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California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). Test Administration Training 2010-11 for District Coordinators June 10, 2010 - Web cast. Presenters. Paul Hoagland, CAHSEE Project Manager, Educational Testing Service (ETS) Rebecca Rabin-Reed, Product Administrator for Customer Services, ETS

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California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)

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Presentation Transcript

California high school exit examination cahsee l.jpg

California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)

Test Administration Training 2010-11 for District Coordinators

June 10, 2010 - Web cast

Presenters l.jpg


  • Paul Hoagland, CAHSEE Project Manager, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

  • Rebecca Rabin-Reed, Product Administrator for Customer Services, ETS

  • Diane Hernandez, Administrator, California Department of Education

Presentation objectives l.jpg

Presentation Objectives

  • What’s New

  • Overview of CAHSEE

  • Maintaining Test Security

  • District Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Demographic Data Corrections

  • Resources

  • Questions and Answers

What s new l.jpg

What’s New

  • Answer document changes:

    • Page 1

    • Box 6 - “No” has been added as an option to grid for Hispanic or Latino.

      • New Federal Standards for Collecting and Reporting Race and Ethnicity Categories may be found at

    • Page 12

      • Boxes 22 and 23- “1” has been added in the first year column to grid 2010 for English Learner (EL) and Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (R-FEP) students.

What s new continued l.jpg

What’s New (Continued)

  • Box 13

    • New Y accommodation code for ELA column only.

What s new continued6 l.jpg

What’s New (Continued)

  • Web page changes:

  • CAHSEE ordering Web page at

  • ETS CAHSEE Web page at

What s new continued7 l.jpg

What’s New (Continued)

  • CAHSEE ordering Web page changes:

  • There are visual changes with the pages associated with the CAHSEE ordering Web page. System functionality will remain the same for all pages except the supplemental order page, for the supplemental order page the following changes have taken place.

    • Requests for test booklet quantities of more than 5% of the initial order or 20 books, whichever is greater, will not be accepted automatically; they must be approved by a Customer Support Representative (CSR) at the CAHSEE Support Center.

    • Braille and Large Print orders will be capped at 5 unless approved by a CSR at the CAHSEE Support Center.

What s new continued8 l.jpg

What’s New (Continued)

  • CAHSEE ordering Web page changes continued:

    • After supplemental order deadlines, the supplemental order page will no longer be available for districts to place orders. Requests for limited quantities of materials will be handled by the CSR’s in the CAHSEE Support Center. You can reach a CSR in the CAHSEE Support Center by phone at 800-241-5687.

    • The column labeled “current” on the new supplemental order screen reflects the orders placed but not yet ordered.

    • The “cumulative” column shows the total number of orders that have been processed.

    • Your order will not be processed unless the “submit” button is selected after every order.

What s new continued9 l.jpg

What’s New (Continued)

  • CAHSEE ordering Web page changes continued:

  • Your order will not be processed unless the “submit” button at the bottom of the page is selected after every order.

  • If you make an error when placing the order and would like to restart the request, select the “reset” button located at the bottom of the page.

What s new continued10 l.jpg

What’s New (Continued)

  • ETS CAHSEE Web page changes:

    • You will notice that the look and feel of the ETS CAHSEE Web page has changed. The functionality of the pages on the ETS CAHSEE Web site will remain the same.

Overview of cahsee l.jpg

Overview of CAHSEE

Cahsee purpose l.jpg

CAHSEE Purpose

  • Improve student achievement in public high schools and ensure that students who graduate from public high schools can demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and mathematics

Cahsee requirement l.jpg

CAHSEE Requirement

  • All students except eligible students with disabilities must satisfy the CAHSEE requirement, as well as all other state and local requirements, to receive a California public high school diploma.

  • The CAHSEE requirement can be satisfied by passing the examination or for eligible students with disabilities, meeting the exemption requirement pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 60852.3, or receiving a local waiver pursuant to EC Section 60851(c).

