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Hydrogen Power Rich Harth Chris Bartlow Kathleen Montz Rose Morgans Objectives Whether or not hydrogen is a viable source of energy. Can it be developed? Obstacles: Environmental, Social, and Political Sustainable? What is Hydrogen? Gas Found everywhere

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Hydrogen power l.jpg

Hydrogen Power

Rich Harth

Chris Bartlow

Kathleen Montz

Rose Morgans

Objectives l.jpg

  • Whether or not hydrogen is a viable source of energy.

  • Can it be developed?

  • Obstacles: Environmental, Social, and Political

  • Sustainable?

What is hydrogen l.jpg
What is Hydrogen?

  • Gas

  • Found everywhere

  • Found in water

  • http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/kids/energy.cfm?page=hydrogen_home-basics-k.cfm

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen

Production of hydrogen l.jpg
Production of Hydrogen

  • Steam reforming

  • Electrolysis

    1800 –English scientists William

    Nicholson and Sir Anthony Carlisle

  • Gasification

Introduction l.jpg

  • For transportation not electrical production

  • Hydrogen is combustible

  • 2 H2(g) + O2 (g) → 2 H2O(l)

     Internal combustion engines

  • Fuel cells

     Use hydrogen to produce electricity

  • Under development

How does hydrogen power work l.jpg
How Does Hydrogen Power Work?

  • Fuel Cell

Internal Combustion?

History l.jpg

  • 1766 Henry Cavendish

    • Produced Hydrogen

  • 1845 Sir William Grove

    • “Father of fuel cell”

  • 1959 Francis T. Bacon

    • Tractor


  • In recent history l.jpg
    In Recent History

    • Very new technology commercially

    • Result of fossil fuel limitability

    • Under production

    • Requires a new field of economy

    Supporting evidence l.jpg
    Supporting Evidence

    • Fuel Cell Cars

    • Fuel Cell 18 wheelers

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hydrogen_internal_combustion_engine_vehicles

    • Hydrogen Generators

    • http://www.trulitetech.com/datasheets/KH4_sm.pdf

    • Fuel Cell Buses

    • Fuel Cell Bikes

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_vehicle

    Evidence rebuttal l.jpg
    Evidence Rebuttal

    • Hydrogen's availability

    • Cost

    • Hydrogen is a gas

    • Danger

    • Requires Resources

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_economy

    Outlook on production l.jpg
    Outlook on Production

    • Natural Gases

    • From Coal

    • Nuclear Power

    • Renewable Resources

    • http://www.hydrogen.energy.gov/production.html

    Complications l.jpg

    • Hard to store

    • Conversion to usable Hydrogen

    • Cost

    • Distribution

    • Wikipedia article on hydrogen

    Safety hazards l.jpg
    Safety Hazards



    • Hydrogen has the widest explosive/ignition mix range with air of all the gases except acetylene. That means that whatever the mix proportion between air and hydrogen, a hydrogen leak will lead to an explosion, not a mere flame.

    • Wikipedia article on hydrogen economy

    Solutions to problems l.jpg
    Solutions to Problems

    • Hydrogen transport vehicles

    • Fuel Cell Infrastructure

    • New Thermodynamically efficient Technologies

    • US DOE Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Intrastructure Technologies Program

    Effects on the environment l.jpg
    Effects on the Environment

    • Emissions of CO2

      • Electrolysis of water

      • Fossil fuel reforming

    • By-products of hydrogen-nitrogen reactions in internal combustion engines

    • Leaked Hydrogen can become catalyst for ozone depletion

    • Wikipedia article on hydrogen economy

    Laws and regulations l.jpg
    Laws and Regulations

    • Flame detectors must be used

    • -Implementation of higher standards to detect early leaks

    • -“Standard for the installation of stationary fuel cell power systems” (Wiki)

    • - Codes and standards have been a major barrier to deploying hydrogen technologies and developing a hydrogen economy

    • -DOE is currently in the process of devising safety codes, standards and regulations

    Sustainability l.jpg

    • Hydrogen can be produced in a variety of ways

    • -Most efficient way is by electrolysis of water

    • -Water can be recycled and used for drinking

    • -Overall sustainable as it is the most abundant element in the universe

    Efficiency l.jpg

    • Hydrogen is an energy carrier, not a source

    • Relies on the use of other fuels to be used

    • Overall use of energy to create outweighs energy production

    Conclusion l.jpg


    Better for the Environment

    Good replacement for Gasoline?