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Exercise and Aging: 4 Myths You Might Believe

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Exercise and Aging: 4 Myths You Might Believe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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, however, is just as important as ever to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Are you buying into the myths of senior exercise? It\'s time to take charge and get moving again--because exercise for seniors is more important than you think.\nhttp://www.homecareassistancelancaster.com/

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As many senior citizens get older, they find their ability to maintain a normal exercise declining. After an injury, it\'s even harder to get started again. Exercise, however, is just as important as ever to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Are you buying into the myths of senior exercise? It\'s time to take charge and get moving again--because exercise for seniors is more important than you think.

myth 1 i don t have to worry about that anymore
Myth #1: I Don\'t Have to Worry About That Anymore.
  • Past a certain age, how important can it be to exercise daily? After all, you\'re in the twilight years of your life. You don\'t have to do that anymore, right? Regular exercise can help prolong your life and slow the aging process. It might be easier to spend the day simply sitting in your favorite chair, but you\'re subtracting years from your life as you do it. Not only that, regular exercise will keep you stronger and more flexible, decreasing fall risk and improving the quality of your life. Sounds like it might not be time to turn in your gym membership card yet!
myth 2 if i exercise i ll get hurt
Myth #2: If I Exercise, I\'ll Get Hurt.
  • It\'s true that you might not be able to exercise the same way you did in your twenties--or even your thirties and forties. As you get older, your body isn\'t going to react the way it used to. A regular exercise routine, however, can decrease your odds of getting hurt as you go about your everyday life. If you haven\'t been as active as you\'d like or are uncomfortable just jumping in, work with a trainer or with your doctor to design an exercise routine that will help you improve strength and mobility without getting hurt. It can also be helpful to participate in exercise classes specifically designed for seniors, which will take your unique needs into account.
myth 3 i can t do anything anyway
Myth #3: I Can\'t Do Anything Anyway.
  • If you\'re using your former capability to evaluate your current strengths, you\'re going to doom yourself to failure before you begin. On the other hand, if you take the stance that you\'re going to take charge of your fitness now, you might be surprised by just how much you can do! You don\'t have to run a marathon in your eighties or out-lift the twenty-somethings at the gym--though there are people doing exactly that at your age every day--but you should dig in and see just how much your body can still do.
myth 4 i ll just give myself a heart attack
Myth #4: I\'ll Just Give Myself a Heart Attack.
  • If you\'re worried about your heart, you need to talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program. On the other hand, keep in mind as you design your exercise program that exercise will strengthen your heart, not hurt it. Regular exercise now doesn\'t have to look like it did when you were young. A brisk walk can be enough to help improve fitness and make it easier for you to maintain the healthy, active lifestyle you love.
  • Health and fitness are more important for seniors than ever. There\'s no longer time to "do better in a few years." Luckily, you now have more time on your hands to spend on staying fit and active--and if you want to stay healthy, that\'s exactly what you should do.
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