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Geographic information - Imagery and gridded data Wolfgang Kresse [email protected] Imagery. Data taken by IRS-1C and LandsatTM Eftas, Münster, Germany. Gridded data. Coverages. ISO-Standards. ISO 19101-2 “ Reference model for imagery“

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Geographic information -

Imagery and gridded data

Wolfgang Kresse

[email protected]


Data taken by

IRS-1C and


Eftas, Münster, Germany


ISO 19101-2 “Reference model for imagery“

ISO 19115-2 “Metadata – Part 2: Extensions for imagery …“

ISO 19118-2 “Encoding for imagery“ (*)

ISO 19xxx “Calibration/Validation for imagery” (*)

ISO 19129 “Imagery, gridded and coverage data framework“

ISO 19130 “Sensor and data models for imagery and gridded data“

(*) Title still unofficial

ISO 19101-2

“Reference model - imagery“

  • Extension of existing ISO 19101 “Reference model”,

  • Based upon models of information science

  • Computational Viewpoint:

    • Functional decomposition

  • Information Viewpoint:

    • Semantics of information

  • Engineering Viewpoint:

    • Interaction between sensor and platform

  • Outline for typical applications

  • Example:

  • photogrammetric project according to DIN 18740-x

  • Existing imaging systems

    • Government– US

      • NASA

        • EOSDIS Core System

        • SEEDs

      • USIGS System Arch.

      • USGS - National Map

      • NOAA

    • Government– non-US

      • EUMETSAT


      • China Digital Earth

    • International

      • CEOS

      • WMO

    • Commercial – Satellite

      • Spotimage

    • Commercial – Airborne

      • DIN

      • Textbook

    • Professional Societies

      • IEEE-GRSS

      • ISPRS

    Classes of operations on images

    Image sensing

    Image processing

    Image analysis

    Image interpretation

    Image synthesis

    Image presentation

    Refinement of imagery information

    Data assimilation

    Data fusion

    Knowledge from imagery

    Identifying features from imagery

    Geography imaging decision

    ISO 19129 “Imagery, gridded and

    coverage data framework“

    Preliminary work for imagery and gridded data standards

    Definition of the interaction of the imagery standards of ISO

    Definition of individual standardisation projects

    ISO 19130 “Sensor and data models

    for imagery and gridded data“

    Minimum requirements for the georeference of imagery and gridded data


    Laserscanning (Lidar)

    Radar (SAR, InSAR)

    Hydrographic Sonar

    Scan linear arrays

    Photogrammetric camera

    Paper- and filmscanners

    DEM Ländchen Friesack

    LGB Brandenburg (Germany)

    DEM of


    Rasterwidth 5m






    Focal plane

    Optical system

    Scan mirror/telescope system

    Scan direction

    Cross track

    Ground track

    Scan linear array

    Geolocation Information

    Rigorous Model

    using a sensor model

    Functional Fit Model

    Polynomial Fit (Polynomial functions)

    Grid Interpolation

    Ratios of Polyomials

    Universal Real Time (mosaic of ratios of Polyn.)

    Terminology issue:

    Ground Control Point (GCP)

    Location GCP (row, column, x, y, (z))

    Survey GCP (ID, x, y, (z))

    Sensor Model Language (SensorML)

    Scanner/Profiler Model

    The line-of-sight sensor (one Pixel per time)

    Conic scanners



    Optical Camera Model

    Frame camera

    Video camera

    SLR camera (Single Lens Reflex cameras)

    Rapid Positioning Coordinate (Universal Real Time)

    ISO 19115-2 “Metadata – Part 2:

    Extensions for imagery and gridded data“



    (FGDC = Federal Geographic Data Committee, USA)

    With also some German source, such as DIN,

    Albertz-Kreiling, Luhmann

    DIN 18716-x und DIN 18740-x (Germany)

    ISO 19115 „Metadata“


    ISO 19118-2 “Encoding for imagery“

    Title is still unofficial

    Review of existing standards for encoding for imagery

    Filling of the gaps

    XML-based solution


    • International standardization: ISO/TC 211

    • Convergence of the developments of standards

      • ISPRS and CEOS

      • ISO/TC 211 and ISPRS/CEOS

      • JTC1/SC24

      • others

    • The U.S.A. and France:leaders in standardization of Remote Sensing+ China, South Korea, Thailand, Canada

    • Standardization of Photogrammetry:German contributions