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Get Fresh Kombucha  Mushroom Tea

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Get Fresh Kombucha  Mushroom Tea - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fresh BrewedKombucha mushroom tea available here. Independent testing of our Kombucha Mushrooms Tea.our own Kombucha Mushroom Tea 6 Pack, Commerical brands Pronatiura’s Original Dr Sklenar\'s Recipe. Kombucha 2000by the case. Many flavors to choose.Can’t find what you want on the stores shelf, running a little short this week, we’ll show you how to make your favorite right at home for pennies.

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Welcome to

Happy Herbalist


About Us

At Happy Herbalist, we believe food makes our life Healthy and Happy. We nurture Kombucha, Kefir, Ginger Beer, Caspian Sea Yogurt, and other Probiotic Drinks not only for their flavors but to enhance their medicinal effects.

By integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with common Teas, Herbs & Spices with these unique Functional Foods and Probiotic drinks we believe we truly can create our own little miracles.

We are dedicated to your success, and look forward to working with you towards your individual goals.


Kombucha  Mushroom Tea

Making Kombucha  Mushroom Tea at home is simple, easy and safe. The mushroom, size, shape and texture will give a reasonable reflection of the activity of both the bacteria and yeasts within the ferment, and to identify possible course corrections. The mushroom also serves as an alert to the possibility of pathogens.



Simple to Make, Great to drink. And it simply goes on and on. Just save a cup to add to a new batch.  Stays good in the fridge for weeks. 

We offer a real Ginger Beer Plant. To produce a "plant" the ginger must be fermented for a longer period of time. However it can and does make a refreshing and snappy semi-effervescent in a just a few days. 

Our Ginger Beer Plant is a Lactobacillus (bacteria) ferment as opposed to the more common Ginger Beer "Bug". A Ginger Beer "Bug" is simply yeast. Common yeast, sugar and ginger produce a more carbonated and more alcoholic beverage.


The longer you ferment the Bug the greater the alcohol. That may be as high as 5-6%, and where the "beer" is applied. You can see from the chart below that a Ginger Beer Plant (Bacteria) produces beneficial  acids and the longer the ferment the lower the alcohol - and the healthier it is. There is a clear health advantage to Ginger Beer Plant\'s bacteria ferment. 

Home Ginger Beer is easy to make. Making Ginger Beer with the live Plant takes a little bit longer than using a Ginger Yeast Bug that is because the bacteria ferment slower than do yeasts - but the health benefits are greater using  bacteria. Otherwise the recipes are much the same. 


Basic Ginger Beer Recipe

1. Ginger Beer Plant

2. Ginger. Roughly one tablespoon per quart. Adjusted for one\'s personal preference. 

3. Slice of lemon. Fresh lemon adds nutrients and reduces the pH which help ward off pathogens. 

4. 1/4 cup of sugar per quart. White sugar is neutral tasting whicle brown sugar, et al add different flavors and nutrients.

5. Quart of chlorine-free water 


Bring to a boil the water, sugar, lemon and ginger. Boil for a few minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature and then add the Ginger Beer Plant and 1/2 cup of previous brewed Ginger Beer. Stir / shake well. Cover with a cloth, set in a warm place for a few days. A tight cap will produce slightly higher amounts of alcohol and more carbonation. Beware that cap containers may explode. Using a cloth cover allows much of the carbonation to escape. To know when your Ginger Beer is done is by taste. As the sugar ferments the ferment becomes more and more sour. If your brew is still as sweet as when you started a week ago then its not working. It may be what is referred to as a "stuck ferment". You can try to place in a container with a tight fitting cap and shake well to add oxygen. Leave capped and if there\'s carbonation and pressure in a few days its working. If not its not active anymore.  We guarantee your success, no worries. 


Kombucha Book

HappyHerbalist is providing different books from various kombucha authors, like Gunether Frank and HaraldTietze to name two. Various aspects of the Kombucha Fungus are revealed. Our books start from $9.95.We ship world wide. Many articles are also available and free online in our Research Library


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Toll Free: 888-425-8827


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