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AFRICA PRIVATIZATION FORUM 2005. Stability and Sustainability of the Privatization Process in African Sub-regions. fIN. Foreign Investment Network . AFRICA PRIVATIZATION FORUM 2004 London

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Stability and Sustainability of the Privatization Process in African Sub-regions.


Foreign Investment Network

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FORUM 2004 London

If you are involved in the direct investment “deal” then you know the importance of networking, making contacts, and meeting key people. Sharing experiences at

a senior level also improves our knowledge, skills, and sparks ideas.

The APF is designed to be exceptionally stimulating.

VIP sessions bring together powerful corporates, institutional investors and leading media players.

November 4th & 5th



Foreign Investment Network

FIN industry sessions and location-makers panel sessions will address the latest privatization trends, sectors to target, and challenges and constraints of privatization inward core investors.

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Concept: A two day all industry forum organized by FIN in association with FT business on stability and sustainable development in privatization process in the African sub region. The objective is to instill transparency

and confidence in the African privatization process.

The forum will x-ray problems, prospects affecting the privatization and proffer solution.

The event will provide new regional focus; strengthen the faith of foreigners who bid for African companies and reform corporate responsibility.

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SINCE PRIVATIZATION AIMS AT PROJECTING OPPORTUNITES IN AFRICAN business, the forum will project Africa as a viable continent to do business.

To foster harmony and strong inter sectoral collaboration in the African sub region.

To explore means of creating security, stability, and sustainable growth geared towards optimum utilization of resources available in Africa.

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Why privatize?

  • Provide opportunity to discuss experiences and challenges and means of overcoming same in International business

  • Bring operating, potential and prospecting investors together and discuss success and failure of privatization

  • Evaluate and review the available incentives

  • Interactive sessions, sector reform and competitiveness

  • APF Energy consultants – leading privatization of electricity sector, privatization in transition economies and emerging markets.

  • Water privatization in Africa How successful?

  • Preaching Privatization for Africa – case study

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The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) set the agenda for the direction in which Africans themselves would like to see the continent move to make it a better place for present and future generations. The Initiative was conceived in Africa, for Africans and by Africans and has achieved wide acceptance and created consensus as a guide for Africa’s future development efforts.

Integration of regional markets is critical to attaining critical market size. The NEPAD Initiative thus focuses on the promotion of intra-Africa trade and investments primarily through the promotion of the African private sector and the transfer of a function, activity, or organization from public sector , ranging from the sale of equity to management contracts or leasing agreements with private firms and the diversification of African exports.

The Initiative also proposes to increase intra-regional trade via promoting cross-border contact among African firms, enhancing sources within Africa of imports formerly sourced from the rest of the world, publicizing African trading companies and their products through trade fairs. The Africa Privatization Forum, to be held in London, November 2004, will be a significant opportunity to realize this vision. The Forum will provide a practical avenue for accomplishing some of

the significant goals set out in the NEPAD Initiative.

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Africa power and energy Sectors

World Bank

European commission

o European Funding for Africa

National Development and Privatization Investment Promotion Agencies

Companies making investment decisions

State Governments seeking to privatize

Regional Development and Investment Agencies

State Economic Development Agencies

City Development and Marketing Initiatives

Regional Marketing Initiatives

Airport and Port Development Authorities

Financial institutions seeking to finance projects

IFC – available funds for African projects

Grants and aids for capacity building for privatization agencies

Science Parks and Industrial Developers

Power and Utility Companies in Economic Development

Advisors and Consultants in Investment Promotion and

Economic Development

Privatization Inward Investors Movers & Shakers + FIN network

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CEOs, MDs, Board-level management teams, decision and

Policy-makers involved with either promoting privatization ,attracting, facilitating or doing direct

Investment should attend the APF 2004.

Organizations attending are coming from over 49 countries.

Thanks to our partners:

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The FIN Professional team has an exceptional talent for putting the right people in touch with each other. We bring buyers, sellers, and intermediaries together, to meet, to deal, to make investments happen. As the world’s premier specialist in the direct investment world, we have the contacts with the people who matter on every sector.



