explore minnesota 2010 cooperative advertising program with kqrs fm and kqrs com
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Explore Minnesota 2010 Cooperative Advertising Program with KQRS-FM and kqrs

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For more information, contact Sarah Burt 612-617-4033 [email protected]

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explore minnesota 2010 cooperative advertising program with kqrs fm and kqrs com

For more information,

contact Sarah Burt


[email protected]

Streaming Commercials:You can further promote your property by reaching out to our vast audience who listens to the station online (at kqrs.com) by airing :30 or :60 second streaming commercials that feature your lodging property. Your commercial will rotate in all dayparts including the morning show. Price of this feature is $200 per 20,000 minimum impressions.

:15 Second Live Produced Ads: If you’d like to take this one step further, you can promote your property in an even bigger way by showcasing your resort, B&B or hotel in a :15 second produced ad running on KQRS-FM. These ads will run 60 times over a four week period. The strategy behind this schedule is to target listeners who are in that “end of week” state of mind.

W-F 6a-9a 3X per week x 4 weeks = 12X

W-F 10a-3p 3X per week x 4 weeks = 12X

W-F 3p-7p 3X per week x 4 weeks = 12X

W-F 10a-10p 6X per week x 4 weeks = 24X

Total price of this schedule is $9,900. It reaches 559,700 A25+ and average of 2.5 times and delivers 1,425,600 gross impressions over a four week period. The total price and the schedule can be divided equally between up to four participants.

Explore Minnesota2010 CooperativeAdvertising Programwith KQRS-FM and kqrs.com

  • Online Video Featuring Your Lodging Property
  • This is available for a group of 2 or more participating resorts, B&B’s and/or hotels. If you have a pre-produced video featuring your property, we can showcase that video in a 300 x 250 cube ad rotating throughout our website.
  • Visitors can click on the video to link directly to your site to gain further information and make reservations. This can also serve as a way for you to build your email or direct mail database and can also serve as an outstanding bounce-back opportunity. Example: “We’d like to thank you for visiting rusticlodgemn.com. Please visit us between September 7 and October 15th and receive 25% off your stay.”
  • 4 week cost of this program is $1500 total. It will deliver 100,000 gross impressions over 4 weeks. The 100,000 gross impressions and total cost of $1500 can be divided equally up to 4 ways.
  • As a Participant, You Provide:
  • A :30 second promotional video
  • A special bounce-back offer from your Lodging Property to contest registrants (optional)
  • Lead time to participate in this promotion: 2 weeks


Here is an opportunity for your Lodging Property to be featured in an on-air and/or online campaign on one of the most successful heritage radio stations in the country, 2009 Marconi Award Winner, KQRS.

We have the ability to feature your property with:

:30 second online video

:30 or :60 second commercials streaming online

Online bounceback offers from your resort, B&B or hotel

:15 second produced ads featuring your property in a high reach schedule on KQRS

  • KQRS-FM Strong Points
  • KQRS-FM radio reaches 726,600 12+ listeners every week.
  • That’s approximately 1 out of every 3 people living in the Twin Cities!
  • This kind of loyalty and share of listenership is unlike anything in the country!
  • How does this happen? Heritage and outstanding programming!
  • We’re seeing the same kind of loyalty with our website, 92kqrs.com - consistently one of the most visited radio websites in the country!
  • 92kqrs.com STATISTICS (MARCH 2010)
  • 174.562 unique visitors - Unique visitors are counted only once no matter how many times they visit our site within the month.
  • 2,583,138 page views - A Page View is every time a different page is accessed within our website.
  • 103,641 streaming sessions - This is the total number of visitor requests to stream throughout the week. To stream is to listen live to the radio station through your computer or iPod.