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Careers In Cinematography

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Careers In Cinematography

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Careers in cinematography






Job Prospects



Careers in cinematography


Cinematography is the science or art of motion-picture

photography by recording light or other electromagnetic

radiation,either electronically by means of an image sensor,

or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such

as film stock.Typically, a lens is used to repeatedly focus the

light reflected or emitted from objects into real images on

the light-sensitive surface inside a camera during a

timed exposure, creating multiple images. With an

electronic image sensor, this produces an electrical charge at

each pixel, which is electronically processed and stored in

a video file for subsequent display or processing.

Careers in cinematography


The Post Graduate Diploma courses in Film & Television

Direction, Cinematography, Film & Television Editing and Sound

Engineering and Recording have no bar of age, race, gender,

religion or nationality.

Indian students who have passed any graduation course or any

course equivalent to graduation recognized by an Indian

University.Any International student holding a valid passport

from any country who has completed a graduation course in

any subject, recognized by any international university

(provisional Admission may be given upon payment of full

course fee prior to Visa Approval).The final admission is

conditional upon issuance of valid visa by Indian Authorities.

Careers in cinematography

Job Prospects

Cinematography, an integral element in the art of

making motion pictures, literally refers to the

combined art and science of using a moving image

camera. It is the process of recording visual images

for the cinema and subsequent development of

recorded images in sophisticated photo laboratories.

Cinematography comprises of all the processes

beginning from the choice of lighting and camera

until video and audio of a particular scene is

recorded perfectly.

Careers in cinematography


In India, a cinematographer who has just joined the

industry is paid Rs. 84,000 – Rs. 96,000 per year. As the

cinematographer becomes more experienced, his/her

salary rises to Rs. 480,000 – Rs. 600,000 a year. The salary

also depends upon the project on which the

cinematographer is working on.

Careers in cinematography


Satyajit Ray Films And Television Institute,Kolkata.

Film And Television Institute Of India (FTII),Pune.

Center For Research In Art Of Film And Television


L V Prasad Film And TV Academy,Chennai.

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