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Visual Studio 2005. Professor Mark Sabet. Developer NOT Programmer. T hree years ago, reported 300 job postings for the title ".NET Developer." Today, the job site boasts more than 10,000 openings for the same position . Business Lay Staff. IT Staff. Business is Changing!.

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Visual Studio 2005

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Visual studio 2005 l.jpg

Visual Studio 2005

Professor Mark Sabet

Developer not programmer l.jpg

Developer NOT Programmer

  • Three years ago, reported 300 job postings for the title ".NET Developer."

  • Today, the job site boasts more than 10,000 openings for the same position

Business is changing l.jpg

Business Lay Staff

IT Staff

Business is Changing!

Which language l.jpg

Which Language?

  • A recent 2004 study conducted by Forrester indicates that preference for .NET development is only getting stronger.

  • According to the study, 56% of developers planned to use .NET to perform a majority of their development work, compared to 44% for Java.

Teaching the basics l.jpg

Teaching the Basics?

What s next visual studio 2005 l.jpg

What’s Next? Visual Studio 2005

  • A flexible development tool for line-of-business application developers building Windows, Web or mobile applications.

  • The expected release at this point is June 2005

Slide7 l.jpg





Tools Drive The Phenomenon



Visual Basic



XML Web Services


Turbo Pascal


Enter the Web

Graphical User Interface



Enter the PC

Big Iron Rules

Dropping net l.jpg

Dropping .NET

  • Visual Studio 2005, the ".NET" aspect has been dropped from the product name, to reflect the fact that modern versions of Windows (notably Windows XP and Windows Server 2003) are built entirely on the now well-established .NET software framework

  • The old, pre-.NET days are gone.

So what s your sign l.jpg

So What’s Your Sign

  • VB (#1 Language)

  • C# (Gaining Popularity)

  • C++ (Losing Popularity)

  • J# (Not Popular)

  • ASP 2.0 (Web Forms)

  • ADO (Databases)

  • Mobile Applications

1 in 8 it professionals are developers l.jpg

1 in 8 IT Professionals are Developers

Different packaging l.jpg

Different Packaging

  • Microsoft is taking steps with Visual Studio 2005 codename “Whidbey” to be more compelling for a wide range of users

  • With Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft's goal was to move away from the idea that one tool fits all developer needs


Packages l.jpg


Express Products

New editions l.jpg

New Editions

  • Visual Studio Standard Edition

  • Visual Studio Professional Edition

  • Visual Studio Team System

Visual studio team system l.jpg

Visual Studio Team System

  • Businesses today are faced with the need to build and maintain increasingly complex Information Technology solutions

  • Large, mission-critical applications are built by teams that have a significant number of participants that never write code, including: business sponsors, project managers, architects and testers

Rational Tools

Slide15 l.jpg






Project Manager

Development LifecycleKey Players Across Roles

Slide16 l.jpg



Project Manager

End User



Development Teams

Slide17 l.jpg

IT Operations doesn’tunderstand applicationstructure

Reduce complexitythrough operationsknowledge

Increase communication and collaborationvia product integration



Developers don’tunderstand operationspolicy



Communication Barriers

  • Pockets of information within disciplines

  • Unclear delineation of responsibilities

  • Conflicting best practices and architectures

  • Conflicting strategic goals and objectives

Slide18 l.jpg


QualityEarly & Often

Design forOperations

Predictability& Visibility






Expanding Visual Studio

Vs 2005 l.jpg

VS 2005

  • Easier ADO and Handheld Deployment

  • Enhancements to class libraries & the IDE

  • SQL Server Yukon Support

  • “Click Once” Technology Deployment

  • Microsoft Office Solution Development

  • Life Cycle Support

Edit and continue are back l.jpg

Edit and Continue are BACK!

  • Visual Basic 6 had the edit and continue feature but early versions of VS left it out but we can rejoice—it's back!

  • In Visual Basic 2005, you can make changes to your code during debugging, back up the code instruction pointer if you want, and re-execute lines of code with the modified content.

  • While in Break mode, you can modify code or fix bugs; almost any code modification will work.

Break point l.jpg

Break Point

Testing l.jpg


Click once l.jpg

Click Once

  • ClickOnce installer puts the complexities of preparation for distribution and deployment in the hands of the development environment, where it belongs.

  • Support for running applications offline

  • Rolling back to previous versions of an application

  • Listing an application in the Windows Start menu, as well as the Remove Programs catalog within the Control Panel.

Clickonce publishing l.jpg

ClickOnce Publishing

Right-click on the project in the Solution Explorer

window and select Publish

Code snippets l.jpg

Code Snippets

Right-click within the Visual Basic code editor, and select a task that inserts the prewritten code into your source file for you


Use the Tab key to navigate among the placeholders in the snippet.

Saves time l.jpg

Saves Time

Input mask l.jpg

Input Mask

Debugger datatips for complex numbers l.jpg

Debugger DataTipsfor Complex Numbers

  • DataTips have the ability to drill into the hierarchy for the type.

  • You can also edit those values from within the data tips.

No Separate Window Needed

Visual basic error correction dialog box l.jpg

Visual Basic Error Correction Dialog Box

Immediate window is back l.jpg

Immediate Window (is Back)

Autocorrect l.jpg


Makes it simple to determine why invalid code won't compile, and to choose from multiple options in order to fix the errors in code.

Exception assistant l.jpg

Exception Assistant

RunTime Errors

Coding differences l.jpg

Coding Differences

Visual Basic .NET 2003

  • Const GreetingName As String = "Greeting"Dim sDisplay As ObjectDim ResMgr As ResourceManagerResMgr = New ResourceManager("ResourcesSample.MyStrings",_Me.GetType.Assembly)sDisplay = ResMgr.GetString(GreetingName)

Visual Basic Whidbey

  • My.Resources.MyStrings.Greeting

Music l.jpg



Easier design with snap lines l.jpg

Easier Design with Snap Lines

Snap lines can align controls with the edges of other controls

Temporary projects l.jpg

Temporary Projects

  • How many times have you found out that you have WindowsApplication53 already on your hard drive? "Really?", you say to yourself, "How did that happen?“

  • Visual Studio .NET 2002 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 both had a propensity to persist your temporary ideas as permanent projects on your hard disk.

Docking window changes l.jpg

Docking Window Changes

The four arrows of the diamond reference the sides of the window

Slide38 l.jpg

ASP 2.0 Whidbey

  • Significant Changes

  • 100% Backward Compatibility

  • New Portal Features

  • 45 New Server Controls like Login Security

Asp 2 0 l.jpg

ASP 2.0

  • Faster Development for All

  • Languages

    • Dramatically reduces code for

    • common scenarios

    • Simplified data access

  • Consistent Appearance

    • Master pages

    • Themes and skins

  • Improved Performance

  • Mobility Built In

Ado changes l.jpg

ADO Changes

Handheld applications l.jpg

Handheld Applications

  • Login