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The Red Fox By: Maxine. Red Fox By Maxine. Shelter -Burrows. Surface Features -Dirt -Grass. Habitat -Woodland. Climate -Snowy -Muddy -Sunny -Cold or hot. Vegetation -Trees. Diet. Physical Features. Red Fox. Behaviors. Quiz. Interesting Facts. Behaviors.

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The Red FoxBy: Maxine

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Red FoxBy Maxine



Surface Features









-Cold or hot



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Physical Features

Red Fox





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  • A red fox will run from fox hunters, people and dogs but usually they are caught.

  • Red foxes are mammals because they have fur, they birth babies, and give their babies milk.

  • The red fox hunts alone and at night. They have keen hearing and an excellent sense of smell.

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  • A red fox is an omnivore because they eat small animals, garbage and fruit.

  • Some of the small animals they eat are: squirrels, chipmunks and fish.

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  • Red foxes are a rusty red color with black paws and legs and white on their chin, throat and on the tip of their tail.

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Interesting Facts

  • A red fox can locate a mouse by just listening to it’s squeaks in the grass.

  • A red fox communicates by growls, yelps and short yappy barks.

  • Not all red foxes are red, some are a silverish color then they are called silver foxes.

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  • Is a red fox a herbivore, carnivore or a omnivore?

  • What two colors can a red fox be?

  • Is a red fox a mammal?

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