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Easy to make yogurt starter

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Easy to make yogurt starter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HappyHerbalist’slive all natural yogurtsare easy to make at home. They do not require any equipment or cooking. Nothing to add but milk right from the refridgerator. With proper care, lasts a lifetime. Use any milk, organic milk recommended. Raw milk even better. Includes our book, with recipes for smoothies, yogurt dips, cheese, and beauty aids. Start today, we guarantee your success.

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Happy Herbalist


About Us

At Happy Herbalist, we believe that food is our medicine and medicine our food. We have studied Kombucha, Kefir, Ginger Beer, Caspian Sea Yogurt, and other Probiotic Drinks not only for their flavors but to enhance their medicinal effects by using recommended teas, herbs and spices. It is important to know How to safely make functional foods at home. Our library is an ongoing endeavor to understand what are the cautions, as well as the benefits. Recipes that provide true health and vitality.



Yogurt is milk that has fermented under the action of lactic bacteria. Certain specific bacterial strains convert part of the lactose into lactic acid. The milk coagulates when a sufficient quantity of lactic acid is produced. The curdling occurs by the combined action of two traditional fermenting agents: Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus. They produce the lactic acid and determine the yogurt’s characteristic flavor.


The fresher the yogurt, the more viable bacteria it contains. The virtues of yogurt are associated, among other things, with bacterial action in the intestines, making bacterial presence in a sufficient number important. Yogurt must by law contain at least 10 million bacteria per gram at the time it is marketed.

A yogurt starter is a carefully balanced blend of bacteria which consume lactose. This blend of bacteria converts the lactose in milk to lactic acid, giving yogurt that classic, deliciously tangy taste.


Probiotic Drink

Probiotics are microbial food supplement with beneficial effects on the consumers. They are defined as live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a beneficial effect on the health of the host. Most probiotics are actually lactic acid-producing bacteria and are normally consumed in the form of yogurt, fermented milks (such as kefir) or other fermented foods. The main benefit of probiotics is to improve the intestinal tract health.


Happy Herbalist provides various drinkable probiotics like Japanese Water Crystals, Water Kefir, Jun and Ginger Beer. Probiotic Drinks are living raw food that aid digestion and help restore health naturally. They are incredibly tasty, easy to make, and with proper care lasts a lifetime.


Kombucha Tea

Fresh BrewedKombucha mushroom tea available here. Independent testing of our Kombucha Mushrooms Tea. our own Kombucha Mushroom Tea 6 Pack, Commerical brands Pronatiura’s Original Dr Sklenar\'s Recipe. Kombucha 2000by the case. Many flavors to choose. Can’t find what you want on the stores shelf, running a little short this week, we’ll show you how to make your favorite right at home for pennies. Kombucha Mushroom Tea 6 Packs to Go.

We offer several flavors of our own small brew Kombucha Tea. We change these from time to time and depending upon supply. We do Independent testing of our Kombucha Mushrooms Tea.


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