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CrackQuest. A conceptual video game design by Darian Grant. Design Challenge. To make a video game that breaks the rules, entertains and offends the user, and makes people laugh. CrackQuest. Plot:

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Crackquest l.jpg


A conceptual video game design by Darian Grant

Design Challenge

To make a video game that breaks the rules, entertains and offends the user, and makes people laugh.

Crackquest2 l.jpg

  • Plot:

    • Police have arrested your cracked out girlfriend and submitted her into rehab. Fight the power and save her before she reforms and makes something of herself one day!

The user description l.jpg
The user description

  • Student gamers with a sick sense of humour who want a break from the cute, happy feeling video games and who just want to have a laugh

  • They are likely:

  • Ages: 18-25

  • Internet Gamers

  • Adventurous and open minded

  • Looking for a quick change to take their mind off things

The storyboard of user experience l.jpg
The storyboard of user experience

  • A user is bored and tired of playing the same kinds of internet games out there:

  • The user sees the title CrackQuest and the picture of a junkie as the display pic:

  • The user perks up and clicks on the link:

  • The user is thrilled to tears:

Prototype game over screen l.jpg
Prototype Game Over Screen


Mechanics l.jpg

  • Simple:

    • Move with the arrow keys

    • Punch and kick with the ALT button

    • Throw syringes with the CTRL button

    • Special weapon with SPACEBAR

  • Special weapons are cocaine grenades for AoE attacks and Speed for super-strength and quickness

Raising the stakes l.jpg
Raising the stakes

  • Buzz meter:

    • Character must have the perfect level of drugs in his system

    • Damage affects the buzz meter

    • Too little of a buzz, character slows down, shakes and vomits

    • Too much of a buzz, character takes the risk of overdosing OR could become invincible for 10 seconds

Justifications for design l.jpg
Justifications for design

  • Power Game Factory Engine

    • Very little programming to add in

    • Easily modifiable

  • Simple 2D art work

    • Characters in faded colors

    • Backgrounds in black and white

  • Leaves a lot of room for creativity, input, and planning

User testing l.jpg
User Testing

  • Testing continuously throughout the design

  • When we have a playable demo

  • Final testing 2 weeks before deadline

Shortcomings of design l.jpg
Shortcomings of Design

  • Many people will not appreciate our sense of humour

  • There is no real winner in the game because “Winners don’t use drugs”

  • 2D art may not appeal to many people

What else is possible l.jpg
What else is possible?

  • If there is time:

    • More special weapons:

      • Loose change weapon:

        • Throw some loose change on the ground and homeless people come and fight beside you for 10 seconds

    • More levels

    • More big bosses and twists

Next steps in design process l.jpg
Next Steps in Design Process

  • Select Team

  • Collaborate on artwork and levels

  • Build playable version of the game

  • User test

  • Iterate

  • Adjust

  • Repeat

  • Complete

Summary l.jpg

  • Fun

  • Funny

  • Simple

  • Good

  • Fun