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THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CALLIGRAPHY EDUCATION IN TAIWAN USING THE CALLIGRAPHY TEACHING OF PROFESSOR ZHANG BING-HUANG AS A CASE STUDY. ---By Ming-Ta Kao--. Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background. 1.1 Introduction and statement of the problem.

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---By Ming-Ta Kao--

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Chapter 1

The Problem and its Background

1 1 introduction and statement of the problem l.jpg

1.1 Introduction and statement of the problem

  • China's Chinese word, of long standing and well established, our country's inherent traditional culture.

  • The ancient style of calligraphy, current in the Zhou Dynasty from the ancient Chinese prose of the style of calligraphy is to the lesser seal character, subordinate to through seal character, model, transportation, grass, various physique take shape gradually. Among characters, various nationalities of world, can independent calligraphy art of class only.

Pictograph l.jpg


The evolution of character gives an example l.jpg

The evolution of character gives an example

Inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells l.jpg

Inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells

Large seal character ancient style of calligraphy current in the zhou dynasty l.jpg

Large seal character-Ancient style of calligraphy, current in the Zhou Dynasty

Small seal character l.jpg

Small seal character

Lishu l.jpg


Regular script l.jpg

Regular script

Running hand l.jpg

Running hand

Cursive script l.jpg

Cursive script

Slide13 l.jpg

Write pen, Chinese ink, paper, inkstone used, except tool, can also appreciate, represent mankind's noble quality, represent special art of the spirit of the times too.

Slide14 l.jpg

Write tools

Slide15 l.jpg


Slide16 l.jpg

Black - loose one scorched, make by special method, after mixing it with water, ? Wear into black Chinese ink, is used for writing.

Paper l.jpg


Inkstone l.jpg


Slide19 l.jpg

Because of the flourishing development of science and technology, have written tools and already had a brand-new change, the practical value of the calligraphy, in such an objective environment, certainly has already been challenged deeply.

In fact, the modern society which we extremely developed in the material progress, life is tense, soul is hollow, real and necessary through the implementation that the calligraphy educated, to adjust life and moist soul. And calligraphy artistic aesthetics and happy feeling getting happy speciality and function, beautify life in we aesthetic sentiment to nourish and cherish us also, the calligraphy should not be forgotten for people.

1 2 cause of the study l.jpg

1.2 cause of the study

  • Written with writing brush calligraphy, practical value its write the tool or computer replace while being other already.

  • The government does not pay attention to calligraphy education.

  • Some people even think Chinese write and hamper science and technology's progress.

  • I think: The above-mentioned views are not totally correct, hope to look for a road to save Chinese calligraphy development.

1 3 delimitation of callgraphy l.jpg

1.3 Delimitation of callgraphy

The refered calligraphy of this research, only mean that writes art of Chinese characters.

1 4 scope of the study l.jpg

1.4 scope of the study

  • The calligraphy that this text speaks, the orthodox calligraphy that has meant for 6,000 years is spoken.

  • Engaged in the example that the calligraphy educates in Taiwan withZhang Bing-Huang professor, is engaged in research 。

1 5 the significance and the purpose of the study l.jpg

1.5 The significance and the purpose of the study

  • The People's Republic of China has a large population, and the national power is rich, the United Nations, in 2008, determine old China hand competent characters that use as formal tomorrow simplified Chinese character.

  • Use the country or area of ' the roman word ', only have Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao left.

  • The People's Republic of China has already found the drawback of the simplified Chinese character, is the calligraphy of Taiwan educated? Bear, save one outstanding serious responsibility of culture heavy to let.

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Chapter 2

The theoretical framework

2 1 relevant theories l.jpg

2.1 Relevant Theories

This study is based on the theoretical basis of Edmund Husserl’s phenomenon study.

Edmund husserl 1859 1938 l.jpg

Edmund Husserl 1859-1938

2 2 method to study in phenomenon l.jpg

2.2 Method to study in phenomenon

  • (1)Leave the question open law

  • (2) The essence ocular law

  • (3) Increase description that does not reduce

  • (4) Both as subject research law of relation

2 3 understanding and conclusions regarding studies in phenomenon l.jpg

2.3 Understanding and conclusions regarding studies in phenomenon

  • (1) , one has no stereotype, not applies the theory of the theory mechanically, master the method with essential phenomenon.

  • (2) , the phenomena of priori proposed are studied, Ji can dissolve the academic crisis of Europe.

