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Bike Week 2009 A great way to bring people to cycling Vicky Argles, Forster 19 January 2009. Today . How to use effective communications during Bike Week 2009 to get more people cycling in your area. 2008 – cycling went mainstream.

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Bike Week 2009

A great way to bring people to cycling

Vicky Argles, Forster

19 January 2009

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How to use effective communications during Bike Week 2009 to get more people cycling in your area

2008 cycling went mainstream l.jpg
2008 – cycling went mainstream

  • A huge increase in national news and consumer media coverage

  • Articles in every national newspaper at least once

  • Support from high profile celebrities

2009 theme l.jpg
2009 theme

Get more out of life –

live local, get cycling

Taps into current interest in localism

Demonstrate how to get more out of life by taking up cycling regularly

The opportunity l.jpg
The opportunity

  • Make Bike Week a visible and attractive entry point to cycling

  • Increase participation in Bike Week events

How you can do this l.jpg
How you can do this

  • Identify target audience/s

  • Develop clear key messages

  • Reaching your audience

  • Put into practice!

Identifying your target audience l.jpg
Identifying your target audience

  • Who do you want to reach?

    • Families? Local workforce? School children?

  • Where do they get the information they trust from?

    • Employers, community groups, local media, friends and websites

  • How can you tailor Bike Week messages to appeal to your audience?

    • Do they currently cycle? What are the barriers to cycling?

  • What is the best way to reach your audience?

    • Workplace, GP surgeries, the local gym

National key messages l.jpg
National key messages

  • Live local with cycle networks and clubs

  • Fastest mode of transport in cities to free up time

  • Perfect family activity





  • Improve your local environment

  • Swapping your car for a bike reduces CO2

  • It’s free to get fit

  • Keeps the whole family healthy

  • Cyclists live two years longer

  • Cheaper to cycle five miles than drive

  • Cheapest mode of transport

Paul 16 student l.jpg
Paul, 16, student

‘Cycling means I can get to school without mum. Its much quicker than walking and cheaper than the bus so I’ve more money for music.’

Fiona 37 mum of two l.jpg
Fiona, 37, mum of two

‘Cycling fits in with my lifestyle. I don’t have a car and find bus timetables too restrictive. I can drop the kids at school and get to work on time – and get fit too!’

Communicating your key messages l.jpg
Communicating your key messages

  • Keep it simple

  • Directive – encourage people to think / act

  • Not too many – don’t make it easy for them to forget

  • Tailored to different audiences / ages

  • Benefit led – in return for behaviour change (think toned thighs!)

Reaching your audience l.jpg
Reaching your audience

  • Media – newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, online

  • Local stakeholders - businesses, employers and community groups

Media l.jpg

  • Develop stories around local issues/key messages

  • Target journalists – news, features, columnists

  • Use your third party supporters as spokespeople:

    • Local celebrities – from weather girl to mayor

    • Case studies – human stories - new cyclists, mums

    • Experts - fitness, parenting, health, environment

Media15 l.jpg

  • Make use of Bike Week materials:

    • Template press releases

    • Photography – tells a powerful story

    • Useful contacts - cycle trainers, Dr Bike and routes

    • Facts & stats

    • Practical tips on looking after your bike

Local stakeholders l.jpg
Local stakeholders

  • Local businesses - cycle incentives eg free coffee from a cafe

    • Gosport Ferry let bikes on for free during Bike Week

  • Local employers - bike buddy programme; cycle confidence training, mileage payments

    • Employer in Swanage organised free Fish & Chips for staff who took part in an after work ride

  • Community organisations – schools, membership groups

    • Bike to School challenge in Hackney, London – cycling points for book tokens

Bike week 2009 what we re doing l.jpg
Bike Week 2009 – what we’re doing

  • Focus on encouraging to get more out of local life by taking up cycling

  • Target regional media to drive participation

    • Six media campaign towns

  • Raise awareness with national coverage during Bike Week

Six media campaign towns l.jpg
Six media campaign towns

  • Search for six towns around the UK who want to help make cycling a big, local story

  • Bike Week media support – features, news and events

  • Do you fit the criteria?

    • Mix of cycle towns and non-cycle towns

    • Large, medium and small

    • Supportive local groups and local authorities

    • Planned Bike Week activity