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Jeopardy. Created by : Eleanor Joyce Andrew Lewis Middle School Salem, VA. Agriculture. Agriculture. Final. People. Vocabulary. Trivia. Trivia. Superlatives. J. Agriculture 100. A crop grown in Columbia that is a popular breakfast drink. Coffee.

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Created by : Eleanor Joyce Andrew Lewis Middle School Salem, VA

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Agriculture 100

A crop grown in Columbia that is a popular breakfast drink


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Agriculture 200

Popular fruit grown on large plantations. This fruit grows in bunches


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Agriculture 300

Product of Cuba and the Islands of the Caribbean that is used to make molasses and rum

Sugar Cane

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Agriculture 400

Popular leaf product grown in Cuba that is also grown in VA


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Agriculture 500

What agricultural product is produced in the pampas?

Cattle ranches and beef

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Agriculture 600

The region of Latin America that has the most fertile soil.


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The People 100

Argentine cowboys are called


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The People 200

The main religion in South America


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The People 300

Country that colonized the west coast of South America


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The People 300

Country that colonized the west coast of South America


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The People 400

European country that colonized Brazil


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The People 500

A person of mixed black and European background


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The People 600

Make shift settlements where people live outside the large cities

Shanty towns or Squatter towns

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Vocabulary 100

A large plantation in Latin America


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Vocabulary 200

A person of mixed Indian and European ancestry


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Vocabulary 300

Farming that produces crops to sell such as bananas and coffee


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Vocabulary 400

Farms that produce only enough food to feed their family


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Vocabulary 500

Method of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

Slash and burn

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Vocabulary 600

The native Indian civilization that established itself in the Andes Mountains


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Latin America Trivia


What is the population rim in South America?

The area around the coast where most people live

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Latin America Trivia 200

Daily Double

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Latin America Trivia 200

Major grain grown in Latin America


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Latin America Trivia 300

Canal joining the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean that was once controlled by the U. S.


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Latin America Trivia 400

Major industry in Chile and Peru


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Latin America Trivia 500

Major natural resource found in Venezuela and Mexico


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Latin America Trivia 600

In South America, the month having the shortest day of the year.


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Superlatives 100

The largest rainforest in the world is found in which country?


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Superlatives 200

The longest continuous mountain chain in the world

The Andes

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Superlatives 300

Largest River in the world in volume of water

The Amazon

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Superlatives 400

Driest desert in the world, located on the west coast of the Chile


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Superlatives 500

Highest lake in the world

Lake Titicaca

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Superlatives 600

Highest waterfall in the world

Angel Falls

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Final Jeopardy

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Name of the highway that runs from Mexico to the tip of Chile through 17 Latin American Capitals

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Pan American Highway

Final, Final Jeopardy

Click the ?

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What is Vertical Zonation? Draw an example on the board and explain your drawing. Best explanation wins.

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