student engagement through interactive mathematics
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Student Engagement Through Interactive Mathematics

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Student Engagement Through Interactive Mathematics. Kelvin Chun- 1998-Current: Technology Teacher/Media Specialist/Librarian, Nuuanu School. 1995-1998: Multimedia Facilitator, Tech Teacher Waialae, & Pohakea Elementary 1993-1995: District Technology Resource Teacher

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Kelvin Chun- 1998-Current: Technology Teacher/Media Specialist/Librarian, Nuuanu School

1995-1998: Multimedia Facilitator, Tech Teacher

Waialae, & Pohakea Elementary

1993-1995: District Technology Resource Teacher

Campbell Complex - 11 schools (K-12)

1991: State Computer Education Specialist

1983-1990, 1992: Secondary Computer Science & Math Teacher

McKinley, Moanalua, Waianae, Pearl City,

& Waialua Intermediate/ High

MED - Educational Technology


Kelvin Chun- 1998-Current: Technology Teacher/Media Specialist/Librarian, Nuuanu School

June, 2006: Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Participant / Completion Certificate

May, 2005: Education World Feature Teacher

February, 2004: George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF Youtube Video)

January, 2003: Classroom Connect: Top 12 Finalist for the Internet Educator of the Year 2003

December, 2002: National Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2002

December, 2001: Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2001 Semi-finalist

October, 2000: All USA Today 2000 First Teacher Team

August, 1999: Disney American Teacher Award Honoree: Elementary Specialist: Technology (Disney Press Release)

May, 1999: Honolulu District Y2K Teacher of the Year

new generation of children
New Generation of Children
  • Game Generation
  • Edutainment
  • High Speed
  • Fantasy World
  • Social Networking
russell a sabella ph d
Russell A Sabella, Ph.D.
  • Games Changed Learners’ Cognitive Skills
  • Computer adjusts difficulty to the player’s preference or need
  • Learning Tool
video games teach
Video Games Teach
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Memory Strategies
  • Eye-hand Coordination
learning is fun
Learning Is Fun
  • Software Companies, Parents & Educators Collaborate
  • Introduction of Content to Appropriate Levels
serious gaming
Serious Gaming
  • Game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment
  • Designed for the purpose of problem solving
  • Main purpose is to train
serious games for training
Serious Games for Training
  • Known as “Game-learning”
  • Students learn valuable skills and knowledge under the disguise of a game
  • Engaging & Entertaining
  • Gaming Used for a Serious Purpose
casual versus hard core gaming
Casual versus Hard Core Gaming
  • Simple Rules, Simple Skills
  • Short Term Commitment
  • Wide Appeal
engagement through serious gaming
Engagement Through Serious Gaming
  • Not Simply Holding Attention
  • Activates Higher Cognitive Processes
  • Repetitive Participation
  • Choice: Decision making, Personalization
  • Feedback: Stimulus & Response
  • Incentive: Motivation
engagement through serious gaming12
Engagement Through Serious Gaming
  • Choice: Virtual Worlds / Avatars
  • Sharing
  • Gameplay
  • Meaningful
  • Choice
  • Flow Psychology
flow psychology of optimal experiences
Flow: Psychology of Optimal Experiences
  • “In the Zone”
  • “Lose themselves” - Into Work
flow psychology of optimal experiences14
Flow: Psychology of Optimal Experiences
  • Fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus
  • Full involvement
  • Success in the process of the activity
  • Focused motivation
digital game based learning learning tools
Digital Game-Based Learning:Learning tools
  • Ongoing research conducted by DGBL
  • Today’s “Net Generation,” or “digital natives,” - disengaged with traditional instruction
  • Increased popularity of games

Serious Gaming: Feedback



Incentive: Encourages Specific Behavior





Choices to Worlds

planet turtle
Planet Turtle
  • Kindergarten-3rd Grade
  • Math Skills Practice
  • Aligned With Standards
  • Ability to Customize
  • Highly Engaging
planet turtle20
Planet Turtle
  • Virtual World
  • Children can Interact with Peers
  • Protected Web Environment
planet turtle21
Planet Turtle
  • Completing Learning ”Challenges”
  • Progress as their Skills Improve
  • Allows Teachers to Instantly Assess Students’ Proficiency Level
administrators can
Administrators Can
  • View Statistics
  • Monitor Progress
administrators can view
Administrators Can View
  • % Correct
  • Time Per Session & Questions Answered
teachers can
Teachers Can
  • Customize Instruction
  • Align Content to Match Student Needs
  • Monitor Progress
children can
Children Can…
  • Receive Content
  • Customize Turtle
  • Engage in Gaming Activities


Incredible amount of excitement . . .I have witnessed kids begging their teachersEasy interface for management of individual student learning.