  • (3) , the final purpose of studying in moustache match phenomenon, lie in setting up a strict scientific knowledge system.

  • (4) , put emphasis on, ask all own and waiting and seeing instead.

  • (5) , the trap that don't fall into the self-contradiction.

Slide29 l.jpg

  • 2.4 Review of Related Literature

2 4 1 taiwan inherits china s orthodox calligraphy l.jpg

2.4.1 Taiwan inherits China‘s orthodox calligraphy

  • Since China's Mainland, pursue, use simplified Chinese character, to make word principle Chinese character, destruction totally, fortunately in Taiwan, we act on the Chinese cultural tradition, use the roman word that history passed on, enable the centre blood vessels of Chinese culture, can extend.

2 4 2 chinese words are graceful and their figures are various l.jpg

2.4.2 Chinese words are graceful and their figures are various

  • 1. There are various styles of Chinese characters.

  • 2. The internationalization of Chinese calligraphy

  • 3, Chinese calligraphy stresses the romantic charm

  • 4,A handsome calligraphy writing makes one rich and come to the front

2 4 3 each dynasty had different calligraphy styles l.jpg

2.4.3 Each dynasty had different calligraphy styles

  • People in Jin Dynasty liked calligraphy for the lasting attraction

  • people in Tang Dynasty liked calligraphy of rules of writing

  • people in Song Dynasty liked calligraphy of artistic conception

  • people in Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty liked the posture of the calligraphy.

  • people in Qing Dynasty paid special attention to the rubbing from a stone inscription.

2 4 4 complicated factors are involved in the calligraphy styles in a specific dynasty l.jpg

2.4.4 Complicated factors are involved in the calligraphy styles in a specific dynasty

One piece books of era wind, it is it depend on by strengths personal only can about,need periods getting longer in ferment transform into naturally.

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The course of calligraphy development in Taiwan

The dawn of taiwan style of calligraphy 1662 1735 l.jpg

The dawn of Taiwan style of calligraphy(1662-1735)

Roughly in will it be last years Ming Dynasty, Zheng Cheng-gong for being ' instead clear to regain one's sight ', regard Taiwan as base area, therefore bring some aides and staff, these aides and staff, a lot of pass government's strict examination, they are certainly good hands who write calligraphy, Zheng Cheng-gong's calligraphy, there is one's own special too. Can say Taiwan dark for culture, bring a bright lamp of culture.

The early period for taiwan to accept the orthodox chinese calligraphy art 1683 1895 l.jpg

The early period for Taiwan to accept the orthodox Chinese calligraphy art(1683-1895)

Cover Qianlong imperial court in this period, until Emperor Guang Xu, while ceding Taiwan to Japan. Unless Taiwanese the rich, in it have too the department one, it last pieces of prosperous calligraphy wind towards. Combine with, China former tour official, with artistic appreciation of them, book the rumour is getting about enter Central Plains, have irrigated the field of the calligraphy of Taiwan.

The period that integrated japanese style to the taiwan style of calligraphy 1895 1949 l.jpg

The period that integrated Japanese style to the Taiwan style of calligraphy(1895-1949)

Japanese book one, originally influenced by China and very deep, their characters, are hit Chinese word and changed too, it is long, still have some changes, i.e. the so-called Japanese wind with the Chinese calligraphy style. Taiwan is their colony, Japan forces Taiwanese to approve their culture with the advantage, on the wind in the book, integrate a little taste of Japan more or less.

Inheritor of china s orthodox calligraphy 1945 1976 l.jpg

Inheritor of China's orthodox calligraphy(1945-1976)

China's Mainland simplify characters in an all-round way, hit Chinese word beautiful, totally destruction, make their scholar, because can not understand the ancient book, and enable research work slowly, our Taiwan uses ' the roman word ', so Taiwan is the inheritor of China's orthodox calligraphy.

Entering a new era of calligraphy art in taiwan 1987 l.jpg

Entering a new era of calligraphy art in Taiwan(1987-)

  • In every eras, there is a calligraphy style taken the place of at that time. In since 1987, the government claimed to lift a curfew, the yardstick of the thought, speech was greatly relaxed, like visiting the sea, freely.

  • In so fine an environment, we expect, must create a unique calligraphy style. So I call this era: Era of ' the new look of new exhibition of entering happening anciently '.

