Accelerated Math Program Evaluation at St. John Fisher School

Accelerated Math Program Evaluation at St. John Fisher School PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Description of Program. designed to enrich mathematics learning experience through self-paced activities and opportunities for student collaborationties in with Illinois Learning Standardscomputer-based assignment and test generatorkeeps detailed records of student achievementpersonalizes the learning experienceprovides a variety of records for students, teachers, parents.

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Accelerated Math Program Evaluation at St. John Fisher School

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1. Accelerated Math Program Evaluation at St. John Fisher School Presented by Pat Reed CTER7

2. Description of Program designed to enrich mathematics learning experience through self-paced activities and opportunities for student collaboration ties in with Illinois Learning Standards computer-based assignment and test generator keeps detailed records of student achievement personalizes the learning experience provides a variety of records for students, teachers, parents

5. Evaluation Questions How does the program improve the learning environment for students and their confidence in mastering mathematical concepts? To what extent does the program foster individual learning and progressing at one's own pace? How do teachers feel the program helps or hinders their effectiveness? What is causing the resistance among some teachers, and can this be remedied? If so, how? How does the Accelerated Math Program complement the existing mathematics curriculum?

6. Instruments Online student survey Online parent survey Student focus group Teacher interview Classroom observation

7. Online Student Survey Participation was requested from all students in grades 5-8 (280 students). Response rate: Approximately 75% Surveys were completed in the computer lab during school time.

8. Online Parent Survey Participation was requested from all parents of students in grades 5-8 Response rate: Poor, with only 30 respondents (11%)

9. Focus Group Selected from 8th grade class Goal - verbal students representative of various achievement levels 10 students actually participated

10. Teacher Interview All math teachers were requested to participate in a short, private interview. All participated, and were very candid in answering questions.

11. Classroom Observation Conducted in one class of each grade 1st through 8th Students and teachers were cooperative

12. Data Analysis SurveyMonkey used to collect data Quantitative data analyzed using MS Excel Qualitative data presented in narrative form (focus group, teacher interview, classroom observation, open-ended survey questions)

13. Results from Students Less than 10% of students don’t like the program About half consider it their favorite math activity

14. 8th Grade Opinion of Accelerated Math

15. Most students prefer working at their own pace.

16. Students enjoy the immediate feedback.

17. Parents felt the program helped their children’s achievement.

18. Qualitative Results Mostly positive from students, parents, and teachers Some negative responses

19. "I love working together with students on Accelerated Math. I learn a lot from other students about tricks that they have learned to help them solve problems.” an 8th grade student

20. “I personally like it because if I'm learning something faster than others I can go ahead and if I'm learning something slower I can just take my time, and not feel pressure of holding up the class.” an 8th grade student

21. "It is fun talking with groups or the kids at your table but as far as concentrating, that's complicated.” an 8th grade student

22. Teacher Observation and Interview Effective use of program improves over time Parent volunteers are valuable Students enthusiastic Classrooms usually appeared well-managed, but classroom management seemed to be an issue Bubbling problems with younger students Some technical difficulties experienced Student interaction not always permitted

23. Parent volunteers are helpful with younger students.

24. Students are enthusiastic.

25. Some teachers require students to work independently.

26. Classroom management was a concern.

27. Recommendations Ongoing teacher training on more advanced technical issues Development of classroom management strategies to implement cooperative learning opportunities Better use of parent volunteers Peer mentoring program for teachers Improve communication with parents

28. Results of this evaluation will be presented to stakeholders in December.

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