Squirrel pest control methods
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Squirrel Pest Control Methods - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Besides calling a Squirrel Pest Control Company you can also use some methods like regular inspection of chimney or attic, sealing of the entry points, rodent repellents etc to exterminate them from your property. For more details visit at: http://www.georgiasquirrelremoval.com/ You can call us at: 404-422-6689

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Squirrel Pest Control Methods

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Squirrel Pest Control Methods

Squirrels seek warm and safe shelter during winter which make them invade human dwellings. The attic and chimney of a house provides shelter to these rodents and the bird feeder provides them the place to feed themselves.

Sign of Infestation

  • Noise in the attic

  • Large holes in the attic

  • Damaged Insulation

  • Squirrel Droppings

  • Damaged bird feeders

How to Prevent Squirrels Entry

  • Seal and repair all the holes to stop entry of squirrels.

  • Remove the bird feeders as it is the main source food to the squirrels.

  • Trimming of the tree branches above the roof.

  • Placing of one way door along the entry points.

Squirrel Control

For Squirrel Control it is first necessary to inspect whether they have actually made their home in attic or not. If yes, go ahead yourself or call a Squirrel Pest Control company for squirrel removal.

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For Squirrel Pest Control in Georgia, you can take services of Georgia Squirrel Removal, specialized and insured for extermination of squirrels. After the removal we also do the clean up of the area of infestation and repair the damaged insulation.

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