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Area: Agricultural Mechanics Unit: Lab Safety Lesson: Identifying Shop Safety Colors and Protective Clothing. Objectives:Describe in writing 9 safety colors Describe in writing 3 focal colorsDesign proper protective clothing and devices. Why do we use safety colors?. . Why do we use safety colors?.

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1. Bell Work Accidents will happen to anyone, but being able to identify situations that cause accidents is very valuable. Write two or three sentences about an accident in which you were personally involved.  What could you have done differently to prevent this accident?

3. Why do we use safety colors?

4. Why do we use safety colors? Alert people to danger or hazards Help people to locate certain objects Make the shop a pleasant place to work Promote cleanliness and order Help people to react quickly to emergencies

5. List the 9 Safety Colors Red Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple White White and Black Stripes Gray

6. What does RED signify? Danger Identifies areas or items of danger or emergencies Ex: Safety switches, firer equipment

7. What does orange signify? Warning Designate machine hazard like edges and openings Background for electrical switches, levers, and controls

8. What does yellow signify? Caution Identify parts of machines such as wheels, levers, and knobs that control or adjust the machine Other ex. Amber traffic light

9. What does blue signify? Informational Made with white lettering and blue background “OUT OF ORDER” “DO NOT OPERATE”

10. What does green signify? Safety Indicates the presence of safety equipment, safety areas, first aid, and medical practice

11. What does purple/white signify? Purple Radioactivity Traditional color for radiation hazard Since, 1986 Black and yellow striped pattern has been designated as the marking for radiation White Mark work areas around an object in the shop Marking off traffic areas

12. What is White & Black Strips/ Gray used for? White & Black Strips Alternate strips or checkers= traffic markings Gray Floors of work areas Paint body areas of machines and tops of tables

13. What are the 9 Safety Colors?

14. What are the 9 Safety Colors? Red Orange Yellow Blue Green 6. Purple 7. White 8. White and Black Stripes 9. Gray

15. What is Focal Color? List 3 Focal color is used to draw attention to large items such as machines, cabinets, and floors.

16. What is ivory used for? Used to highlight or improve visibility of certain items Ex: Tool storage chest, table edges, and freestanding vises

17. What is vista green used for? Used to paint bodies of machines, cabinets, and stationary tools like vises Pleasing color and contrasts with the safety colors

18. What is aluminum used for? Used on waste containers such as those used for scrap wood, scrap metal, and rags

19. What are the three focal colors?

20. What are the three focal colors? Ivory Vista Green Aluminum

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