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DATASAT II TM from Stratos. Product Overview. March 10, 2014. Product Management. Stratos VSAT – Englewood, Colorado. Englewood Operations has added 5 th hub and is evaluating adding new services to further utilize existing 7 x 24 NOC Deepening the SCADA-focus

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DATASAT II TM from Stratos

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Datasat ii tm from stratos l.jpg

DATASAT IITM from Stratos

Product Overview

March 10, 2014

Product Management

Stratos vsat englewood colorado l.jpg

Stratos VSAT – Englewood, Colorado

  • Englewood Operations has added 5th hub and is evaluating adding new services to further utilize existing 7 x 24 NOC

  • Deepening the SCADA-focus

  • Along with new hub, Stratos VSAT recently added new RF upgrades

  • Evaluating possible RF expansion

  • Key Staff intact and expanding

New platforms more diversity datasat ii l.jpg

New Platforms, More Diversity – DataSat II

  • Stratos introduces New SCADA VSAT Service for Oil, Gas and Utility Markets

    • Shared Hub VSAT service – 7 x 24 support w/proactive notification

    • Supports supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications such as

  • Metering

  • Flow Monitoring

  • Terminal Management

  • Leak Detection

  • Well Head Monitoring

  • Tank Farm Monitoring

  • Other Supporting Applications such as

    • Internet/Intranet

    • Inventory Control

    • Remote Video

  • Datasat ii vsat suite l.jpg

    DataSat II VSAT Suite

    • Provides the appropriate VSAT for each use

      • IP and/or Serial traffic

      • Some VSAT’s can be tailored with expansion cards

        • Adding capabilities rather than requiring purchase of a new VSAT

    • Three Platform offerings

      • DataSat II IP

        • IP router enables interactive broadband IP, legacy and multicasting applications to individual or multiple remote locations

      • DataSat II PRO

        • Multi Service VSAT bundles interactive data, broadband IP and legacy, public and corporate telephony on a single platform

        • Includes 3 expansion slots for optional plug-in cards including quad LAN, voice, and mesh

      • DataSat II Armadillo

        • All outdoor weather-proofed unit for the most rugged out conditions.

        • SCADA and other applications have a VSAT with an integrated heater, fans, ruggedized components and a waterproof enclosure

    Datasat ii ip high performance broadband ip vsat l.jpg

    DataSat II IP – High Performance Broadband IP VSAT

    • DataSat II IP Benefits

      • Compact Design

        • IDU - 180mm W x 190mm D x 54mm H

      • Low Power Consumption

        • Less than 20W; solar power is no problem

      • AC or DC Operation

        • 100-240V AC or 12 - 24V DC

      • Easy mounting requirements

      • Fast Network Deployment

      • Data Interfaces supported

        • Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232

    Datasat ii pro multi service ip vsat l.jpg

    DataSat II PRO – Multi-Service IP VSAT

    • DataSat II PRO Benefits

      • Compact Design

        • IDU – 300mm W x 200mm D x 100mm H

      • AC or DC Operation

        • 72-250V AC or 12 - 24V DC or 48V DC (rack mounted version only)

      • Expansion Cards

        • Quad LAN – Ethernet 100 BaseT

        • Voice – 2W FXS 1, 2, or 4 ports

        • Mesh receiver

        • 3 expansion slots

        • Up to 12 Voice Interfaces

        • Multimedia card (rack mount only)

      • Data Interface supported

        • Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232

    Datasat ii armadillo all weather enclosed vsat l.jpg

    DataSat II Armadillo – All Weather Enclosed VSAT

    • DataSat II Armadillo Benefits

      • Sealed, all weather enclosure operational under wide range of conditions – mount directly outdoors!

      • Internal thermostatically controlled heater for cold/heat-sink and fans for heat dissipation

      • Increased lightning protection

      • Compact Design

        • IDU – 300mm W x 200mm D x 100mm H

      • AC or DC Operation

        • 100-240V AC or 12 - 24V DC

      • Operating Temperature

        • -40 to +60 C (-40 to +140 F)

      • Data Interface

        • Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232 (Optional)

    Datasat ii optional configurations l.jpg

    DataSat II – Optional Configurations

    • Serial Port Expansion

      • Some Stratos customers have needs for multiple serial ports at one location

      • DataSat II Pro provides this option

    • Expanded Temperature Operating Range

      • Armadillo supports good range but some sites need even more

      • DataSat II Pro may be configured inside one of Stratos “SCADA Sat” enclosures

        • Provides even better operating range

        • Provides more serial port availability for these sites

        • Provides more space to locate RTU’s or PLC’s in same box

    • Contact Stratos for Exact Pricing and Configuration

    Datasat ii optional configuration l.jpg

    DataSat II Optional Configuration

    • DataSat II Serial and IP Simultaneous

      • Current configuration does not support use of simultaneous serial and IP on one site

      • Stratos “TwinSat”

      • Allows two VSAT terminals to operate

        simultaneously on one 1.2M antenna

    New service better performance datasat ii l.jpg

    New Service, Better Performance – DataSat II

    • Improved Performance

      • 64 Kbps to 256 Kbps (higher speeds available late 2008)

    • 24/7 Network Monitoring

      • Over 20 years experience from trained technicians from our Denver NOC

    • Public or Private Networks

    • Flat-rate pricing

    • North American Coverage

      • AMC-4

    • Full Service Provider

    Datasat ii network configuration l.jpg

    DataSat II – Network Configuration

    Datasat ii coverage north america l.jpg

    DataSat II Coverage – North America

    Stratos datasat ii full service provider l.jpg

    Stratos – DataSat II Full Service Provider

    • 7 x 24 Monitoring of VSAT’s by site with proactive notifications of outages

    • Network Engineering and Design

    • VSAT Hardware Systems

    • SCADA Systems Integration

    • Antenna’s, Anti-Ice, Mounts, Pads, Modems

    • Installation and Commissioning

    • Network Technical Support and Configuration

    • Repairs and Maintenance

    • Technical Training

    • Monthly Statistics and Reporting

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