Options to participate in cahsee administrations 2010 11 l.jpg

Options to Participate in CAHSEE Administrations 2010-11

For testing schedules, go to:

Cahsee testing opportunities l.jpg

CAHSEE Testing Opportunities

  • Grade ten: one time (February, March, or May)

  • Grade eleven: *two times

  • Grade twelve: *at least three, but up to five times

  • Adult students: *three times

    * May participate in successive administrations.

Maintaining test security l.jpg

Maintaining Test Security

Maintaining test security17 l.jpg

Maintaining Test Security

  • To ensure test security, district coordinators must:

    • Read, agree, sign, and return the Test Security Agreement (TSA) to ETS

    • Ensure all test site coordinators read and sign the TSA and all who have access to secure test materials read, sign and agree to the Test Security Affidavit

Slide18 l.jpg

Maintaining Test Security (Continued)

Slide19 l.jpg

Maintaining Test Security (Continued)

Slide20 l.jpg

Maintaining Test Security (Continued)

  • Keep materials in a secure, locked storage

  • Establish and maintain procedures that will prevent cheating

  • Handle potential testing irregularities. Call ETS and CDE to report security breaches or test administration incidents

Slide21 l.jpg

Maintaining Test Security (Continued)

  • It is important to monitor the use of electronic devices during testing.

  • This will assist to decrease the chance of secure information being transmitted through social networking sites and various forms of technology.

District coordinator responsibilities l.jpg

District Coordinator Responsibilities


Before testing l.jpg

Before Testing


  • Read the District and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual (DTSCM)

Slide24 l.jpg


Before Testing (Continued)

  • Go to

  • to obtain information and documents regarding the coordination of CAHSEE administrations

Slide25 l.jpg


Before Testing (Continued)

  • Refer to CAHSEE Project Calendar

Before testing continued l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • July 2010 CAHSEE Project Calendar Sample

Before testing continued27 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


Go to the

secure CAHSEE Web site by clicking on CAHSEE Online from the ETS CAHSEE Web page or

Before testing continued28 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Use CAHSEE Online at to do the following:

    • Update your district contact information

    • Order test materials

    • Order supplemental shipments

    • Submit a Pre-ID file

    • Review/update an order

    • Check the status of your order

    • Make student demographic corrections

    • Download preliminary student results

    • Disclosed forms

Before testing continued29 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Select the appropriate date option.Enter your Username and Password. Select the LOGIN button.

Cahsee online main page l.jpg

CAHSEE Online main page

Before Testing (Continued)


Update District Information and Testing Schedule

Slide31 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Schedule and set up test administrations

  • Notify parents of district’s testing schedule

Before testing continued32 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Prepare to order materials

  • CAHSEE Test Books and Special Versions

Excessive orders examples l.jpg

Excessive Orders Examples

Before Testing (Continued)


Before testing continued34 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Materials order and option to pre-ID warnings

Before testing continued35 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Materials order confirmation

Before testing continued36 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Prepare data file according to pre-ID file layout


pre-ID file

Before testing continued37 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • If submitting a Pre-ID file, fill out the List of Demographic Fields Required to be Hand-gridded for Schools Participating in the Pre-ID Service.

    • Provide the list as a handout for test site coordinators during training

  • A Late pre-ID label service is available for a fee.

    • You must have submitted a pre-ID file by the deadline to use this additional service.

Before testing continued38 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Emphasize the following with your test sites:

    • Maintaining test security

    • Reading Test Site Coordinator Responsibilities Section of manual

    • Hand-gridding fields not Pre-ID’d

    • Accommodations/Modifications/EL Variations

      • Signature in Box 13

    • Checking in/out test materials

    • Providing handout of important dates

Before testing continued39 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Identify and coordinate the testing of students placed in nonpublic schools

  • Go to California School Directory obtain NPS school code. Enter onto Box 12c.

