The Clinton Legacy
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The Clinton Legacy. Powerful women have commanded great nations as presidents, prime ministers and heads of state throughout history:. 20 th Century Great Britain : Margaret Thatcher Ireland : Mary Robinson Canada : Kim Campbell France : Edith Cresson Israel : Golda Meir

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The Clinton Legacy

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The Clinton Legacy

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

Powerful women have commanded great nations as presidents, prime ministers and heads of state throughout history:

  • 20th Century

  • Great Britain: Margaret Thatcher

  • Ireland: Mary Robinson

  • Canada: Kim Campbell

  • France: Edith Cresson

  • Israel: Golda Meir

  • India: Indira Gandhi

  • Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto

  • Poland: Hanna Suchocka

  • Norway: Gro Harlem Brundtland

  • New Zealand: Jenny Shippley

  • Turkey: Tansu Ciller

  • World History

  • Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth I

  • Russia: Catherine the Great

  • Spain: Queen Isabella I

  • Egypt: Cleopatra VII

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

Supporters of Liberia’s newly-elected Executive President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Executive president ellen johnson sirleaf liberia

Executive President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberia

Federal chancellor angela merkel germany

Federal Chancellor Angela MerkelGermany

Germany s angela merkel leading the nation

Germany’s Angela Merkel Leading the Nation

Chile s president elect michelle bachelet

Chile’s President-Elect Michelle Bachelet

Chile s michelle bachelet leading the nation

Chile’s Michelle Bachelet Leading the Nation

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt


  • La Ministra de Defensa Nacional, Michelle Bachelet Jeria, suscribió el acuerdo de cooperación con Turquía, país representado por el Comandante en Jefe del Estado Mayor General Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas (S), General de Ejército Ilker Basbug.

Prime minister margaret thatcher great britain

Prime Minister Margaret ThatcherGreat Britain

President mary robinson ireland

President Mary RobinsonIreland

President mary mcaleese ireland

President Mary McAleeseIreland

Prime minister edith cresson france

Prime Minister Edith CressonFrance

Prime minister kim campbell canada

Prime Minister Kim CampbellCanada

Prime minister indira gandhi india

Prime Minister Indira GandhiIndia

President corazon aquino the philippines

President Corazon AquinoThe Philippines

Prime minister benazir bhutto pakistan

Prime Minister Benazir BhuttoPakistan

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

Council of Women World Leaders 30 Members

BangladeshPrime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia, 1991-96 BangladeshPrime Minister Sheikh Hasina, 1996 – 2001 BermudaPremier Pamela Gordon, 1997-1998 BermudaPremier Jennifer Smith, 1998 - 2003 DominicaPrime MinisterDame Eugenia Charles 1980-95 FinlandPresident Tarja Halonen, 2000 - presentGuyanaPresident Janet Jagan, 1997-1999IcelandPresident Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, 1980-96LatviaPresident Vaira Vike-Freiberga, 1999 - present LithuaniaPrime Minister Kazimiera Prunskiene, 1990-91 New ZealandPrime Minister Jenny Shipley, 1997-1999 New ZealandPrime Minister Helen Clark 1999 - present Netherlands AntillesPrime Minister Maria Liberia-Peters Netherlands AntPrime Minister Suzanne Camelia-Romer NicaraguaPresident Violeta B. de Chamorro, 1990-96NorwayPrime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland PanamaPresident Mireya Moscoso, 1999-2003PeruPrime Minister Beatriz Merino, 2003 PhilippinesPresident Gloria Macapagal-ArroyoPolandPrime Minister Hanna Suchocka, 1992-93Sao Tome and PrincipePrime Minster Maria Das Neves Sri LankaPresident Chandrika Kumaratunga, 1994 - SwitzerlandPresident Ruth Dreifuss, 1998-99TurkeyPrime Minister Tansu Çiller, 1993-96

American voters willing to vote for woman president 1

American Voters % Willing to Vote for Woman President1

1 Data from The Gallop Organization polling, cited in The Case for Hillary by Susan Estrich (2005), p. 229.

May 2005 today cnn gallup poll

May 2005Today/CNN/Gallup Poll:

“[A]n amazing 70 percent of respondents indicated that they ‘would be likely to vote foran unspecified woman for president in 2008.’”2

2Data from USA Today polling, cited in Condi v. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race, by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann (2005), p. 3.

Commander in chief credibility


63% of Americans said a woman would be as good or better than a man as commander in chief.

2005 Siena College/Hearst Newspapers Poll

After 135 years it s time

After 135 years, it’s time.

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

Victoria Woodhull1872 Presidential CandidateFirst woman stock brokerage owner on Wall Street announced her candidacy in 1870.

