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Kentucky Bluegrass. Seed Research of Oregon. Mary Beth Menard. Ky Bluegrass. Strengths • Long lived turf • Rhizome formation - recuperative • Attractive – fine textured, dark color • Adaptative – wide range of genetic diversity. Ky Bluegrass. Weaknesses

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Seed Research of Oregon

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Seed research of oregon l.jpg

Kentucky Bluegrass

Seed Research of Oregon

Mary Beth Menard

Ky bluegrass l.jpg

Ky Bluegrass

  • Strengths

  • • Long lived turf

  • • Rhizome formation - recuperative

  • • Attractive – fine textured, dark color

  • • Adaptative – wide range of genetic diversity

Ky bluegrass3 l.jpg

Ky Bluegrass

  • Weaknesses

  • • Slow to moderate germination

  • • Weed pressure

  • • Slow spring green-up

  • • Possible dormancy and color loss during hot, dry spells

Ky bluegrass4 l.jpg

Ky Bluegrass

  • Classifications:

  • Compact, Compact-Midnight, Compact-America, Aggressive, BVMG, Shamrock, Julia, Bellevue, Mid-Atlantic, CELA, Cheri, Other, Common

Alpine ky bluegrass l.jpg

Compact type

Very dense turf – high sod strength

Excellent cold tolerance

Perfect for use with low-growing fine fescue and perennial ryegrass

Resistant to leafspot, patch, dollar spot, powdery mildew

Alpine Ky Bluegrass

Argos ky bluegrass l.jpg

Compact type

Aggressive growth habit

Early spring green-up

Heat and drought tolerant

High apomictic – very uniform appearance

Disease resistant including leaf spot, summer patch, stripe smut, dollar spot, etc.

Argos Ky Bluegrass

Cheetah ky bluegrass l.jpg

Aggressive – high sod and shear strength

Extensive lateral growth habit – recuperative

Extremely fine textured and dense – takes to low cutting heights

Adaptative – excellent ratings from coast to coast

Excellent disease resistance to typhula blight, powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust, stripe smut

Wear tolerant

Cheetah Ky Bluegrass

Ulysses ky bluegrass l.jpg

Julia type

Excellent wear tolerance – perfect for sports application

Shorter germination period

High density in all seasons

Shade tolerant

Excellent disease resistance, ie, powdery mildew, brown patch, rust.

Ulysses Ky Bluegrass

Sro versatility l.jpg

We offer a comprehensive program:

Compact – Argos, Alpine

Compact Midnight – Arcadia, Quantum Leap

Compact America – Kingfisher, Showcase, SR 2284

Aggressive – Cheetah, Orfeo

Shamrock – SR 2100

Julia – Ulysses, Rampart

SRO Versatility

Ky bluegrass10 l.jpg

A successful mix contains:

Genetic diversity – avoid the beauty queen approach

Suitability to the region – consider environment, disease pressures, etc.

Suitability for specific use – sod vs. homeowner

The elements to make your customer look good – see above!

Ky Bluegrass

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