Foreign Investment Network

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Expect the following over the two day event:

60 Minute Make-over: Key Secrets for Privatization Success

Discussion on what makes a development agency successful in both attracting and retaining investors. Top tips from corporate investors and from the experts. Preventing disinvestments, and the essential prospect list – 20 highly active investors that you should be talking to. Moving on from customer care centers, and shared services centers, what is the next “big thing”? Five panelists argue and discuss a way forward for privatization in Africa.

VIP Roundtable: Boardroom Tales

Corporate decision makers let you inside the strategy and in some cases, disasters behind bidding process, and privatization and Foreign Direct Investment decisions taken in the last 12 months, and future global expansions plans for Africa:

• Which locations were considered

• Why locations were ruled out

• What were the “clinching” factors

• Did the privatization agency play a significant role?

• Decision-making process

• What are your expansion plans in the near future?

• How can governments, economic development agencies, privatization agencies and investment agencies retain existing operations in the face of global reductions and closures of facilities?

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More fascinating Privatization stories from the corporates themselves.

Corporate investors reveal what makes them tick!

Covering some of the following issues:

• Short industry profile – the global political, economic and business drivers affecting the various sector industry

• What are the prospects for expansion and future developments?

• Recent successful bidding, site and location searches with reasons for choosing final destinations

• What does the corporate investor look for when selecting expanding?

• Analyzing Projects and locations

• Where and why industries have congregated through Privatization

: Internet service providers in Sweden, specialty chemicals in

Singapore, microelectronics in the South of France, customer information

centers in India: what has been the main attraction for locating companies?

• How should privatization investment promotion agencies and other local players develop

their strategies?

• Ideas on the best way to target companies and their advisors

• How can development agencies keep their existing investors happy?

What makes a company stay?

• What would be an aftercare “wish list”?

GALA for the evening, for dinner, networking and entertainment.


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How to attract and retain investors

The site visit examines a “Center of Excellence” success story.

And it’s all rounded off by FIN networking events in superb

Surroundings, culminating in the announcement of the prestigious

African Privatization award PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR.

The Premier African event for privatization, economic development agencies, decision-makers from all African countries .

APF is the most exciting event in the year, where governments and businesses meet.

Hear from real corporates, explaining the real reasons, why and how they made it happen in Africa, high risks and high rewards, and reasons behind their motives and their location selections in the real world.

Discuss the latest news and trends on international privatization corporate strategy, concerning location, people and future expansion. Talk to the corporates. Talk to the multipliers. APF has the right platform and moment to reach your target audience.


Presented by the Financial Times Business Group

Who is AP Personality of the Year? The brief was for nominations from

any walk of life, but should be high profile and not on the staff of any

PA – politicians, royalty, business and financial leaders are all eligible!

The winners will be individuals seen to have most successfully raised

the profile of a country/region in 2003, and contributed exceptionally

to bringing in investments.

Toast the winners from The south, west ,central,and north Africa, at this prestigious ceremony, where each VIP guest award winner

will collect their acknowledgment in the presence of the APF

delegates, speakers, organizers and partners and international press.

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There will be opportunities for participants to present their projects to potential investors, public offers process, profile of companies ready for privatization.

There will be parallel work shop on electricity and power.

Key resource persons will be:

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Water& natural resources

Presentation from the largest privatization ever to take place British Gas and British Telecom

Case studies of success stories will be presented

Transparency, commitment, diligence and accountability will be discussed

Resource persons are VP of Nigeria, Mozambique, and Gabon

Chairman senate/house committee on privatization

There will be sensational opportunities to renew old and make new

contacts on both evenings at the Welcome Cocktail Reception and at the

Gala Dinner at the glorious Chateau de la Hulpe. Both are organised for

your entertainment and to further your existing global links

with other decision-makers.

Compare your location with what the BPE of Nigeria has presented, for your interest.

Don’t miss the 1-2-1 meetings opportunity we offer via the

“Private Meetings Desk” where you can make a definite appointment

to meet with other delegates.

Feel the buzz of the announcement of the Privatization personality of the Year!

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Africa Privatization Forum

A FIN Event - APF 2005 London

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