Before testing continued40 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • Receive test materials (starting about 2 weeks before test administration)

    • Shipment 1: nonsecure testing materials

    • Shipment 2: secure testing materials

    • Shipment 3A: (optional) Pre-ID answer documents

    • Shipment 3B: (optional) late Pre-ID labels

Before testing continued41 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)

Upon receipt of shipments, open boxes and conduct inventory



Before testing continued42 l.jpg

Before Testing (Continued)


  • If more test materials are needed, contact the CAHSEE Support Center or go to CAHSEE Online to place supplemental orders

  • Distribute test materials to sites

During testing l.jpg

During Testing


  • Be the liaison between test sites, CDE, and ETS

  • Problem solve

  • Notify both CDE and ETS of potential testing irregularities

  • Complete the Test Security Breach Report Form, if applicable

During testing continued l.jpg

During Testing (Continued)


Slide45 l.jpg

  • Make sure all score codes and modifications/accommodations are properly coded on the answer document

After Testing

After testing continued l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)

After testing continued47 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Receive and inventory test materials from sites

  • Account for all test booklets and CDs

  • Complete District Packing List and Security Tracking

  • Ensure all answer documents are batched by grade with School and Grade Identification (SGID) Sheet and packed in scorable boxes

School and grade identification sgid sheet l.jpg

School and Grade Identification (SGID) Sheet



Grade 10 only


Grade 10 only


Grade 11 only


Grade 11 only



Grade 12 only


Grade 12 only


Adult education students only


Adult education students only

After testing continued49 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


Enter district scorable box totals

Enter district non-scorable box totals

Slide50 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Arrange with courier (FedEx or land carrier) for pickup

For Scorable materials

For Non-scorable materials

After testing continued51 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Confirm that the designated CAHSEE color-coded label is in the lower right-hand corner on the top of each box being returned.

  • Place the appropriate pre-addressed FedEx label to the immediate left of the designated color-coded label.

After testing continued52 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Late return of scorable materials may delay results and reports being delivered on time.

    • Please consult the ETS CAHSEE project calendar to review when the late processing fee will be assessed for each administration.

  • If scorable materials are received late, a late processing fee of $450 is charged to the district.

After testing continued53 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Interpreting CAHSEE Scores

    • Interpretation Guides (Top 11 languages)

    • Score Conversion Tables

After testing continued54 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)

  • Use CAHSEE Online to download student results

After testing continued55 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Student detail files, rosters, and summary report

Slide56 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Send student and parent reports home

Slide57 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Send summary reports to schools (ELA Sample)

Slide58 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Send summary reports to schools (Math sample)

Slide59 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Send roster reports to schools

After testing continued60 l.jpg

After Testing (Continued)


  • Additional resources and special services form

Resources l.jpg


Opportunities to participate l.jpg

Opportunities to Participate

  • Scoring Opportunities

    • Contact

    • Differential Item Functioning (DIF) reviews after each Census administration

    • Contact Usha Altieri 916-403-2406 or

Training presentation available l.jpg

Training Presentation Available

  • Presentation materials posted at:


      • Look in the “About the Test” tab


Cahsee regulations l.jpg

CAHSEE Regulations

  • California Code of Regulations, Title 5, sections 1200 to 1225 govern the administration of the CAHSEE in concert with state law (California Education Code sections 60850 to 60859).

  • The CAHSEE regulations can be found at

Special education and english learner resources l.jpg

Special Education and English Learner Resources

  • Available at

    • Q & A for CAHSEE Exemption for Eligible Students with Disabilities.

    • Q & A about Test Variations

    • Request for Test Variations

    • Scribe Guidelines

    • Matrix of Test Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications for Administration of California Statewide Assessments

Student testing general guidance l.jpg

Student Testing General Guidance

Available at

CDE division updates and program notes

Test administration dates

Guidelines on Academic Preparation for State Assessments

Other guidance for California public schools


Contact information l.jpg

Contact Information

CAHSEE policy and general examination information



State and federal accountability information

CDE Academic Accountability Unit


Test material ordering and logistics



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