Is your resume ready resume critique and evaluation
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IS YOUR RESUME READY? Resume Critique and Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IS YOUR RESUME READY? Resume Critique and Evaluation. Troy Vaughn – Director, Recreational Sports Southeast Missouri State University One University Plaza, MS 7100 Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 Phone: 573.651.2878 E-Mail: or link to

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IS YOUR RESUME READY? Resume Critique and Evaluation

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Is your resume ready resume critique and evaluation l.jpg

IS YOUR RESUME READY?Resume Critique and Evaluation

Troy Vaughn – Director, Recreational Sports

Southeast Missouri State University

One University Plaza, MS 7100

Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

Phone: 573.651.2878

E-Mail: or link to for the presentation on line

Slide2 l.jpg

What’s All of This Resume “Stuff” About Anyway??? – Times are “a changing!”“Finding a job is actually tougher than the job itself!”

  • “Purpose” of a resume (vita) – a blueprint of you (present and past) and it’s a roadmap to who you are and where you want to go!

  • Adds better professionals and “polished” individuals to the field of recreation

  • How do I keep my resume up-to-date?

    • Weekly updates (I usually do each Friday afternoon)

    • Make the time to keep updated – you lose too much if you don’t!

  • What should I put in or leave out of my resume? It’s a difficult decision!

  • Saving to disk (posting on a website?)

    •, your own personal website? (YES!)

Participant demographics ross study 1997 l.jpg

Participant DemographicsRoss Study - 1997

Recreational Sports Directors are Looking

For What from a Candidate? Two studies:

(Dr. Craig Ross, Indiana University - 1997)

About the Research (older research – but still very relevant):

  • 70% Male, 30% Female respondents

  • Over 50% Ages 30-44

  • 70% At Least 9 Years of Professional Experience

  • New research taking place now – more information on changes since 1997 coming soon!

  • Many aspects are from experience as well

  • Jim Jamriska, Ball State University (2004) – looked at preferences for GA candidates

Overall resume components what each resume should include l.jpg

Overall Resume ComponentsWhat EACH Resume Should Include:

  • Career Objectives (why I don’t like to use these)

    • Common mistakes made are…not specific enough, same one to the previous agency, etc – don’t take chances!

  • Educational Record (no high school needed)

  • Professional/Related Work Experience

  • Non-related Work Experience (waiter, cashier, laborer) – show work ethic, dedication, skills not seen in recreation! (Is this Good?)

  • Personal Information (how much is too much?)

    • Common mistakes made are…

  • Professional Development – YES! Listing of conferences attended – NO!

  • References – many rules here

  • Style, font, pages, and much more…

  • and… the cover letter LOA (“Letter of Application”)

Educational record l.jpg

What I DO Suggest

All Institutions

Field of Study


Degree(s) Earned

Thesis Information (if relevant to the job)

Certificates earned (related/relevant to the job)

What I DON’T Suggest

High School Info

G.P.A. Below 3.5 (or GPA at all?)

“Bragging” about your school – examples I see have been… “Big 10 Champs”; “The best Rec Center in the country”; The most involved Recreation Department in NIRSA”…

Educational Record

Professional related work experience l.jpg

Professional/Related Work Experience

  • Job Function – what IS the job you do/did?

    * Be descriptive (DESCRIPTORS!) and tell what you did, how many, what types, what it involved, and more! (#1 fault is not telling enough!) WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW YOU did what you did or are doing now?

  • Achievements / Accomplishments

  • Positions / Exact Titles Held – don’t make up…ask!

  • Actual Dates of Employment (Don’t Guess)

  • Name and Address of Employer and supervisor (website?)

  • Location of Employer (street, city, state, zip)

  • Concerns / Red Flags: “Gaps in Dates”

Non related work experience why this is important to add l.jpg

Non-Related Work ExperienceWhy this is important to add!!!

  • Job Function – what do/did you do?

  • Positions / Exact Titles Held

  • Dates of Employment

  • Name of Employer

  • Name of Immediate Supervisor

  • Volunteer Information

  • Hint…Tell us about experiences with handling money, Leadership skills, labor, etc…

  • Maybe title this area :“Related Experiences, Customer Service Experiences”, etc…)

Relevant personal information in the mast l.jpg

“Relevant” Personal Information – in the Mast

What is the Mast of a Resume?

  • Current Campus Address

  • Current Permanent Address

  • Telephone Numbers

  • E-mail Addresses – in the mast (Be careful!);;

    (ones or L’s???);;; use an underscore in a web address)

  • Date Current Information Is No Longer Valid

  • DON’T – Tell too much! – being a minister, ordained, sexual orientation, political preferences, etc…

  • Don’t forget the voicemail messages either…(if you list a cell phone, make sure it has voicemail that only YOU have access to)

Professional development and skills l.jpg

Professional Development and Skills

  • Certifications Earned (also list in Descriptors)

  • Professional Organization Memberships (as related to the position)

  • Professional Conferences / Workshops Attended

    * Sometimes good and bad… just attending may not be enough for some people – show conferences that you were INVOLVED

  • Professional Presentations Delivered

  • Professional Publications Authored

  • Technology Proficiencies (very important today)

  • Community/Volunteer Involvement

Professional references l.jpg

Professional References

What I DO Suggest

  • Ask your references if you can list them

    * Only ask those that can give OUTSTANDING comments – why get “average” comments from someone?

  • Give references a copy of your updated resume and keep them abreast of jobs you are looking at.

  • List previous professional references that you are comfortable with (and that are OK with you as well!)