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Review of Related Studies

1 the environment is disadvantageous to the implementation of calligraphy education l.jpg

(1) The environment is disadvantageous to the implementation of calligraphy education

The calligraphy is developed, the greatest puzzlement, the intervention from political strength and good factor of academic environment faced at present.

Political intervention l.jpg

Political intervention

  • ( 1) , in the implementation simplified Chinese character of China's Mainland

  • ( 2) , the thinking of Taiwanese ruler ' goes to China '

The academic environment is not good l.jpg

The academic environment is not good

  • ( 1) , educational course of school calligraphy is not paid attention to

  • ( 2) , teachers have insufficient speciality

  • ( 3) , the teaching material is unsatisfactory

  • ( 4) , the government seldom holds the calligraphy match

  • ( 5) , the funds are fallen short and distributed unevenly

  • ( 6) , the tradition writes the declining of the method

  • ( 7) , the social personage exhibits the field insufficiently

  • ( 8) , subject of calligraphy exchange horn, loss more and more, population of calligraphy,

2 the idea of professor zhang bing huang s calligraphy education l.jpg

(2) The idea of Professor Zhang Bing-Huang's calligraphy education

  • The calligraphy is that anyone can study the successful one.

  • The advantage of advocating studying the calligraphy is numerous.

  • It is orthodox that the attitude toward calligraphy education insists on Chinese characters, but teaching method, should be with era and progress.

Professor zhang bing huang s methods in calligraphy education l.jpg

Professor Zhang Bing Huang’s Methods in calligraphy education

  • The Natural Approach

  • Teaching method of Suzuki

  • Probing into type teaching method

  • Colony teaching method

  • Taking one steps forward must be examined twice method

  • Auspicious lucky teaching method of school of Europe (Lois Malaguzzi School Teaching)

  • These methods, on the teaching applicable each time at the same time, but see the situation ' teach students in accordance with their aptitude '.

3 the practice of professor zhang bing huang s calligraphy education l.jpg

(3) The practice of Professor Zhang Bing-Huang's calligraphy education

  • 1,The teaching method is being improved constantly, keep up with changing times.

  • 2,Restore classical rubbing from a stone inscription of China, substantiate the teaching material.

  • 3,The book with great concentration sets forth one's views, for reader's reference.

  • 4,Creating the book will combine the people having a common goal, become the writing style luxuriantly.

  • 5,Ten thousand people open the pen at the beginning of the year, the joyous festival of calligraphy circles

  • 6,Hold the calligraphy match to improve and write? Will

  • 7,Make arrangements for ' the annual exhibition of the calligraphy of Taiwan ', the type moulds the Taiwanese book wind.

  • 8,Train calligraphy teachers, transmit the burning incense.

  • 9,Open the boundary and open up the soil for the calligraphy of Taiwan, increase the influence.

  • 10,The text raises the disposition, the calligraphies of the whole people of the advocacy

  • 11,Make arrangements for the scientific seminar in order to improve the book and pays attention to accomplishment

Slide47 l.jpg

Chapter 4.

The Conceptual Framework

Slide48 l.jpg

(1) The conceptual framework for the study of Chinese calligraphy education is based on the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl.

  • It is very deep that the moustache match is influenced by flute card, maintain that should hold the attitude suspected in everything, until finding the truth.

  • Treat the things, do not change because of knowing, the stream of consciousness of the subject, all puts brackets, priori leaves the question open.

  • Subject use, put method that bracket leave the question open, make objective knowledge, just as it, appear, take notice of, know structure, complement with essence ocular method, come, find out about life essence of object of world.

From the above conclusion the following diagram illustrates the logic structure of the study l.jpg

From the above conclusion, the following diagram illustrates the logic structure of the study.

2 procedure of study l.jpg

(2)Procedure of study

  • According to the conceptual structure described above, the materials obtained will be deduced, analyzed, compared, and summarized to put forward the preliminary views for further discussion. If there are doubtful points in the finding, more data will be searched for verification according to phenomenon study of Husserl. After the doubtful places are clarified, the drafting of the dissertation will be started.

  • In the course of the writing, I would keep close contact with the counselors. More attention will be paid to the details; even the addition and deletion, retouching of characters, will be double checked over and over again until the conclusions are reached.

The procedure of the study is illustrated in the following diagram l.jpg

The procedure of the study is illustrated in the following diagram.

