cuba will be left with our brothers and sisters.

Slide24 l.jpg

Our Mission Trips


  • Cards

  • Letters

  • Photographs

  • Spanish Tracts

  • Medicines

  • Prayer

  • Fresh new ideas

Cuba florida covenant the blessings l.jpg

Cuba/Florida CovenantThe Blessings

I prayed the Prayer of Jabez…

and God touched me with the fire of His Spirit through our brothers and sisters in Cuba. I know that I will be a witness to many miracles!

Be a part of this covenant l.jpg

Be a part of this covenant!

There are many blessings here for you to share!

Cuba florida covenant make it your covenant l.jpg

Cuba/Florida CovenantMake it your Covenant

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