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Ahora los beb é s vienen con un manual de instrucciones SM. Looking Beyond the :30 Spot The Hispanic Mom Market . THE ABRAZO FACTOR. WHAT’S A NICE GRINGA LIKE YOU DOING IN A PLACE LIKE THIS? OR YOU KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCING A CULTURE SHOCK WHEN…. STARTED WITH A HUMAN NEED. Todobebé, Inc :.

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Ahora los bebés vienen con un manual de instruccionesSM

Looking Beyond the :30 Spot

The Hispanic Mom Market

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Todobebé, Inc:

A multi media content and licensing company that serves and connects mothers, fathers, babies, and experts worldwide everyday 24/7 through a combination of all media formats

A Global Concept. A Global Need.

…Now your baby comes with an instruction manual sm

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Todobebé Global Content Formula For All Mediums

All media formats:

Simple language

Entertainment based formats

Modular approach

Long-lasting relevance

Connects across borders and incomes..

Joining the best voices from:










…Now your baby comes with an instruction manual sm

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Current Mix: Todobebé properties serving Hispanic families planning, expecting, raising babies

  • Television

  • National family TV show

  • 52 weeks per year

  • Telemundo Network (USA)

    • Televisa Networks (MEXICO)

    • Caracol Television (COLOMBIA)


Direct Mail via ADVO

835k homes (4 per year)


200,000 global mom’s club

850,000 email circ per month

Closed Circuit TV

U.S. PRN: 585 Wal-Marts

Mexico Canal Angeles (16 Hospitals nationwide)


Book: US, Mex, PR 2Q/06

DVD: US, Mex, PR (1Q/07)


U.S.: 2007 ABC Radio

Latin America: 75+ Affiliate stations


House Parties 1,000 homes

NBC-T 50k x 4 events

Custom in 04: Wal-Mart

…Now your baby comes with an instruction manual sm

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A few of Todobebé “Firsts” in the Market planning, expecting, raising babies

  • Todobebé was the first Parenting Lifestyle program to produce a 100 episodes for broadcast TV in the U.S.

  • Todobebé was the first TV program on the Telemundo Network to be licensed to Televisa Networks in Mexico and Caracol TV in Colombia.

  • Todobebé created the first dedicated pregnancy and baby radio shows for broadcast in the U.S. and syndicated in Latin America

  • Todobebé created the first dedicated bi-lingual Hispanic Baby Fairs

  • Todobebé was the first company to provide baby and pregnancy content for broadcast on the Premier Retail Television Network (PRN)

  • Todobebé was the first book title distributed by Harper Collins/Rayo featuring a guide for baby’s first year of life in both Spanish and English

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Research & Demographics planning, expecting, raising babies

Rules of engagement l.jpg
Rules of Engagement planning, expecting, raising babies

  • Give me trusted information - be my advisor and friend

  • Respect who I am as a woman, mom, Latina

  • Ask me what I think – I want to share my opinion

  • Protect me and keep my information safe – don’t tell anyone my secrets

  • Entertain and inspire me

The universal truth about moms l.jpg
The Universal Truth About Moms planning, expecting, raising babies

When your baby is crying, can’t sleep or is sick, it doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a taxi driver, you want the answer, NOW!

A look at the u s market l.jpg
A look at the U.S. market planning, expecting, raising babies

  • 4.1 million births per year (300,000 per month)

  • > 20 million parents planning, expecting, raising babies 0-2 yrs

  • ~ 40% of babies are born to first time moms, median age is 28 years

  • 59% of moms with children under 1 year work outside the home

  • The median income of first time parents is $32,609’

  • $24 billion baby product market; $1.1 billion - infant sleepwear

  • Average spend per baby is $9,000 to $14,000

  • Cost of healthy birth in a hospital $9,845

*Source: 2004 CDC Live Statistics, Consumer Product Safety, New England Journal of Medicine

The hispanic birth market l.jpg
The Hispanic Birth Market planning, expecting, raising babies

  • Estimated 2006 Births to Hispanic Families: 1,001,373

  • 25% of those are English speaking, 28% bi-lingual, 47% Spanish speaking

  • Est. number of babies 0 to 3 years old: 2.8 million

  • Hispanics have the highest # of children per family of any ethnic group: 2.7 vs.1.8 for the total U.S

  • $8 billion: Hispanic baby product market 0–12 months

  • % of births that are Hispanic:

    • Miami, FL 61%

    • California: 50%

    • Texas: 49%

    • Arizona: 44%

    • NYC: 32%

When it comes to births, the Hispanic Market IS the General Market – Today!

