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CHURCH SHOOTINGS 1999 - 2008. All information about the incidents referenced in this presentation was obtained from open sources, primarily news media accounts located on the internet. All information in this presentation is suitable for public review. Church Shootings 1999-2008. 2007/05/19

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All information about the incidents referenced in this presentation was obtained from open sources, primarily news media accounts located on the internet.All information in this presentation is suitable for public review.

church shootings 1999 20083
Church Shootings 1999-2008




New York City




Rochester Hills




Chicago - Skokie




Salt Lake City










Colorado Springs






Los Angeles







Garden Grove


Harris Co


Ft. Worth


Baton Rouge




Ft. Meyers

church shootings 1999 20084
Church Shootings 1999-2008
  • 1999/04/15: Emotionally disturbed male shooter entered Mormon church’s Family History Library in Salt Lake City, & went active shooter - killing 2 & wounding 4. Shooter was fatally shot by police.
  • 1999/07/02 to 04: White supremacist male shooter went on a 3 day, 2 state shooting spree, killing 2 & wounding 7. On 07/02, he wounded 6 Orthodox Jews in drive-by shootings in Chicago & fatally shot a black male in front of his home in Skokie, IL. On 07/03, he shot & wounded a black male minister in Decatur, IL. On 07/04, he fatally shot a Korean college student on his way to the Korean United Methodist Church in Bloomington, IN, & shot at but missed 9 other people. Shooter fatally shot himself while fleeing from LE.
  • 1999/09/15: Emotionally disturbed male shooter entered a youth prayer rally at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Ft. Worth & shouted anti-religious, anti-Baptist curses while firing on adults & youth, killing 7 & wounding 7. Shooter fatally shot himself in the church.
church shootings 1999 20085
Church Shootings 1999-2008
  • 2000/01/20: Police officer confronted a male car prowler in a church parking lot in Ft. Myers, FL, a struggle ensued & the officer shot & wounded the subject.
  • 2003/02/20: Undercover police officer followed a male subject into the Crystal Cathedral parking lot in Garden Grove, CA, observed the subject become involved in a disturbance, shot & wounded the subject.
  • 2003/02/23: Male gunman confronted, bound, & abducted 2 nuns at gunpoint from a Catholic Church in Harris County, GA. He later killed 1 nun & the 2nd nun was injured, but escaped. The gunman was arrested.
  • 2003/03/30: Male shooter fatally shot a fellow worshipper 9 times in the back & head during a service at the St. Paul Albanian Catholic Church in Rochester Hills, MI. The shooter & victim had a history of feuding. The shooter was arrested.
church shootings 1999 20086
Church Shootings 1999-2008
  • 2003/10/05: Emotionally disturbed female church member fatally shot the Pastor, her own mother, & herself prior to the service in the sanctuary of the Turner Monumental A.M.E. Church in Atlanta, GA.
  • 2004/01/21: Male shooter shot & wounded a juvenile court officer who was sitting in a parked car in a church parking lot in Louisville, KY. The shooter was arrested.
  • 2004/12/17: Male conductor of the Crystal Cathedral Orchestra in Garden City, CA fatally shot himself inside the church after an argument with a co-worker & a 9 hour standoff with police.
  • 2005/03/12: Emotionally disturbed male church member opened fire during a service at the Living Church of God in Brookfield, WI, killing 7 & wounding 4. Shooter fatally shot himself in the church.
church shootings 1999 20087
2005/07/17: During early morning hours, emotionally disturbed male smashed a Virgin Mary statue outside a church in New York City with a spear, left & returned with a shotgun, & shot the head off the statue. Two responding police officers suffered multiple gunshot wounds from the shooter & returned fire, wounding the shooter.

2005/08/29: Male shooter fatally shot a church member & the Pastor in the parking lot of the Sash Assembly of God Church in Sash, TX. He drove through town randomly shooting, fatally wounding 2 women. He went home & was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound following a 9 hour standoff with police.

