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Essential Balance Wheel. =. The Essence of Life . Longevity- Adding life to my years and years to my life. The Essence of Life . Abundance – The time and resources to make my world a better place. Are the lifeblood of the plant Contain highly oxygenating molecules

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Essential Balance Wheel

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Essential Balance Wheel

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The Essence of Life


Adding life to

my years and

years to my life.

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The Essence of Life

Abundance – The time and resources to make my world a better place.

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Are the lifeblood of the plant

Contain highly oxygenating molecules

Deliver nutrients directly to the cell nucleus

Are much more potent than herbs

Essential Oils

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The Olfactory System

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The Frequency of Life

Only the highest quality plants are used for essential oils l.jpg

Virgin soil

Organic weed and pest control

Irrigated with pristine mountain water

Precision harvesting

Only the Highest QualityPlants Are Used for Essential Oils

Synthetic or adulterated oils l.jpg

Synthetic or Adulterated Oils

  • Mislabeled

  • Diluted

  • Adulteration can occur at any point in production process

Guaranteed purity of young living essential oils l.jpg

Highest standards in industry

State-of-the-art analysis of all oils

Guaranteed Purity ofYoung Living Essential Oils

How to use essential oils l.jpg

How to use Essential Oils

1. Diffusing

2. Direct Application - Topical

3. Dietary Supplements

and more…

Essential oil safety l.jpg

Essential Oil Safety

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are strong yet safe when used as directed.

Refer to “Scents & Scentsability” brochure for safe use guidelines.

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“Stress, poor food choices and environmental toxins are the three culprits behind the chronic rise in lifestyle-related maladies that plague our society.”

–Tommy Thompson

U.S. Sec. H.H.S.

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  • Key Product: Cleansing Trio

  • Essential Oil Blend: Di-tone

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“Six of the ten leading causes of death in the United States are linked directly to our diet. . . . These dietary changes represent as great a threat to public health as smoking.”

– Senator George McGovern, 1977

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  • Key Products: Multi-vitamins

  • Essential Oil: Lavender

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“Preventative health measures including appropriate use of safe nutritional supplements will limit the incidence of chronic disease and reduce long-term health expenditures.”

(Findings of the United States Congress as listed in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994)

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  • Key Product: Berry Young Juice™

  • Essential Oil Blend: Thieves™

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(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)


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“If you can’t eat it, don’t wear it.”

– Gary Young

According to a study released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, levels of toxic metals, pesticides and plastics can be found in the blood and urine of most Americans.

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  • Key Products: Personal Care

  • Essential Oil Blend: Valor

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70% of people retire with insufficient income to meet their financial needs

Financial stress is the leading cause of divorce

Most families are two paychecks away from being homeless

Most bankruptcies could have been avoided with just an additional $200 a month income

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  • Essential Oil Blend: Abundance

  • Business Opportunity

    • Time Freedom

    • Financial Freedom

    • The Freedom to help

      those around you achieve

      their highest potential.

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What’s in it for me?

Young Living pays 48% of every dollar earned back to the distributors in bonuses, rebates, and commissions

Eight different revenue sources

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Where do I start?

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7 Steps to Success

  • Be a product of the product.

  • Share- introduce people to the oils and other products, share your stories.

  • Show them how to enroll and place an order.

  • Communicate- stay in contact with your new members in case they have questions.

  • Teach them how to share the products with others.

  • Identify, develop and support leadership.

  • Attend the local, regional, and national events.

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