5 hypothesis of the study l.jpg

5. Hypothesis of the Study

  • How make Chinese calligraphy, can stand erect, shake, continue, advance, hope of author.

  • Think this research is very important with the author, suppose that passes Professor Zhang Bing-Huang, as to the method that the calligraphy educates, it is expected value obtained and contribution : Can keep the population of writing China's orthodox calligraphy here, it is the orthodox Chinese calligraphy successor's status to establish Taiwan.

Slide53 l.jpg

  • Chapter 3 Methods of Research

3 1 methods and techniques of the study l.jpg

3.1 Methods and Techniques of the Study

(1)History study

  • (2) Interviews

  • (3) Data processing

3 2 research instrument l.jpg

3.2 Research Instrument

  • A large number of materials how to store effectively to collect, certainly need superior computer to make tools.

  • In the choice materials, need broad knowledge, meticulous outsight, clever resolution strength even more, could make the thesis describe meaningfully.

Slide56 l.jpg

Chapter 4 Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

4 1 the achievement of this research l.jpg

4.1 The achievement of this research

  • (1) , insist writing and promoting and writing ' roman Chinese '

  • (2) , establishment calligraphy corporation

  • (3) , cultivation calligraphy seed teacher

  • (4) , it lasts the run-up various competitions

  • (5) , book expound one's ideas in writing is it book dish set up model

  • (6) , the atmosphere of popularizing the social calligraphy

  • (7) , the sports of recommending New Year customs and combining with calligraphy

  • (8) , lead the international calligraphy alliance and international Pen Association of blue pavilion

  • (9) , the gold world record of driving quill of challenge calligraphy

Slide58 l.jpg

  • Chapter 5 Conclusions and Recommendations

5 1 summary l.jpg

5.1 Summary

  • China's Chinese word, of long standing and well established, while Chinese characters are written and employed, have produced in world various nationalities' characters gradually, one alone, calligraphy art of the class that can be independent.

  • Chinese writes tools used, is writing brush and Chinese ink, paper, ink stone. Because of the development in science and technology, has invented more convenient writing tools, people not only abandon this traditional art of writing gradually, even, think it has hampered science and technology's progress.

Slide60 l.jpg

  • In fact, this idea remains to be tested, Taiwan uses ' roman Chinese ', science and technology has not been influenced slightly, and the fact proves, Chinese is not only most favorable to the use of the computer, and the Chinese script is graceful, besides practicability, also have artistry concurrently, if add the exercise and hardworking still can adjust life and moist soul.

  • I am according to this idea, how to engaged in the method that the calligraphy is being educated to rise and carry on research Taiwan? Find many questions too.

  • In order to clearly distinguish the question, I choose with Zhang Bing-Huang professor, how to teach idea and achievement of the calligraphy, prove traditional Chinese is written, not only will not disappear, but also will continue developing.

5 2 findings and conclusions l.jpg

5.2 Findings and Conclusions

  • Among Chinese mind, think it is beautiful for Chinese not to write, for be able to write proficiency fine people of word, will throw it with the eyes that are envied more or less. Ma Yingjiu today in the president ' 2009)On annual New Year's Day, break gold after the calligraphy of the world drives quill and notes down, the very excited one says: ' next year sign in succession through every university of the world, will apply for Chinese characters and become the legacy of the world '.

  • It is the president that Mr. Ma is expensive, there is such understanding, erupt simultaneously such a bold language, exciting. But calligraphy educate, for a long time, intend and have no intention under being indiscreet and negligent in government, leave many to lack, for rectify shortcoming these, hope later on government, can take positive effective attitude and method already, could make Chinese write, founds for a brilliant new era, the good greatest here.

5 3 recommendations for calligraphy education in taiwan l.jpg

5.3 Recommendations for calligraphy education in Taiwan

  • (1) , the government should indicate that recommend the clear attitude of the calligraphy

  • (2) , the researchers who should substantiate the calligraphy theory

  • (3) , should set up the calligraphy special library or the museum

  • (4) , the calligraphy group should rely on one's own efforts

  • (5) , the calligraphy match of handling the healthy psychology

  • (6) , the modern book skill should be planted because of the roman country's word

  • (7) , enhancement foreign language ability squeezes into the international community

  • (8) , there should be consciousness of major status of calligraphies in Taiwan

  • (9) , the government should look after the calligraphist's life properly

Slide63 l.jpg

The report finishes

Please give me your comments by criticism

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