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

Belva Ann Lockwood

1884 & 1888 Presidential Candidate

First woman to argue a U.S. Supreme Court casewon over 4,000 male votes.

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

Sen. Margaret Chase Smith1964 Presidential CandidateFirst woman to serve in U.S. House & U.S. Senatecampaigned in 5 of 17 primaries,came in 2nd in Illinois.

Sen margaret chase smith finished 2nd in illinois

Sen. Margaret Chase SmithFinished 2nd in Illinois

Competed in 5 of 17 primaries.

Cong shirley chisholm 1972 presidential candidate first african american women in congress

Cong. Shirley Chisholm1972 Presidential CandidateFirst African-American women in Congress.

Cong shirley chisholm won nj primary

Cong. Shirley Chisholm won NJ Primary

Competed in 14 of 21 primaries & brought 5% of delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Cong patsy mink 1972 presidential candidate

Cong. Patsy Mink1972 Presidential Candidate

Cong geraldine ferraro 1984 democratic vp candidate

Cong. Geraldine Ferraro1984 Democratic VP Candidate

Cong patricia schroeder 1988 presidential candidate

Cong. Patricia Schroeder1988 Presidential Candidate

Sen elizabeth dole 2000 presidential candidate

Sen. Elizabeth Dole2000 Presidential Candidate

Sen carol moseley braun 2004 presidential candidate

Sen. Carol Moseley Braun2004 Presidential Candidate

Ms president pac supports presidential candidate braun at 2003 california democratic convention

Ms. President PAC Supports Presidential Candidate Braun at 2003 California Democratic Convention

In iowa wash dc

In Iowa & Wash., DC

Governor kathleen sebelius democrat of kansas

Governor Kathleen SebeliusDemocrat of Kansas

  • Likely future presidential candidate.

  • Up for re-election in 2006.

  • Daughter of former Rep. Governor of Ohio

Senator kay bailey hutchison republican of texas

Senator Kay Bailey HutchisonRepublican of Texas

  • Expected to Run for President in 2008

  • Has said She Plans to Run for President

  • Represents 2nd Largest Electoral Base

Secretary of state condoleezz rice republican of california

Secretary of State Condoleezz RiceRepublican of California

  • Likely 2008 Presidential or VP Candidate

  • Former National Security Council Advisor

  • Highest Ranking Woman in U.S. Gov’t.

Senator hillary clinton democrat of new york

Senator Hillary ClintonDemocrat of New York

  • Leading 2008 Dem. Presidential Candidate

  • 8 Former Presidents Called NY Home

  • Likely to be America’s 1st Woman President

Firsts republican women

Firsts Republican Women

  • First Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin (MT) - 1917

  • First Major Party Candidate for President Margaret Chase Smith -1964

  • First Woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

Firsts Democratic Women

  • First Elected U.S. Senator Hattie Wyatt Caraway (AR) – 1931

  • First Major Party VP Candidate Geraldine Ferraro (NY) – 1984

  • First U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Women governors democrats for 50 years

Women GovernorsDemocrats for 50 Years

1. 1925 Democrat Nellie Tayloe Ross (WY)

2. 1925 Democrat Miriam “Ma” Ferguson (TX)

3. 1967 Democrat Lurleen Wallace (AL)

4. 1975 Democrat Ella Grasso (CT)

5. 1975 Democrat Dixy Lee Ray (WA)

6. 1982 Republican Vesta Roy (NH) – ONE DAY

7. 1984 Democrat Martha Layne Collins (KY)

8. 1985 Democrat Madeleine Kunin (VT)

9. 1982 Republican Kay Orr (NE)

10. 1988 Democrat Joan Finney (KS)

Republican primary challenge

RepublicanPrimary Challenge

“If you’re looking at some 20 percent of the electorate who won’t vote for you and it comes from your own party, you’re dead.”

-- Susan Estrich

The same way we always have

The Same WayWe Always Have

American voters will nominate and elect women to the U.S. presidency the same way we have always elected presidents.

We will elect the best candidates--those with:

Charismatic appeal Strong executive leadership abilitiesVision Commander-in-chief credibility Convincing economic credentialsProven law and order experienceSensitivity to family and social issuesOutstanding fundraising prowessFriendly media rapportEnthusiastic campaign staminaMost powerful nationwide support network

Download americanwomenpresidentspowerpoint ppt

President Condoleezza Rice 44th President of the United States

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a strong presidential (or vice presidential) candidate for 2008.

President hillary clinton 44 th president of the united states

President Hillary Clinton44th President of the United States

Sen. Hillary Clinton will be sworn in as America’s first woman president on January 20, 2009, so make your hotel reservations now to be part of history!

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