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Do the Number of Roses Signify Something?

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Do the Number of Roses Signify Something? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roses have been used since ancient times to convey a variety of messages. The colour and even the number are used to express a plethora of human emotions.visit at-

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Do the Number of Roses Signify Something?

Roses have been used since ancient times to convey a variety of messages. The colour and even the

?u??er are used to e?press a plethora of hu?a? e?otio?s. O? Vale?ti?e’s Da? send flowers in

Bangalore ( ) to your lady love.

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Hidden meanings are associated with the number of roses exchanged by people. These meanings have

been derived from myths, popular stories and visual significance.

Given below is a guide to the meaning conveyed by the number of roses exchanged by people.

One Rose: A singular rose irrespective of its colour depicts utmost devotion, love and loyalty to a person

Two Roses: Two signifies mutual feelings for each other. Two red roses symbolize passion and love

exchanged between lovers.

Three Roses:It is ?elie?ed that three roses e?press the three ?ost po?erful ?ords, ?I lo?e ?ou.?

Five Roses: Five roses convey the message that lovers love each other very much.


Six Roses: Six roses express the messages that lovers love and miss each other.

Seven Roses: Seven roses convey the message of infatuation.

Nine Roses: A bunch of nine roses expresses the message that the eternal bond of lovers is cherished

forever and they are inseparable as long they survive.

Ten roses: Ten roses are associated with the beauty of a lover and it gets across the message of


Eleven Roses: Eleven Roses gets over the message of assurance in love. It expresses how truly and

deeply a person is desired by her lover.

Twelve Roses: Loyalty and steadiness is expressed by twelve roses.

Thirteen Roses: Thirteen roses convey the message of eternal friendship and secret admirer.

Fifteen Roses. A bouquet of fifteen roses gives out the message of an apology.

Twenty Roses: A number of twenty roses signify sincerity.

Twenty-one Roses: Twenty-one roses express sincerity.

Twenty-four Roses: The number twenty four stands for the 24 hours in a day and signifies

remembrance. It states that lovers miss each other all along the day every hour.

Thirty-Six Roses: The number thirty-si? speaks of ro?a?ti? atta?h?e?t to o?e’s lo?er.

Forty-Roses: A bunch of forty roses signifies sincere and genuine love.

Forty-Four Roses: The number forty-four pledges for constant unswerving love.

Fifty Roses: A bouquet of fifty roses expresses mature and unregretful love. has emerged into a very popular e-gift store that sells stylishly crafted bouquets, baskets

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