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An imprint of LBS Publications, India I N T R O D U C E S revolutionary handbooks for the ‘conscious’ traveler Bhaskar Dutta-Baruah (CEO) LBS Publications, India; May 14 th , 2007

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An imprint of LBS Publications, India


revolutionary handbooks for the ‘conscious’ traveler

Bhaskar Dutta-Baruah (CEO) LBS Publications, India; May 14th, 2007

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Nature, the cradle of all life forms on earth, is not something that is simply present around us; it is the life force that sustains our very existence

Some denizens

(elephant & golden langur)

and a landscape of

Manas National Park

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Images of human interference in

wildlife reserves

Illegally felled timber seized

by forest authorities in Manas

Inset: guns seized from poachers

In Manas

Throughout the generations, man has used nature, exploited her and in the process, abused her

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Rivulet from Paradise in Manas

Inset top: pretty wild flower (NOT to be picked to woo a woman)

Inset bottom: a vigilant eagle

Although a lot has been lost in the past, we still have some hotspots that represent the pristine beauty of mother nature

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Enchanted Garden in Manas

anyone for skinny dipping with fairies??

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Preservation of these hotspots and their possible expansion is not simply a conservation effort, but a necessity for human existence

Landscapes from Manas National Park

beat the heat with the cool waters of the ‘Beki’

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A negligible block of animal dung

or the common rotting tree trunk is in fact part of the elaborate recycling system of an ecology

Awareness, Awakening and Action are the 3 A’s that can protect our rapidly depleting natural wealth and subsequently save our planet

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Other than through programmes and talks, this ‘Awareness’ should and can be created among every visitor of a wildlife reserve – this can be achieved only through mediums that are ‘exciting’ to possess and inexpensive to buy

Top: a Capped Langur

Right: mushrooms or caramel?

Yes, it’s a spider…please say SHRIEK!!

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Predators turned protectors

ex poachers that now work with

a dynamic local NGO in Manas,

working for the conservation

of the park

Successful ‘Action’ on the other hand, needs moral, physical and financial support, the last being the most crucial element

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The only sources of concrete financial support, are governmental/international aid and sustainable tourism

Mathanguri bungalow in Manas

Inset: the elusive Rhino in Manas, fell in our trap

Marketing of a nature

reserve, showcasing its

richness as well as

providing infrastructural

information, ensures the

inflow of tourists

to such areas

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Materials are available in plenty for major hotspots around the world, but what we missed was a visually appealing & permanent book that bridged the gap between run-of-the-mill travel guides & expensive coffee tables

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Red River™ Nature Heritage Series™ has been conceived and produced with the dual mandate of creating exclusive handbooks for showcasing nature’s hotspots and raise an awareness for the conservation of our limited natural heritage. In the process, these books will also provide practical information about these places

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We have stepped upon this venture with one of the most bio diverse national parks in the world; future plans are to showcase the heritage of nature, transgressing all regional, national or international boundaries


  • Bhutan

  • Kaziranga

  • Andaman Islands

Awesome sunset in a National Park

Insets: fresh leopard pugmark and sambar deer in Manas

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(Red River is an imprint of LBS Publications, India)

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