The link between oral health nutrition childhood obesity
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The Link Between Oral Health, Nutrition & Childhood Obesity. Aguida C. Atkinson, M.D. Nemours Pediatrics Email: [email protected] September 23, 2009. Is there a relationship between childhood obesity & dental caries?. Center for Disease Control & Prevention, 2007

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The link between oral health nutrition childhood obesity l.jpg

The Link Between Oral Health, Nutrition & Childhood Obesity

Aguida C. Atkinson, M.D.

Nemours Pediatrics

Email: [email protected]

September 23, 2009

Prevalence dental caries l.jpg
Prevalence Dental Caries Low-income Families

Center for Disease Control & Prevention,

Center for disease control prevention 2007 www cdc gov6 l.jpg
Center for Disease Control & Prevention, 2007 Low-income Families

Prevalence Dental Caries

Most prevalent infectious disease in u s children l.jpg
Most prevalent infectious disease in U.S. children Low-income Families

“Streptococci Mutans”

The Cavity Creator

I’m gonna get you! Give me that sugar!

Vulnerable tooth lack of flouride protection l.jpg
vulnerable tooth Low-income Families lack of flouride protection

streptococci mutans

poor oral hygiene

poor nutrition habits


Research l.jpg
Research Low-income Families

Research suggests l.jpg
Research suggests… Low-income Families

“Neither obesity increases risk of caries nor caries increases the risk for obesity, but rather a common risk factor increased the likelihood of both diseases”

Marshall, et al*

*as seen in Hong, 2008

Slide13 l.jpg

The End Low-income Families

References l.jpg
References: Low-income Families

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