Safety in a bioengineering lab
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Safety in a Bioengineering Lab. Safety rule #1. Sure, you are safe…. Even if you think you are not going to have a problem (and you don’t need goggles, etc).…. Safety rule # 2: Be cautious and vigilant the person next to you may not be following safety rules.

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Sure you are safe
Sure, you are safe….

  • Even if you think you are not going to have a problem

    • (and you don’t need goggles, etc).….

  • Safety rule # 2: Be cautious and vigilant

  • the person next to you may not be following safety rules

Safety rule 3 dress for the lab
Safety Rule #3Dress for the lab



Hair pulled back

Sleeves can be rolled up

Long pants in sturdy fabric

Closed toe shoes

Minimal jewelry

Safety rule 4 chemicals can be hazardous
Safety Rule #4— Chemicals can be hazardous!

  • Know the hazards of chemicals you use

    • Caustic—burns the skin or eyes

    • Volatile—evaporates and fumes can be inhaled

    • Flammable—can catch on fire easily

    • Toxic orcarcinogenic—can cause illness or death in short term or long term

  • Listen to your instructor

  • READ LABELS and remain focused

Safety rule 5 be careful around sharp objects
Safety Rule # 5-Be careful around sharp objects

Scalpels, razor blades, broken glass

Small cuts are #1 injury in lab classes

  • Dispose all used sharp items into a sharps container

    • Razor blades

    • Any one time use glassware

    • Broken glassware will be taken care of by helpers

Safety rule 6 avoid burns on hot items 7 use caution around electricity
Safety rule #6 Avoid burns on hot items #7- Use caution around electricity

  • Burns caused by retrieving sample from boiling water is the #2 injury in classes.

  • Watch for water near electric appliances.

Safety rule 8 clean up after yourself
Safety rule #8- Clean up after yourself

  • Reduce clutter

    • Improve visibility

    • Work efficiently

    • Keep yourself and others safe

Proper clean up of biological materials
Proper clean-up of biological materials

Biological samples will degrade

  • Degrading organisms attract bacteria, mold

    • will ruin future experiments

    • a biohazard

    • smell

Safety rule 9 no food or drinks in the culture room
Safety rule #9- No food or drinks in the culture room!

  • NO drinks, gum, mints, make-up.

  • Saliva and crumbs from you can get on your work samples

    • Contaminate your work

  • Your work samples or their by-products can get on your food!

    • And then into your mouth!!

Invisible life forms are everywhere
“Invisible” life forms are everywhere!

  • Present on skin, fall off of hair, clothing, in saliva, tears, breath.

  • Present on surfaces and in water

    • Especially warm water

Safety rule 10 protecting your cultures protects you
Safety rule #10- Protecting your cultures protects you!

  • Biosafety hood (Class II safety cabinet)

Aseptic technique
Aseptic Technique

  • Prevents introduction of organisms into your cultures

    • Roll sleeves up, pull hair back, remove rings, watches, bracelets

    • Wash your hands

    • 70% ethanol

      • A spray-on hand sanitizer

    • Gloves by suggestion

    • Wash hands afterwards, gloves or not

Safety rule 11 proper biological disposal is absolutely essential
Safety rule #11- Proper biological disposal is absolutely essential!

  • For cell cultures (Biosafety level 1)

    • Hazardous to dispose of any LIVING organism by dumping in trash or rinsing down the sink

    • Bleach will kill any unused cells

      • Squirt small amount into media and cells

      • Wait a few minutes

      • Rinse down sink with plenty of running water

Proper disposal of biological waste
Proper disposal of biological waste

  • Bacterial and fungal cultures

    • Autoclave

    • Use autoclave bags

Other hazards in a bioengineering laboratory
Other hazards in a bioengineering laboratory

  • Compressed gases.

    • Wear goggles when using compressed gas

  • Cryogenic liquids

    • To preserve cells

    • Can cause “burns”

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