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ESCAP/WHO Pilot Study Overview Wei Liu Statistics Division, ESCAP [email protected] PowerPoint PPT Presentation

ESCAP/WHO Pilot Study Overview Wei Liu Statistics Division, ESCAP [email protected] Sixth Meeting of the Washington Group on Disability Statistics, Kampala, Oct 10-13, 2006. 1. Objective 2. Background and methodology 3. Questions tested 4. Analysis and results 5. Moving forward. Outline .

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ESCAP/WHO Pilot Study Overview Wei Liu Statistics Division, ESCAP [email protected]

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ESCAP/WHO Pilot Study Overview

Wei Liu

Statistics Division, ESCAP

[email protected]

Sixth Meeting of the Washington Group on Disability Statistics, Kampala, Oct 10-13, 2006

1 objective 2 background and methodology 3 questions tested 4 analysis and results 5 moving forward l.jpg

1.Objective2. Background and methodology3. Questions tested4. Analysis and results5. Moving forward


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  • Comparing the Washington Group 6-question “short set” with a WHO “long set” of questions

  • Studying the relative importance of different domains

  • Considering differences in underlying concepts and phrasings of questions

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Pilot countries: Fiji, Indonesia, India, Mongolia, Philippines

Test Design:

Study One: Testing sensitivity and specificity

Study Two: Test-Retest Reliability

Study Three: Linguistic Evaluation & Cognitive interviewing

Other Partners: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

Sample selection l.jpg

Sample Selection

India: Meerut District, Uttar Pradesh State

Indonesia: Central Jakarta

Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar

Philippines: A selection of urban and rural

geographic “clusters”

Fiji: 2 rural and 8 urban enumeration areas in Central Division (capital city & surrounding areas)

Sample sizes l.jpg

Sample Sizes

Sample summary age structure l.jpg

Sample Summary: Age Structure

Pilot study packets l.jpg

Pilot Study Packets

  • Study Instructions

  • Questionnaire

    • Version A

    • Version B

  • Cognitive Interview Schedule

Support materials l.jpg

Support Materials

  • Translation

    • Guidelines

    • List of key terms

    • Linguistic evaluation form

  • Interview Guidelines & Q-by-Q specifications

  • Disability Statistics Training Manual - Draft

  • Quality assurance standards & guidelines

  • Data entry program

Questions tested l.jpg

Questions Tested

Question set 1:

Washington Group’s general disability measures, 6 Qs

Question set 2:

-World Health Survey body structure/functions domains, 17 Qs;

-WHO Disability Assessment Schedule II (WHO DAS II), activity and participation domains, 36 Qs;

Australian Bureau of Statistics, need-for-assistance domains, 4 Qs

Study 1 sensitivity and specificity of wg q s l.jpg

Study 1: Sensitivity and Specificity of WG Q’s

Study 1 cont l.jpg

Study 1 (cont.)

Study 2 kappa statistics for test retest reliability l.jpg

Study 2: Kappa Statistics for Test-retest Reliability

Study 2 cont l.jpg

Study 2 (cont.)

Study 3 cognitive debriefing l.jpg

Study 3: Cognitive Debriefing

  • Most questions are understood well

    • 95% of the respondents had no difficulties responding to questions

  • Minor difficulties with questions on:

    • Mental disability (i.e. cognition, anxiety, getting along with people, etc.)

    • Need-for-assistance questions

    • W6 communication question

  • Translation

Identifying core domains l.jpg

Identifying “Core Domains”

  • ESCAP/WHO 4th Workshop on Improvement of Disability Statistics and Measurement (Bangkok, June, 2006)

  • Factor analysis research

Factor loadings l.jpg

Factor Loadings

Domain selections l.jpg

Factor Analysis

Life Activities


Self Care




4th Bangkok Workshop Recommendation

Life Activities


Self Care




Domain Selections

Moving forward l.jpg

Moving Forward

  • Further analysis of “core” domains

  • To select/reconsider the phrasings of the questions for the selected domains

  • Follow-up pilot studies for census recommendations and for an “extended” question set for use in surveys

  • Regional training and advisory missions

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