Social implications of mobile communication
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Social Implications of Mobile Communication. Kerry Bodine Isabella Fung Neema Moraveji. Overview. General Trends Fastest Growing Population Smart Mobs Mobile Gaming. Time . When is somebody considered late? Time is ‘softened’, blurred Micro-coordinate schedules with others

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Social implications of mobile communication l.jpg

Social Implications ofMobile Communication

Kerry Bodine

Isabella Fung

Neema Moraveji

Overview l.jpg

  • General Trends

  • Fastest Growing Population

  • Smart Mobs

  • Mobile Gaming

Slide3 l.jpg

  • When is somebody considered late?

    • Time is ‘softened’, blurred

  • Micro-coordinate schedules with others

    • “I’m at the mall now, where are you?”

  • Don’t have to set aside time & place for communication

    • Enables other activities, talk on-the-go

Space l.jpg

  • Public and private boundaries change

    • e.g., one person at home, one in restaurant

  • Physical space vs. Virtual space

    • Norms in one space != norms in other space

    • Social conflict

    • e.g. Driving

  • Trade-off: leash or freedom?

  • Direct correlation: phone use , tolerance

    • Britain: 45% of age 24+ say ban phone in public

    • Compare to only 25% under age 24

Linguistics l.jpg

  • Subculture grew out of business models of cell operators

    • Pricing models created demand for new language

  • Generation Text creates a teen-only zone

    • 80%+ of age 45+ have never sent SMS (global users)

  • Permeates into “real life”

    • Dictionary Co’s published SMS dictionaries

    • Jeep Cherokee used “A4X4DABLE” in advertisement

The elderly population l.jpg
The Elderly Population

  • 2000 figure represents a 12% increase over 1990.

US elderly population in millions

What this market means to us l.jpg
What this Market Means to Us

  • Improve quality of life through increased security & autonomy

    • Social Isolation

    • Being Lost

    • Needing Assistance

  • By 2007, people age 50+ willaccount for 25% of all onlineretail spending

    Sources: Jupiter &

What s happening around us l.jpg
What’s Happening Around Us?









Social Revolution

Smart mobs l.jpg
“Smart Mobs”

Dynamic cooperation over geographical distances

The battle of seattle 12 99 l.jpg
The “Battle of Seattle”: 12/99

  • Protestors coordinatedspontaneously anddynamically with:

    • SMS en masse

    • mobile phones (voice)

    • email from laptop PCs

    • PDAs on the net

  • Protestors maintained organizational continuity

  • Without Smart Mob ‘swarming’ tactics, just a mob

Smart mob models l.jpg
Smart Mob Models

  • p2p: location-sensitive buddy list (

  • Master/Slave: 1 million total, tens of thousands within an hour of first SMS volleys (protests)

  • Examples

    • Smart, Dynamic, Real Communities (

    • Dynamically solve trafficcongestion among peoplein cars

    • Distributed computing:ad-hoc supercomputer

Next mcommerce goldmine games l.jpg
Next mCommerce Goldmine: Games

  • Worldwide Revenue Forecast in 2005

Mobile gaming: $5 billion or 23%

Total Mobile Commerce Revenue: $22.2 billion

  • In 2005, 80% of US and Europe wireless phone users will play online games on wireless devices (200 million people)

Sources: Jupiter Research, Yankee Group

Gaming trends l.jpg
Gaming Trends

Single-player, arcade-style

Multi-player, interactive & social

  • Japan, Korea, HK, Taiwan, Scandinavia

  • What’s common about these? 2.5/3G networks

  • Why multiplayer gaming?

    • Increased interaction with friends, new and old

    • Engaging games involving long-term contact

    • Look at PC gaming industry trend to multiplayer

      • SimCity & EverQuest moving to mobile phones

  • Gaming business models l.jpg
    Gaming Business Models

    Airtime minutes(carriers)

    +Flat-fee Subscription($1 - $4 per 30 days)

    + Pay-per-Play


    $5 billion by 2005

    Gladiator by jamdat l.jpg
    “Gladiator” by Jamdat

    • One of the most successful mobile apps

    • 850,000 people, 10 million minutes after 1 year

    • ‘Hooked’ users & casual users

    Psychological implications of social gaming l.jpg
    Psychological Implications of Social Gaming

    • Anthropomorphism of device

      • “We’re like buddies”

    • Removes sense of displacement:

      • Rather than becoming a character, the person actually represents himself in a mobile game

    • Local confrontation

      • If someone loses, he might lose his temper and seek revenge

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