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Mobile Development. WiLSWorld 2010 Rebecca J. Holz UW-Madison Ebling Library. Mobile Then. IBM Simon in Charging Station - Wikimedia Commons. Mobile Now. Mobile Soon. Why Mobile Matters. or does it?. % of all American adults who have accessed the internet on a mobile device:  2007: 24% 

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Mobile Development

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Mobile development l.jpg

Mobile Development

WiLSWorld 2010

Rebecca J. Holz

UW-MadisonEbling Library

Mobile then l.jpg

Mobile Then

Slide3 l.jpg

IBM Simon in Charging Station - Wikimedia Commons

Mobile now l.jpg

Mobile Now

Mobile soon l.jpg

Mobile Soon

Why mobile matters l.jpg

Why Mobile Matters

or does it?

Slide10 l.jpg

  • % of all American adults who have accessed the internet on a mobile device: 

    • 2007: 24% 

    • 2009: 32%

  • % of cell phone owners who go online wirelessly:

    • April 2009: 32%

    • May 2010: 40%

  • % of cell/pda owners that go online daily:

    • 2007: 7%

    • 2009: 14%

  • Source: Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, April 29 - May 29, 2010

Slide11 l.jpg

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 2009 (Thousands of Units). Source: Gartner.

What s your mobile traffic pattern l.jpg

What's your mobile traffic pattern?

Content l.jpg


  • Library Hours & Locations

  • Library Catalog

  • Floor Plans

  • Library Tours

  • Computers & Laptops

  • Ask a Librarian

  • Directories

  • Mobile Databases, e-books, and e-journals

Slide14 l.jpg

Stilleben - Floris van Dyck

Flickr mrs gemstone l.jpg

Flickr - Mrs. Gemstone

Search is important l.jpg

Search is Important

Slide17 l.jpg


Slide18 l.jpg


Mobile approaches l.jpg

Mobile Approaches

  • Do Nothing

  • Mobile Site

  • Web App

  • Native App

  • Hybrid

Slide20 l.jpg

Scrape TV

Mobile site l.jpg

Mobile Site

  • traditional approach

  • often very basic

  • can be developed FOR mobiles (better), or a retrofit (better than nothing :)

  • may be select or otherwise tailored content

  • may have mobile-specific CSS (strip images, styling, etc.) 

  • easier to obtain device & browser interoperability (LCD)

  • low barrier to development

  • faster and easier to implement

Web app l.jpg

Web App

  • can be device specific, agnostic, but probably somewhere in between

  • HTML5 + CSS3 = crazy delicious

  • behaves a lot more like a native app

  • looks a lot more like a native app

  • often can be added to screen like a native app

  • when prettiness counts...

Osu usa biomedical library and johns hopkins web apps l.jpg

OSU, USA Biomedical Library, and Johns Hopkins Web Apps

Native app l.jpg

Native App

  • device-specific

  • differences languages, & tools

  • development very different from web site

  • offline access

  • better performance

  • integration with device applications

  • list in the app store

Iphone ipodtouch ipad l.jpg


Boopsie iphone apps l.jpg

Boopsie iPhone Apps

Slide33 l.jpg

WorldCat Mobile

Slide34 l.jpg

Mobile Brown University Library

Hybrid l.jpg


Ebling library mobile l.jpg

Ebling Library Mobile

it all began with a 2D barcode

Why we targeted iusers l.jpg

Why we targeted iUsers

  • it's all about the usage, baby

  • …and the usability

  • …ok, and a little bit of the hype cycle, too :|

Why we went web app l.jpg

Why we went web app

  • iUI

  • Good match with my skill set

  • I didn’t have time to learn ObjectiveC or Cocoa

  • I didn't have a lot of time period

  • looks and feels a lot like a mobile app

  • all the cool kids were doing it

Our audience l.jpg

Our Audience

Ingredients l.jpg



  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • iUI

  • PHP

  • RSS

Haves and have nots l.jpg


current content


ask a librarian



study rooms

available laptops


mobile resources

Have Nots


library catalog

patron record

visual galleries


virtual tours

stacks guide

instructional content

Haves and Have Nots

Slide48 l.jpg

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Fall back plan l.jpg

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fall-back plan

Testing emulators simulators l.jpg

Testing: Emulators & Simulators

  • OS Emulators

    • Microsoft (Windows Mobile)

    • Google (Android)

    • Nokia

  • Browser Emulators

    • Opera Mini

    • Openwave

Device Emulators

  • Apple (iPhone)

  • RIM (BlackBerry)

  • Samsung

  • Palm

  • LG

  • Motorola

Golding harry editor fairy tales margaret tarrant illustrator london ward lock co 1915 l.jpg

Why, I hardly noticed that web app under there at all!

Golding, Harry, editor. Fairy Tales. Margaret Tarrant, illustrator. London: Ward, Lock & Co., 1915.

Slide58 l.jpg

Mobile Site

Full Site

Text Only

Looking forward l.jpg

Looking Forward

  • much better device detection

  • pay more attention to non iOS devices

  • catalog search

  • e-research search

  • chat

  • promotion

  • look and feel in sync with site design

  • housecleaning

  • food!

  • user testing and assessment

  • robust statistics

Resources l.jpg


Mobile Access 2010 (Pew Report)

IUI Library

iUI 0.13  - An Overview

M-Libraries, Library Success - a best practices wiki


Slide62 l.jpg

Mobile Detection Script

Opera Mini Simulator

Opera Mobile Emulator and Mini Simulator - iPhone Application Simulator

Slide63 l.jpg

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