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Customer Support Training for Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Customer Support Training for Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator Improving the Internet Experience Richard Anderson Director of Internet Services Agenda What is Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator How it works Compatibility Installation and Configuration Tour of User Interface Top FAQs

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Customer Support Training for Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator

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Presentation Transcript

Customer Support Training for Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator

Improving the Internet Experience

Richard AndersonDirector of Internet Services


  • What is Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator

  • How it works

  • Compatibility

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Tour of User Interface

  • Top FAQs

  • Common Support Issues

  • Resources for Support

What is Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator?

Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator

is a subscription-based service for dial-up users that speeds up the delivery of static and dynamic Web pages across the entire Internet, including the last mile. This is accomplished through the use of Momentum TurboSurf’s patented Web-acceleration technology.

Client/Server Architecture

Accelerator Client:

  • Implemented as a local proxy, that runs in the background on a user’s machine

  • Decodes the encoded/compressed data from the Acceleration Network

  • Performs intelligent cache management

  • Optimizes the TCP/IP connection with the Acceleration Network

  • Fail-over mechanism will bypass the Acceleration Network should service be interrupted

    Acceleration Network:

  • Connection management, caching, leverage page elements from the entire user base

  • Reliability, Availability, Scalability. Scales like Web servers. All components within the Momentum TurboSurf Network are independent; no single point of failure.

How does it work?

  • Compression:The Acceleration Servicedelivers text and graphics more efficiently, using multiple, intelligent, patent-pending compression algorithms that encode Web pages.

  • Caching: Accelerator intelligently retains and re-uses Web pages and page elements that have previously been sent to the PC.

  • Optimize TCP/IP Connections: The Acceleration Serviceuses proprietary techniques to optimize the communication between Accelerator and the Network.

  • Optional Content Filtering: Accelerator lets you block unsolicited content, such as pop-up ads and in page ads, which contributes to long wait times.

What gets Accelerated?

What can a user expect?

Users will experience:

  • Page loads up to two times faster on first visits

  • Page loads three to five times faster on subsequent visits (3x average)

  • 90% of pages load in under 7 seconds(compared to 30% without Momentum TurboSurf)

  • All without additional hardware

General Compatibility

  • Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows™ 98 and above. Macintosh client coming soon (Q2 2004.)

  • Connections: Will work with any low-speed Internet connection under 200kbps, including dial-up, ISDN, slow DSL and wireless

  • Utilities: Compatible with ad blockers, popup stoppers, personal firewalls, and other utilities.

  • Browsers Supported: IE 5.0 or later, Netscape 4.7 or later, Opera and Mozilla

  • Available Disk space: 25 MB

  • Total System memory (RAM): 32 MB

Downloading and Installing the Client


  • ~1.7 MB file

  • Approximate Download and set up time is between 5 and 10 minutes (@ 48Kbps download = 5 minutes)


  • Installing Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator is easy. A user double-clicks the set-up file, follows the prompts, accepts the default settings, and is ready to be accelerated in less than a minute

  • Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator automatically launches in the background

  • Client automatically performs installation test, checks Operating System, memory, disk space, browser proxy settings, connection, acceleration, network connectivity.

Icon State




When running and enabled the Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator icon depicts a blue-on-blue Momentum TurboSurfler.


When actively sending or receiving information or other data to the Internet using HTTP, moving arrows replace the Momentum TurboSurfler.


When Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator is disabled, the Momentum TurboSurfler icon has a red circle around it and a line through it.

High Speed Connection Detected

Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator is not active when user is connected to the Internet using a high-speed connection.

Subscription Expired

If the free trial period or paid subscription has expired, the Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator icon is changed to reflect that fact.

Temporarily Unavailable

A special state can occur if the Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator is temporarily unavailable. A small yellow triangle (shown below) appears to alert the user that Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator is still enabled, but their Internet experience is not being accelerated.

How can I tell if it’s working?

Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator Program Group

Generic Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator Menu

Performance Meter

Graphics Acceleration

Momentum TurboSurf

Accelerator Client


X Factor

Effective Speed

Time Saved

Ads Blocked

Performance Meter & Test Page…

Helps you track the degree to which Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator improves the performance through…

Options…Graphics and Ads

Graphics Acceleration,Disk space used for temporary files & Pop-up Blocking.

Options…Pop-up Windows

Pop-up controls, exception list.

Options…Temporary Files

Temporary Momentum TurboSurf Files.


Performance summary controls, port number, launch control, proxy conflicts.


Diagnostics can be useful if you are having problems connecting to the Internet or if the degree of Internet acceleration is less than expected.


“Run Test” includes:

  • System resources

  • Basic Internet connectivity and DNS

  • Packet loss and latency (phone line integrity)

  • Current line speed

  • Hostname of the Momentum TurboSurf Network to which you are connected

  • Client version and the status of your subscription

  • Performance tests.

  • Report graphic acceleration setting

System Information

Accelerator “System Info” includes:

  • Disk space (physical and free)

  • Memory (physical and free)

  • Operating System and patches

  • Default browser and version

  • Accelerator version

  • Activation ID:

  • Referrer and referrer version: Referrer ID = 1234

  • Graphics compression rate: (1 – 4)

  • Launch at system startup: (Y/N)

  • Internet connections:

Quick Tour…

Runs a two-minute Web-based tutorial that explains how acceleration works, what content is accelerated and what is not, how to use the Accelerator menu, and how to measure your acceleration.

Top 5 FAQs

  • Are personal firewalls and other utilities compatible with Momentum TurboSurf

  • I have two computers; can I share a paid subscription to Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator?

  • Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator 5-MinuteTroubleshooting Guide

  • How do I activate my subscription?

  • Does Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator work with cell phones used as data modems?

Types of Support Issues from Momentum TurboSurf

Momentum TurboSurf’s Support Experience

  • Momentum TurboSurf has had great success with current FAQs

  • Only 3% of visitors to our support site actually open a support ticket

  • This means that Momentum TurboSurf has a 97% self-service rate

  • 90% contact support via email

  • Avg. time on task: Phone 5.12 min/ Email: 3.00 min

Support Resources

  • ISP supports end user

  • Momentum TurboSurf support ISP

    • http://support.Momentum

    • Accelerator Client: [email protected]

    • PWAS Server: [email protected]

    • 408-571-6306 (m-f, 8-5 pst)

    • 408-571-6310 (after hours emergency)

Other Reference tools in this kit

  • Support & Escalation Procedures Document

  • FAQ Knowledge Base

  • Support e-mail Response Templates

  • Momentum TurboSurf Accelerator Technical White Paper

Wrap Up - Q&A

Thank you for your time!

Richard Anderson

Director of Internet Services

[email protected]


End of Presentation

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