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T-ONLINE IPTV : the next generation TV. Marie-Christine Levet, CEO of Club Internet/ T-ONLINE France. French market: a very dynamic ADSL Market with a strong growth potential for IPTV. + 30%. + 33%. + 46%. + 92%.

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T online iptv the next generation tv l.jpg

T-ONLINE IPTV : the next generation TV

Marie-Christine Levet,

CEO of Club Internet/ T-ONLINE France

French market a very dynamic adsl market with a strong growth potential for iptv l.jpg
French market: a very dynamic ADSL Market with a strong growth potential for IPTV

+ 30%

+ 33%

+ 46%

+ 92%

  • 27 Million Internet users in France  +50% of penetration rate on the +15 years old.

  • High penetration of broadband  41% of the French households (vs. 32% for Germany and 15% for Spain).

Sources: ARCEP, Ipsos-Media, Financial reports & CI internal

High potential for iptv vod market in france l.jpg
High potential for IPTV/ VOD market in France growth potential for IPTV

  • Cable/Satellite pay TV market is mature

    • Penetration rate stable at 35% (9 millions, 4M Cable/5 M Sat), low growth on TV & Cable (+100 000 users), no ARPU increase

    • Consolidation is on going : 2004/2005: cable sector, 2006 : Merge of TPS /Canal+

  • IPTV represents a high growth relay

    • 7 Million potential customers out of a 11 Million broadband market

    • A low penetration :15% of ADSL subscribers have IPTV (approx.1,7M subscribers)

  • VOD Market is emerging but represent a high potential

    • 2 M VOD sold on line in the last 6 months

    • 8% of french consumers have heard about VOD but only 1% have used it.

    • Analyst forecast a market of 165 M € in 2010 and a budget/year/household of 70 €.

  • TV and VOD services become strong differentiators in a very competitive market

Launch by club internet of an innovative triple play offer l.jpg
Launch by Club Internet of an innovative growth potential for IPTV Triple Play offer

  • ADSL2+ access up to 24 Mbps

  • Unlimited free calls for France and international(fixed lines over 40 countries)

  • Extensive IPTV service with Microsoft TV : one of the first launch of MSTV in the world

  • Customer care focus: free Home set-up

A complete integrated offer l.jpg
A complete integrated offer growth potential for IPTV

A unique combination of services

and great customer experience

  • TV

    • Very fast channel change over 130 broadcast TV channels within less than 50 mms versus 2-5 sec for competition

    • Ease of use and friendliness of the product: picture in picture and zapping banner,

    • Live EPG for the next 14 days

    • advanced functionalities such as search engine, parental control, multilingual

  • PVR

    • integrated with EPG – very easy recording

    • Time shifting feature

    • Set-up box includes a 80 Go hard disk: 50 hours of programming

  • VOD

    • 1000 assets catalogue (movies, music, children programming, documentaries, theatre trailers)

    • Flexible tariffs: by unit or SVOD (subscription VOD).

Club internet 3 offer l.jpg
Club Internet growth potential for IPTV3 offer




TPS (110 channels)

Club Vidéo Pass :150 hours of kids programs


Packs and à la carte channels

(43 channels)

PVR on web and mobile

Club Vidéo :

1000 VODs, Movies, kids prog., music, documentaries, adult


Customer care on TV

Club Théma

23 chanels

Club Basic

40 chanels

Free VOD

Movie Trailers

PVR & time shifting (50hrs)


Internet ADSL2+ + unlimited VOIP

Pvr so easy to record now l.jpg
PVR : so easy to record now ! growth potential for IPTV

Vod movie at home for everyone l.jpg
VOD: movie at home for everyone ! growth potential for IPTV

  • A choice of more than 1000 programs

  • Launch of VOD HD as of september 20th

The emergence of tv on demand l.jpg
The emergence of TV on demand growth potential for IPTV

  • A more and more personal and personalized consumption of TV :

    • 1/3 of current customers have changed their consumption of TV

    • in countries having implemented PVR, 30 to 40% of time spent in front of TV is spent watching recorded TV

  • The power to the consumer :

    • With easy PVR features , consumers become self programmers

    • “My channel” becomes my N°1 channel

Positive first results l.jpg
Positive first results growth potential for IPTV

  • 70% of eligible customers choose Club-Internet3

  • 30% of active customers are subscribing to a pay TV channel or “bouquet”

  • 1 out of 4 active customers use VOD (average consumption of 2 vods /user).

  • Large success and demand for current movies

     need for adaptation of media chronology

  • 1st in the IPTV IP Label ranking

  • A very high satisfaction rate : 80% would recommend the service to their friends