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What is the cause of baldness. how to prevent it. for more, contact:-

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Baldness is the partial or complete lack of hair growth, and part of the wider topic of "hair thinning". The degree and pattern of baldness varies, but its most common cause is androgenic alopecia, alopecia androgenetica, or alopecia seborrheica.


  • Loss of hair

  • Circular or patchy bald spots

  • Gradual thinning on top of head.

  • Sudden loosening of hair

  • Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp.


  • Lack of Vitamin B6 and folic acid

  • Stress

  • Weakness due to chronic ailments

  • Unclean Scalp

  • Hereditary factors

Hair Transplant FUE Method

In this method individual follicular Units containing 1-4 hair are removed under local anesthesia using a special tool to extract the folliculars. There is no incision on the back of the scalp. Similar to FUT the separated follicular units are placed at the recipient area after dermabrading the recipient area of the scalp.

Hair Transplant FUT Method

In this method a strip of skin is taken from the posterior part of the scalp, in an area of good hair growth. This is then taken and harvested in a petridish containing normal saline and the grafts are separated. The recipient area is dermabraded and the grafts are inserted into the recipient area. Patient is advised to come back after 2 weeks for suture removal. The angles of the hair growth are noted and small incisions at a time are given in these directions, gentle sharp dissection is done to ensure near 100% grafts survival on both the sides.

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