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Motec Solution. Changed injection time Measured in degrees BTDC (before top dead centre). Rath. Motec Interpreter. Measure RPM, voltage, air pressure, and fuel actual pulse width. Rath. Testing. Observed water leak while testing on dyno, coming from a fixture going into the engine

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Motec solution l.jpg
Motec Solution

  • Changed injection time

  • Measured in degrees BTDC (before top dead centre)


Motec interpreter l.jpg
Motec Interpreter

  • Measure RPM, voltage, air pressure, and fuel actual pulse width


Testing l.jpg

  • Observed water leak while testing on dyno, coming from a fixture going into the engine

    • Tighten bolt on fixture

Water leak, tightened connector


Injection pump l.jpg
Injection Pump

  • Injects water directly to intake of motor

    • Allows engine to run cooler

    • Provides ability to inject more Hydrogen

      • Resulting in more power

  • Pump not working

    • No power being delivered


Power to injection pump l.jpg
Power to Injection Pump

  • Trace wire from pump

  • Connect to water pump circuit board on passenger side

    • Circuit connected to 12V battery

  • Connected brown wire (pump wire) with 12V relay

    • Pump energized


Injection pump6 l.jpg
Injection Pump

Pump connected to 12V


New objectives challenge x l.jpg
New Objectives- Challenge X

  • Moved to Challenge X for 1 Week

  • E-85

    • History

    • Advantages/Disadvantages

    • Integration into cars


History e 85 l.jpg
History E-85

  • E85 is an alcohol-based fuel containing 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded gasoline

  • EPA act of 1992

    • Alternative Fuel Vehicles

    • Flex Fuel Vehicles


Advantages of e85 l.jpg
Advantages of E85

  • Burns Cleaner – Resulting in Cleaner Emissions

  • Renewable Energy Source

  • Less Dependence on Foreign Oil

  • Increase in Power

  • Health Impact


Disadvantages of e85 l.jpg
Disadvantages of E85

  • At present, E85 Costs more than gasoline

  • Driving Ability of E85 is lower

    • Lower per gallon energy value

    • Takes more to drive same distance

    • Refueling more often

  • Availability

  • Absorbs water diluting the ethanol

  • Highly flammable and explosive compared with gasoline

    • Safety considerations


Integration into cars l.jpg
Integration into Cars

  • Since 1992 E85 vehicles have been developed

  • 3.5 million E85 vehicles are anticipated to be on the road by the end of model year 2004 – NEVC (National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition)


Argonne national lab dynamometer l.jpg
Argonne National Lab Dynamometer

  • Texas Tech Future Truck was the first vehicle used to test hydrogen system on the dynamometer setup .


Facility specifications l.jpg
Facility Specifications

  • Dynamometer

    • 4WD capable from 90- to 180-inch wheelbase

    • 250-hp, 14,000-lb inertia emulation

    • Modes: road load, speed mode, coastdown

  • Test Cell

    • Large 26,000-cfm test cell climate control with 150-ton cooling

    • 150-kW DC bus feed for motors and battery connections

    • Hydrogen fuel feed from outside storage integrated with 2-range mass measurement system

    • Custom data acquisition control designed for flexibility and analysis of advanced vehicles

  • Emissions

    • Gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, and natural gas

    • Capable of resolving emissions from SULEV vehicles

    • Full dilution tunnel for diesel vehicles

    • Fast response 2-channel THC and NOx analyzers

    • Filtered and dehumidified dilution air (HC < 1ppm, H2O < 10 grains/lb)


Driver s trace l.jpg
Driver’s Trace

Driver’s Aid


Test run 1 l.jpg
Test Run 1


  • Electrical Assist used on First “hill”

    • Battery Depleted

  • Hydrogen Only Rest of Run

    • Vehicle stopped running

  • Was not able to complete Test


Data test 1 l.jpg
Data Test 1


Test run 2 l.jpg
Test Run 2


  • Electrical Assist was used on Test Run 2

    • Battery Charged to 310V before test

  • Able to complete Test Run

    • However, Still had problems with vacuum and back flash


Data test 2 l.jpg
Data Test 2


References l.jpg



  • SOLECTRIA Service Manual for the Motor Controller

  • SOLECTRIA Owners Manual for the Motor Controller


  • Andrew Leslie, Chad Turner, Chad Kious

  • MayMester (2004) Notebook: Mario Mendez

  • Mr. Hee

  • Jaakko Halmari




  • Argonne National Laboratory: Chassis Dynamometer Readings