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Animal Breeds . Developed for Fowlerville 1 st Grader Program by: Melissa M. Fowler. Sheep Breeds. Dorset. Originated is England Merino and the Horned Sheep of Wales were used Mature rams weigh 225-275 lbs. Mature ewes weigh 150-200 lbs.

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Animal Breeds

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Animal breeds l.jpg

Animal Breeds

Developed for Fowlerville 1st Grader Program


Melissa M. Fowler

Sheep breeds l.jpg

Sheep Breeds

Dorset l.jpg


  • Originated is England

  • Merino and the Horned Sheep of Wales were used

  • Mature rams weigh 225-275 lbs.

  • Mature ewes weigh 150-200 lbs.

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Suffolk l.jpg


  • Originated in England

  • Southdown and Norfolk horned breeds used

  • Mature rams weigh 250-350 lbs.

  • Mature ewes weigh 180-250 lbs.

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Cheviot l.jpg


  • Originated on the border of England and Scotland

  • Bred for quality wool and some meat production

  • Mature rams weigh 160-200 lbs.

  • Mature ewes weigh 120-160 lbs.

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Rambouillet l.jpg


  • Originated with Spanish Merino flocks in the US

  • Mature rams weigh 250-300 lbs.

  • Mature ewes weigh 150-200 lbs.

  • Mature sheep have an 8-18 lb. fleece

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Hampshire l.jpg


  • Originated in England

  • Mainly used for meat production

  • Mature rams weigh 275 lbs. or more

  • Mature ewes weigh 200 lbs. or more

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Dairy cattle l.jpg

Dairy Cattle

Holstein l.jpg


  • Originated in Switzerland

  • Black and white or red and white

  • Mature cattle weigh about 1500 lbs.

  • Av. milk production is 17,408 lbs. per yr.

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Jersey l.jpg


  • Originated on an island near France

  • One of the oldest dairy breeds

  • Mature cows weigh about 900 lbs.

  • Mature bulls weigh 1200-1800 lbs.

  • Average milk prod. is 11,700 lbs. per yr.

  • Light brown with black points

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Guernsey l.jpg


  • Originated on an island near France

  • Known for high butterfat, high protein milk

  • Average milk prod. is 14,667 lbs. per yr.

  • Light red with white body marks

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Brown swiss l.jpg

Brown Swiss

  • Originated in Switzerland

  • Light to dark brown

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Ayrshire l.jpg


  • Originated in Scotland

  • Red and white only recognized color

  • Mature cattle weigh over 1200 lbs.

  • Average milk prod. is 12,000 lbs. per yr.

  • Top producers can top over 20,000 lbs.

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Beef cattle l.jpg

Beef Cattle

Black angus l.jpg

Black Angus

  • Native to Angus (near Scotland)

  • Most popular beef breed in the US

  • Always black in color

  • Can produce Red Angus

Pictures from

Red angus l.jpg

Red Angus

  • Originated in the British Isles

  • Same as Black Angus

  • Barred from Angus herdbook

  • Recognized as separate breed

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Polled hereford l.jpg

Polled Hereford

  • Originated in the United States

  • Red with white points

  • Bred to be polled

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Limousin l.jpg


  • Native to South-Central France

  • Golden-red to red-brown in color

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Texas longhorn l.jpg

Texas Longhorn

  • Originated in the United States

  • Various colors

  • Almost went extinct

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Horse breeds l.jpg

Horse Breeds

Arabian l.jpg


  • Used to improve European saddle horses

  • Fine bone

  • Dished face with large nostrils

  • Average 14.2-15.2 hands high

  • Average 800-1000 lbs.

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Appaloosa l.jpg


  • Developed in US by Native Americans

  • Originally called Palouse horse

  • Named changed to Appaloosa by white settlers

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Quarter horse l.jpg

Quarter Horse

  • Developed in Southwestern United States

  • Named for their great speed at a 1/4 mile race

  • Used by the cattleman of the Southwest

  • Today they are used in all sorts of events

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Morgan l.jpg


  • Developed in Massachusetts

  • Average 14.2-15.2 hands

  • Coats are usually dark

  • Very well muscled, strong work horses

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Paint l.jpg


  • Developed in the United States

  • Descendants of North African & Asian horses

  • Known for athletic ability

  • Must have Quarter Horse in the lineage

Thoroughbred l.jpg


  • Developed in England

  • Known for its speed over extended distance

  • Average height is just over 16 hands

  • Traveling speeds average 35-40 mph

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Draft horse breeds l.jpg

Draft Horse Breeds

Belgian l.jpg


  • Native to Belgium

  • Used as ancient war horses

  • Used for pulling competitions

  • Also popular logging horses

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Clydesdale l.jpg


  • Founded in Scotland

  • Bred for farm and coal mine work

  • 16.2-18 hands high

  • 1600-2200 lbs.

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Percheron l.jpg


  • Exact origin unknown

  • Average 15-16.3 hands high

  • Used to move freight in cities

  • Also used for farm work

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