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FTA Technology Conference PowerPoint PPT Presentation

FTA Technology Conference. Creation of Audit Applications with Microsoft Office 97 Software. North Carolina Department of Revenue. Introduction of Speakers. James Mclain, Software Development Specialist, Field Examination Section Jerry Coble, Workload Management Specialist.

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FTA Technology Conference

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Creation of Audit Applications with Microsoft Office 97


North Carolina Department of Revenue

Introduction of speakers l.jpg

Introduction of Speakers

James Mclain, Software Development Specialist, Field Examination Section

Jerry Coble, Workload Management Specialist

Presentation objectives l.jpg

Presentation Objectives

  • Assessment of NCDOR

  • History of Hardware and Software Utilization by Field Examinations

  • Explore Software Development

    • MS Excel 97

    • MS Access 97

    • MS Word 97

Assessment of north carolina department of revenue l.jpg

Assessment of North Carolina Department of Revenue

Nc department of revenue field examinations l.jpg

NC Department of Revenue Field Examinations

175 Field Employees (Auditors & Staff)

  • 13 In-state Field Audit Offices

  • 20 Interstate Field Audit Offices

History software and hardware development l.jpg

History Software and Hardware Development

Hardware and software l.jpg

Hardware and Software

  • Pre 1988 - No computers were in use by Field Examination personnel. Audit reports were prepared manually and a variety of report designs were used by the audit staff.

Hardware and software8 l.jpg

Hardware and Software

  • 1988 - The Field began to experiment with computers. The first computers tested were dual floppy drive laptops. The software was Professional File, Write, and a short time later Professional Plan .

Hardware and software9 l.jpg

Hardware and Software

  • Basic databases were developed by auditors for use in creating audit working papers.

  • Later a Development and Training Team was created to aid auditors with software development.

Hardware and software10 l.jpg

Hardware and Software

  • 1996 - We went to a Windows 3.11 platform and Microsoft Excel, Word and Access.

  • This was the first time all auditors had same hardware with a Dell Latitude 75 laptops with docking station & 14” monitor.

Today s hardware l.jpg

Today’s Hardware

  • Dell Latitude CPI D266XT laptop

    • 64 RAM, Pentium II, 4.3 GB hard drive

    • CD-ROM drive & 1.44 MB Floppy drive

    • Docking Station & 17” Monitor

  • Desktop Dell P6400 (100MHz FSB)

    • 64 RAM, 6.4 GB hard drive,

    • CD-ROM drive & 1.44 MB Floppy drive

    • 17” Monitor

  • Server for each In-State office

    • 31.8 GB, Compaq tower

Tax schedules audited by field examinations l.jpg

Tax Schedules Audited by Field Examinations

  • Sales and Use Tax

  • ASTS

    • White Goods Disposal Tax

    • Scrap Tire Disposal Tax

    • Utilities Sales Tax

    • Motor Vehicle Lease / Rental Tax

    • Dry-Cleaning Solvent Tax

Tax schedules audited by field examinations13 l.jpg

Tax Schedules Audited by Field Examinations

  • Individual Income Tax

  • Corporate Income and Franchise Tax

  • Individual Income Tax Withholding

  • Tobacco and Soft Drink Tax

  • Privilege Tax

  • Alcohol BeverageTax

  • Inheritance & Gift Tax

Software objectives l.jpg

Software Objectives

  • Create Applications for Use by Field Auditors for the Completion of Audits

  • Aid the Entry of Audit Data Into the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS)

  • Provide a Basic Software Package That Allows Flexibility in Conducting Audits on a Multitude of Tax Schedules

Implementation process l.jpg

Implementation Process

  • Convert Audit Applications From MS Excel 5.0 to MS Excel 97

  • Incorporate New Features of MS Excel 97 Into the Converted Audit Applications

  • Testing of the Converted Applications

  • Train the Key Users

  • Train Remaining Field Audit Personnel

Microsoft windows nt workstations 4 0 l.jpg

Microsoft Windows NT Workstations 4.0

The field auditor s desktop l.jpg

The Field Auditor’s Desktop

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for Auditors

The field auditor s desktop20 l.jpg

The Field Auditor’s Desktop

Custom Help for Field Auditors

Software development l.jpg

Software Development

The field auditor s desktop28 l.jpg

The Field Auditor’s Desktop

Microsoft Office 97

  • Microsoft Excel 97

  • Microsoft Word 97

  • Microsoft Access 97

Microsoft excel 97 l.jpg

Microsoft Excel 97

Audit applications l.jpg

Audit Applications

  • Sales and Use Tax

  • Sales and Use Tax - 2% and 3% State

  • Mecklenburg Transit Tax

Sales & Use Tax Applications

Audit applications61 l.jpg

Audit Applications

  • 98 - 94 Corporate Income & Franchise Tax

  • 93 - 89 Corporate Income & Franchise Tax

  • 88 - 74 Corporate Income Tax

Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Audits

Microsoft access 97 l.jpg

Microsoft Access 97

Audit database l.jpg

Audit Database

  • Sales And Use Tax

  • Bank Account Analysis (Under development)

MS Access 97

Microsoft word 97 l.jpg

Microsoft Word 97

Audit forms and letters l.jpg

Audit Forms and Letters

  • FA Forms

    • Remarks, Checklist

    • Managed Audit Letters

    • POA’s, Etc.

  • FA Letters

    • Appointment Letter

    • Waivers of Time

    • Completion Letter

    • Projects, Etc.

MS Word 97

Software updates l.jpg

Software Updates

  • Scheduled Updates

    • January 1

      • Interest Workbook

      • Individual & Corporate Applications (New Year)

    • July 1

      • Interest Workbook

      • Revisions to packages

  • Non-scheduled

    • As Need to Implement corrections

Scheduled updates l.jpg

Scheduled Updates

  • Workbooks revised by developer

  • Revisions loaded on Raleigh Server

  • PDT Loads to local servers and add Bat file to automatic update auditor’s computer.

  • Update runs on login of the auditor’s computer.

Non scheduled updates l.jpg

Non-scheduled Updates

  • As needed to make corrections or add new templates

  • Revised or created by developer

  • Loaded on the Raleigh server.

  • Key users load files to local servers and assist the auditors in updating their computers

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Thank you l.jpg

Thank You!

James E. Mclain, 417 N. Main St., Salisbury, NC 28144 (704) 639-7525 E-mail

Jerry L. Coble, 501 N. Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 733-3510 E-mail

John W. Sadoff, 500 W. Trade St., Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 342-6128 E-mail

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