  • Include reference list with complete citations (name, title, phone (work and home if possible), address, e-mail)

  • 5-10 Balanced references (men & women)

  • Using Student/Peer/Subordinate employees as references – YES – How???

  • How to list these (“Power References” – like reading a book)

Professional references11 l.jpg

Professional References

What I DON’T Suggest

  • “References Available Upon Request”

  • Family or friends as references

  • Listing “power” people (directors or “name people in the association” you met once, people that cannot comment on your actual work quality or ethic)

  • All of one gender listed (remember “balanced”)

  • “Character” References – let the employer be the judge of your character…

Letter of application loa cover letter information l.jpg

Letter of Application “LOA”(Cover Letter Information)

  • 3-4 paragraphs in length (MAX) stating your interest in the position and just a bit of an overview of why you are qualified for the position.

  • Average view is 4.2 seconds for a committee to look at a cover letter – be brief (but efficient)

  • Use “power words” in your letter – same as your resume

  • Dear…“Mr., Dr., Mrs., Ms., Professor, Committee Chair, Human Resources Rep, etc… (what and to whom you address?) – DO YOUR RESEARCH on the organization – don’t settle for anything less than a name!

Additional helpful information l.jpg

Additional Helpful Information

  • Resume Paper Color and weight

  • Designs on the resume “Lollygags”

  • Length of Resume (myths) – Athletic Administration vs. business

  • Resume Format - How to List Information

    • Chronological

    • Paragraph style (not ideal)

  • How to “Stand Out” (hints: red paper clip, personal business card attached - not a regular business card from your current employer, follow-up with an e-mailed resume, telephone calls etc…)

  • Use Only Significant Experience

  • Page numbering – upper right hand corner …..VAUGHN, 2

  • Using e-mail – be careful! “Never write what you can say directly”

  • For those looking for graduate assistants, more info can be obtained by contacting Jim Jamriska at the Ohio State University (

  • Abbreviations in a resume? – NEVER (including states)

  • Spelling – the “mortal” error

  • Common Mistakes made (which can kill you): Wrong info listed (telephone, e-mail, addresses, reference info changed, etc), misspellings, bad grammar, gaps, “flow problems (being choppy)”, not enough information, applying on-line when it is stated in the listing NOT to apply on line, and much more….

  • NEW! Technology is adding much to our field

  • Practice makes perfect – keep working at it! You are NEVER done with your resume – it’s always a work in progress!

  • Ask yourself “Am I qualified to apply for each job I am looking at “

    • Minimum qualifications

    • “Shot gunning” your resume

  • Uh oh s people in the news l.jpg

    Uh Oh’s…… People in the News

    • Relevant stories of lies and deception (regardless of intent or not)… George O’Leary -Notre Dame Football Coach and Tim Johnson - Toronto Blue Jays Manager, Wally Backman - former manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and several college coaches have found themselves in some trouble in recent years due to resume “Bending the Truth”

    • Be honest and remember your INTEGRITY first and foremost…. BE ETHICAL!!!

    • Small things DO matter with accuracy (coordinated vs. directed, square footage of a facility, number of personnel supervised, “responsible for”, etc…

    • Who is at fault when deception occurs? – employer or candidate?

    Websites to aid in the job search for a recreation sports administration position l.jpg

    Websites to aid in the job search for a recreation/sports administration position

    There are several websites/contacts that can assist you in searching

    for a position in the field of recreation

    • Check with your state or city/town for positions (Indiana:, Indianapolis:

    • Check with university websites, agency websites, professional development organizations (like NIRSA, NRPA, etc)

    • Check with local amusement parks (Kings Island, WDW, etc)

    • Check with private company websites (

    • Check with the many listed cruise lines (most based in Florida: Royal Caribbean:

    • (position in parks and recreation)

    • (opportunities for civilian personnel within US Army bases)

    • (opportunities for civilian personnel within US Naval bases)

    • (International Arena Assembly Managers – jobs in facility management and arenas)

    • (YMCA employment)

    • (job posting in state, local, and federal government)

    • (opportunities for civilian personnel in the Air Force)

    • (pay site for jobs in sports)

    • (comprehensive listing of positions in all forms of government)

    • (partial pay site – may listings for athletics positions)

    • (classified ad site – enter keywords)

    • (classified ad site – enter keywords)

    • (the mother of all classified ad sites – enter keyword to begin search)

    • (classified ad site – enter keyword)

    • (better classified ad site – enter keyword)

    • (governmental search site)

    • Motorsports Industry (all are pay sites):;;

    • (Job listings from the Chronicle of Higher Education)

    • posted from the NCAA News)

    • - US Army MWR Internships

    • – US Air Force MWR Internships

    Resume action words excellent words to use in a resume and loa for descriptors l.jpg

    Resume “Action” WordsExcellent Words to Use in a Resume and LOA for Descriptors

    Thanks to for this partial listing




















    selectedseparatedset upsimplified



    Others: incorporatedrealignedreacquired


    Are there anymore that you can add???

    Resume critique l.jpg

    Resume Critique

    • Pick up evaluated resumes after this presentation

    • I’m ALWAYS available for comments and suggestions

    • Remember – MY OPINION only… other comments will vary and be different

    • For additional help - See local (school) Career Center staff for more info; professionals within your staff; or someone you have met at a conference in a LIKE-JOB that you want!


    • Stay in touch with me for updates and suggestions

    • The role of the professional in your setting (mock interviews and career preparation is a MUST)

    • Try adding a professional development mock interview question during EACH staff meeting you have!!!

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