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Benefits Of Aluminium Wires
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Braided Copper Wire is basically Tin Coated Copper Wire in which all wires in the same are Braided together. It is used in Cables and CRT Assembly Wires.

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Braided Copper Wire

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Braided copper wire

Benefits Of Aluminium Wires

M/s. Ganpati Engineering Industries is a small scale Industry registered with the Industries Department as SSI unit.

M/s. Ganpati Engineering Industries established in the year 1977 (having its own land & building of around 5,000 sq.ft.). The products manufactured Bare Bunched Copper Wire, Bare Copper Wire, Any Size Copper Wire, braided tin coated copper wire , Tinned Braided Wire, Tinsel Wire, Tinned Wire, Tin Coated Copper Wire, Glass Wire, Television & Speaker wire, Television Earthing Shield. Braided Copper Wires/tinsel (ATC)/Silver plated, Silver Braided Wire, Silver Tinsel Wire.

Braided copper wire

It was in beginning of early 19th century that utility firms and companies started using aluminium wires for transmitting the electric signals. Soon it become famous because of the numerous advantages it offered over the traditional copper wire. The important benefits are - less expensive, flexible and light in weight. Moreover, Aluminium power grids and wires have great applications.

Braided copper wire

The market for aluminium wires is broad. The metal wire became popular because of the rise of price of copper wires. It would appear that aluminium is more expensive than copper, but the case is just opposite. This is why a lot of electrical companies have switched from copper to aluminium wires. Contractors and engineers in the electric circuit use these wires for the purpose of low voltage. These are also less expensive compared to other option available in the market

Braided copper wire

The building aluminium wire has half the weight of copper wire but more area to carry the current. These aluminium conductors, rods and wires can be used for multiple purposes in place of the copper wires. The conductors used for making wires are compact so the diameter of the whole wire becomes just as that of the copper, considering that the two have different densities. The wires also called the aluminium rods. They are manufactured through the conductors of the metal itself and the company can provide you with wires of various types- half hard, hard drawn, annealed conditions and so on.

A look at ranges and types

A look at ranges and types

There are many types of the wires and cables available in aluminium range and manufactured around the world. Getting these products have become extremely easy because every company today has a presence in the e-world. On a standard basis, the companies manufacture both copper and aluminium conductors. The wires are made from grade type aluminium. These are available in various size & range making it easier to use for varied engineering applications.

Product applications of the aluminium rod or wires in the industry

Product applications of the aluminium rod or wires in the industry

  • Some widely used product applications include the following-

  • Tea packing wires

  • Cold heading wires

  • Vaporisation wires

  • Aircraft assembling

  • Engineer parts

  • Weaving process

  • Mechanical industry

Some additional information

Some additional information

Aluminium is an abundant element and the wires and grids made of this metal are used for transmission. The wires of high quality and function exactly as copper rods do. When it comes to applications, we see that aluminium wires have immense use in the industry. The only downside you will come across is that it has less conductivity than copper but there is advantage too. It is light in weight and flexibly which copper is not. The most common example of this is aluminium foil.

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