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Amdo Eye Center

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Amdo Eye Center. The Amdo Eye Center is dedicated to providing continuous, sustainable and quality eye care to all and in particular the underprivileged in the Amdo region of Tibet.

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amdo eye center

Amdo Eye Center

The Amdo Eye Center is dedicated to providing continuous, sustainable and quality eye care to all and in particular the underprivileged in the Amdo region of Tibet


Every 5 seconds one person in the world becomes blind, 45 million people across the world are blind and yet 80 % of the world’s blindness is avoidable

  • In China, the prevalence of blindness is about one percent and the prevalence of blindness in Amdo is four times higher than the national average in China, due to the extremes of the weather and poverty
  • There is an urgent need for accessible eye care in Amdo

The Amdo Eye Center has been built in Xining, the capital of Amdo, to provide high quality cataract surgery, as well as outreach microsurgery eye clinics in remote areas

  • Amdo is home to people of both Tibetan and Chinese descent and many are nomads who live far from any facilities

Why is FPMT involved ?

  • In 2005, Geshe Sopa Rinpoche, one of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s gurus, personally requested Rinpoche to build the Amdo Eye Center in Tibet
  • For the next 6 years FPMT was able to raise $605,907, due to the kindness of many and in particular the Tanoto Foundation and Compassion Paris

Lama Zopa Rinpoche offering a mandala to Geshe Sopa Rinpoche


The land for the hospital was donated by the local government

  • The Amdo Eye Center was modeled on the successful Lhasa Eye Clinic and Tilganga Eye Center that was built by Dr. SandukRuit
  • Dr. Ruit is training the Amdo Eye Center staff and overseeing the operations for the initial two years, ensuring the highest standards

The inauguration of the Amdo Eye Center, July 2010


Dr. Ruit has performed over 20,000 cataract operations over the last 15 years in India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Korea

  • He has been highly praised for his work training local doctors in developing countries to treat cataracts
  • He is able to perform this vital operation in only five minutes
  • This simple surgical procedure can change someone\'s life. Dr. Ruit has said: "It is the best thing a human can do in five minutes."

Dr.Ruit performing a cataract surgery


The inauguration of the Amdo Eye Center occurred July 23-25, 2010.

  • Dr. Sanduk Ruit traveled to Amdo for the inauguration and operated on eight cataract patients in the operation room
  • More than 50 government and non government officials observed the surgery in the theatre and watched the operation via monitor

The inauguration of the Amdo Eye Center, July 2010


Current status

  • The Amdo Eye Center building is now complete and 50 % of the equipment for the hospital has been purchased
  • Dr.Ruit is overseeing the training of all the staff and eye operations are happening in the hospital
  • FPMT hopes to be able to fund the hospital for at least the next two years until it is able to be self sustainable

The Amdo Eye Center July 2010


The budget for the next two years of operation is US$338,000

  • This budget includes a cross-country vehicle (to be able to take doctors to remote areas), office equipment for the doctors and staff, medical equipment and salaries

Aims of the Amdo Eye Center:

  • To be supported by the local government, as it is offering a much needed service
  • To offer high quality training for other doctors in the area and to become a referral center for ophthalmic personnel
  • To offer ongoing outreach mobile clinics

“By offering to the Amdo Eye Center you are benefiting others who are in great need, in particularly the people in Tibet who are blind, helping them to open their eyes and see, what an incredible joy and happiness you are giving them!

However many hundreds and thousands of people who receive help from the Amdo Eye Center, for as long as it exists, they receive this unbelievable benefit because of your kindness and generosity. 

From this you are creating unbelievable causes of happiness and success that will be achieved in this life and in future lives.

By opening their eyes it gives them unbelievable freedom and especially now they are able to see the holy objects - that purifies their minds so they can collects skies of merit.”

Lama Zopa Rinpoche, 2009


FPMT hopes to be able to support the Amdo Eye Center for its first two years of operations and to continue to support this extremely worthwhile project for as long as it is needed

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