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What Should Keep You Awake at Night? Not Knowing What Fair Housing Mistakes Your Associates May be Making! Presented By Moderator, Anne Sadovsky, CSP, CAM, CAPS, RAM, Nadeen Green, Esq., Senior Counsel, For Rent Media Solutions

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What Should Keep You Awake at Night?

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Presentation Transcript

What should keep you awake at night l.jpg

What Should Keep You Awake at Night?

Not Knowing What

Fair Housing Mistakes

Your Associates May be Making!

Presented By

Moderator, Anne Sadovsky, CSP, CAM, CAPS, RAM,

Nadeen Green, Esq., Senior Counsel, For Rent Media Solutions

DJ Ryan, Fair Housing Specialist, Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP

Leasing issues l.jpg


Insurance l.jpg


  • Why you need to have it

    • Defense costs

    • Cases


Insurance4 l.jpg


  • Questions you need to ask your agent

    • Am I covered for fair housing?

    • Can I have it in writing?

    • AM Best rating?

    • Admitted or Non-admitted?

    • When do I have to notify you of a potential claim? More

Insurance5 l.jpg


  • Does it cover ADA violations?

  • Are employees covered?

  • How much is the premium?

  • What is the deductible?


Insurance6 l.jpg


  • What is the limit of coverage?

  • Who controls the settlement?

  • Can I choose my own attorney?

  • Can I be dropped?

Occupancy standards l.jpg

Occupancy Standards

  • Reasons for having standards

    • Overcrowding

    • Consistency

    • Avoid familial status discrimination


Occupancy standards8 l.jpg

Occupancy Standards

  • Federal guidelines

  • Building codes

  • State variations

Immigration l.jpg


  • Current state of legal / illegal immigration

    • National origin

    • Local ordinances

    • Backlogs

    • Harboring


Immigration10 l.jpg


  • Social Security numbers

  • Government-issued IDs


Immigration11 l.jpg


  • State Requirements

    • California

    • Other

Photo ids l.jpg

Photo IDs

  • Why used

  • Why they can be problematic

  • A matter of timing

Testing l.jpg


  • Who can be a tester?

  • Recruiting, screening and training

  • Typical testing scenario

Disability issues l.jpg


Second hand smoke smoking l.jpg

Second-hand Smoke & Smoking

  • Typical Issues

    • Smoking

      • Property damage

      • Fire hazard

      • Oxygen tanks

      • Health & Safety

    • Drifting smoke

      • Disabled affected

Second hand smoke smoking16 l.jpg

Second-hand Smoke & Smoking

  • Typical Accommodations

    • Mutual Agreement

    • Transfer

    • Avoid leakage

    • Let out of lease

      without penalty

    • Other


Second hand smoke smoking17 l.jpg

Second-hand Smoke & Smoking

  • Non-smoking properties

    • Current laws

    • Smoking not smokers

    • Property, all or part

    • Procedure

    • Enforcement


Second hand smoke smoking18 l.jpg

Second-hand Smoke & Smoking

  • Court cases involving disability & second hand smoke

Accommodations assistive animals l.jpg

Accommodations:Assistive Animals

  • Types

    • Guide

    • Alert

    • Service

    • Companion (AKA auxiliary aide, therapy animal, emotional support or psychiatric service animal)


Assistive animals l.jpg

Assistive Animals

  • Differences between pets and assistive animals


Pet rentY

Pet depositY

Breed *Y


Size *Y

Pet Rules Y

Assistive animals

Pet rent N

Pet deposit N

Breed * N

Type N

Size * N

Rules of Conduct Y

Assistive animals21 l.jpg

Assistive Animals

  • Verification of disability, need and relationship

    • If disability is obvious, no need to verify disability

    • If animal is obviously needed for the disability, no need to verify.

    • If not obvious, verify

Assistive animals22 l.jpg

Assistive Animals

  • Nuisance or dangerous animals

  • Court cases

Accommodations parking l.jpg


  • Reasons for testing

  • Typical requests

    • License plates & placards

    • Common resolutions & misperceptions

    • Court cases

  • Accommodations mentally disabled l.jpg

    Accommodations:Mentally Disabled

    • Common situations

    • Evictions

      • Cautions

      • Complaints

      • Accommo- dating


    Accommodations mentally disabled25 l.jpg

    Accommodations:Mentally Disabled

    • Direct threats v. annoyances

    • Court cases

    Tenancy issues l.jpg


    Restrictive children s rules l.jpg

    Restrictive Children’s Rules

    • Health and safety requirements

    • Supervision

    • Pool use

    • Amenity use

    • Wheeled toy rules

    • Court cases

    Domestic violence l.jpg

    Domestic Violence

    • Recent court cases

    • VAWA

    • Rental History & Eviction

    • State laws

    Medical marijuana l.jpg

    Medical Marijuana

    • State regulations

    • Supreme Court case

    • Handling complaints and requests

    Questions answers l.jpg

    Questions & Answers

    As time permits . . .

    Thank you for attending l.jpg


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