Sources: 2004 U.S. Live Statistics Report: 2003 birth statistics & growth rate, Todobebé Research.

Values culture l.jpg
Values & Culture planning, expecting, raising babies

  • Family First – family, extended family, having babies, getting together…respect for elders and family values

  • Keep close ties to my cultural roots – language, foods/cooking, religious icons in my home, celebrating Latin holidays

  • My children’s happiness is more important than my own

  • Religion / Faith – it is the will of God

  • Educating my children

  • Work to live not live to work

  • While the macho society exists, women usually rule the roost – matriarchal

Online club and demographics usa l.jpg
Online Club and Demographics USA planning, expecting, raising babies

  • 87% are women

  • 55% are parents

  • 30% are pregnant

  • 88% are between 18 – 35 years old

  • 48% access the site weekly, 18% access daily

  • 81% are expecting a baby or have at least one child under 6 yrs

  • 52% worked during pregnancy

  • 47% say Internet is their principal source of info for their baby, the next closest was doctor at 23%.

  • 76% are managing the budget alone or with their husband

  • 93% want information on how to save for their baby’s education

  • 45% have recently bought or plan to buy a new family car

    Most popular article – “How To Survive Your Wife’s Pregnancy Without Killing Her or Yourself!”

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Special savings, products recommended by trusted sources, and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

When selecting products for your child, what factors are most important to you?

#1 Product Features

#2 Price

#3 Brand

Is Spanish packaging important to you?

Yes: 79%

No: 21%

68% say coupons were more important to them after having a baby

*Sources: On products and language: Todobebé October 2004 in person survey among 550 Hispanics expecting and raising babies [conducted at Todobebé Wal-Mart Baby Fairs]. On coupons: 2005 Todobebé Internet study [450 respondents]

Life after the 30 second spot l.jpg

Life after the 30-Second Spot and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

What s happening in tv l.jpg
What’s Happening in TV? and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

  • 32% had between $100-250M in measured media dollars

  • 50% say that their overall budget will stay the same in 2005

  • 18% say that their TV budget will decrease in 2005

  • 45% say that they will be reallocating dollars away from TV

  • 43% say that reallocation of TV advertising will go towards integrated marketing

  • 69% say that reallocation will go online

  • 41% say that reallocation will be in branded entertainment

  • 35% say that reallocation will be in product placement

  • 38% are dissatisfied with the current TV upfronts

    18% agree that man will walk on Mars before Nielsen completes the expansion of local people meters in the top 10 markets!

ANA Survey: TV Issues & Challenges – The Client Perspective March, 2004

Alternatives to tv advertising l.jpg
Alternatives to TV Advertising and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

  • 92% have advertised online in the last year

  • 74% have participated in “Presenting Sponsorships”

  • 64% have advertised using Cross-Platform deals

  • 33% have advertised using Branded Entertainment

  • 9% have advertised using Video Games

ANA Survey: TV Issues & Challenges – The Client Perspective March, 2004

Balancing show integrity with sponsor advertiser desires organic product integration l.jpg

Balancing Show Integrity with Sponsor/Advertiser Desires and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*Organic Product Integration

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100 and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*th Episode of Todobebe Filmed at Disneyworld

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NEW TODOBEBE WEBSITE and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

#1 Destination for Hispanic families expecting and raising babies

Full text search, chat, index, forums, tools

200,000 global club membership

Proprietary automated pregnancy and parenting e-newsletters

Ideas that leverage originally produced content l.jpg
Ideas that leverage originally-produced content and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

  • Tips and sample content from books co-branded for premium promotion or in-pack tied back to a retailer

  • Tie sponsor product to downloads of relevant audio streams of radio programs and VOD of TV shows

  • Co-branding or premium packaging of DVD or CDs at retail

  • Sponsor spots integrated into DVDs distributed at House Party event

  • On-line voting and product sample/research with sweepstakes tie in

  • Sponsored ringtones of your baby’s laugh, screensaver of first smile to mobile devices

  • Sponsor tips on “How to take great photos of your baby” integrated online, in print & TV

  • Leverage PR by sponsoring events around the celebration of Motherhood / Mother’s Day

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GRACIAS! and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

Cynthia Nelson

Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]é .com

Office: (305) 438-1414