Design and programming of computer games
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Design and Programming of Computer Games TDDD23 – Lecture 2 Introduction to TDDD23 Game Design part 1. Game Design : Action & strategy games What is the fun? Game Maker part 1. Lab 3 – what to do Interactive Entertainment Entertainment and experience through Accomplishment

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Introduction to tddd23 l.jpg
Introduction to TDDD23

  • Game Design part 1.

  • Game Design : Action & strategy games

    • What is the fun?

  • Game Maker part 1.

  • Lab 3 – what to do

Interactive entertainment l.jpg
Interactive Entertainment

  • Entertainment and experience through

    • Accomplishment

      • Still entertainment

    • Interactivity

      • Still consumption

  • Challenging vs. difficult

  • Ability to measure high scores

Game design part 1 l.jpg
Game Design, part 1.



Game Play / Game Mechanics

Game World




Motivation why should i play l.jpg
Motivation - Why should I play

Anticipation, excitement

Relation to characters

“Creating emotion in games” D. Freeman (2003)

High score – Online high score

Progress Quest

Easy to learn

Social activity

Game world l.jpg
Game World

Who is the player playing

Where is the player playing

Who / What is the opposition

Why is this happening -story

Does it work together?

Does it have to work together?

One wacky unity

Strategic games l.jpg
Strategic games

Strategy video games focus on game play requiring careful and skillful thinking and planning in order to achieve victory.

Real Time, Turn-based, military, strategic

Resource collection & management

Accomplishments l.jpg

  • Planning ahead

  • Being wise

  • Managing large groups resources

  • Ordering troops

  • High level decision making

  • A lot of clicking in Strategy games contrary to the strategic ideal?

Minds fun l.jpg
Minds fun

Uncovering the game world

Studying enemy behavior

Understanding resources

Building resources – level design

Formulating and testing strategies

Such things need to be easy to do / work with in strategy games

Action games l.jpg
Action Games

An action game require players to use quick reflexes and timing to overcome obstacles.

Platform, Fighter, Racing,Action-adventure, shooter, dance…


Human senses l.jpg
Human senses

Eye-hand coordination

Controlling controls

Situation awareness

Learning maps

Sensory driven games

New controls l.jpg
New controls

  • Many traditional games have difficulty with these new controls

  • New controls ought to be more natural but current game designs are focused on old controls

Action games surviving bullet hell l.jpg
Action Games: Surviving bullet hell

Short term satisfaction

Developing skill – level design

Surviving difficult situations

Understanding game play in seconds

Subliminal game cues

Game maker l.jpg
Game Maker

Getting to know Game Maker Tool

Lab 3 scrolling shooter l.jpg
Lab 3: Scrolling Shooter

In this lab focus on the quality of a relatively simple game.

Testing and polishing

Use existing tutorial game


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