2006/02/26: Male shooter went to the Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit church looking for his girlfriend. He fatally shot the girlfriend’s mother & wounded a child seated next to her. He left the church & attempted a carjacking, fatally shooting the victim when he resisted. He then fled on foot & fatally shot himself 5 hours later when he was spotted by the police.

Church Shootings 1999-2008
church shootings 1999 20088
Church Shootings 1999-2008
  • 2006/03/22: Female fatally shot her Minister/husband in the Church of Christ parsonage in Selmer, TN, & then fled with their children. She was arrested.
  • 2006/04/16: Male member of Eglise Baptiste Peniel Haitian Church in Orlando, FL, fatally shot a Deacon while attempting to carjack him in the church parking lot following the Easter Service. Shooter was arrested.
  • 2006/05/21: Male shooter entered the Ministry of Jesus Christ Church in Baton Rouge, LA, & opened fire during a service, wounding the pastor & killing 4 members. He kidnapped his wife & 3 children from the church, & later fatally shot his wife. Shooter was arrested.
  • 2007/03/11: Male shooter fatally shot his estranged wife in front of the Acts Full Gospel Church of God in Christ in Oakland, CA, as she was arriving for Sunday services. Shooter was arrested.
church shootings 1999 20089
Church Shootings 1999-2008
  • 2007/05/19: Emotionally disturbed male fatally shot his wife at their home in Moscow, ID. He went to the local courthouse & fired over 125 shots at the building, police officers & citizens who responded to the scene – killing 1 & wounding 3. He entered the First Presbyterian Church across the street, where he had worked as a custodian, & fired 60 – 80 shots, killing the church’s Sexton & then himself.
  • 2007/08/12: Male shooter entered the First Congregational Church in Neosho, MO, during a Sunday Worship Service, ordered the children out of the sanctuary, & opened fire, killing the Pastor & 2 Deacons, & wounding 5 others. He held about 25 people hostage for approximately 10 minutes before surrendering to police.
church shootings 1999 200810
Church Shootings 1999-2008
  • 2007/12/09: Male shooter entered Youth With a Mission in Arvada, CO, got into a dispute with a staff member about whether he could stay there for the night, & then shot 4 staff members, killing 2 & wounding 2.
  • 2007/12/09: Same shooter showed up at New Life Church in Colorado Springs as service was letting out & opened fire in the parking lot, killing 2 & wounding 3. As the shooter entered the church building, he was fatally shot by an armed security guard.
  • 2008/05/17: Male shooter went to a fundraising festival at the St. John Baptist de la Salle Roman Catholic church & school in Los Angeles, Ca, where he shot & wounded his child’s mother & 2 bystanders. When he stopped to reload his rifle, witnesses tackled & restrained him until police arrived.
victim shooter profiles
Victim & Shooter Profiles
  • There were 23 shooting events
    • There were 89 victims – 46 fatalities & 43 wounded
    • Each shooting event involved 1 suspect/shooter
  • Of the 23 suspects/shooters:
    • 21 were males & 2 were females
    • 9 were arrested without injuries
    • 8 shot themselves to death
    • 3 were shot to death by law enforcement personnel
    • 3 were wounded by law enforcement personnel
  • Apparent motivations of the shooters (when determined):
    • 12 events involved relationships between the shooters & victims
    • 7 of the shooters were considered “Emotionally Disturbed Persons”
    • 1 shooter’s actions appeared to be racially motivated
    • 1 shooter’s actions appeared to be random
security suggestions for churches
Security Suggestions For Churches
  • Control Access Points to Buildings
  • Advise Members of All Available Exits
  • Establish Emergency Response Plans
    • Utilize church members/attendees who have training in law enforcement, fire fighting, & emergency medical care
    • Provide plans to first responder agencies
    • Provide plans to church members/attendees
  • Report & Document Suspicious Activity