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Domain authority da in seo
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Did you know that one of the factors which defines how well your website will rank in the Search Engines, is Domain Authority.

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Domain Authority (DA) in SEO

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Domain authority da in seo

Domain Authority (DA) in SEO

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Domain authority da in seo

Did you know that one of the factors which defines how well your website will rank in the Search Engines, is Domain Authority.

  • Earlier this all ranking was done on the basis of Page Rank but now it is Domain Authority which plays a major role in the ranking of any domain. It is therefore important to understand what it is as this will help you to create an Authoritative blog.

  • Even though the term Domain Authority is a common term, but when it comes to SEO (Search engine Optimization) there are many who are unaware of its significance. So let me guide you through what Domain Authority is, how it helps and what are its benefits.

Also first let s take a look at the difference between domain authority vs page authority

Also first lets take a look at the difference between Domain Authority vs Page Authority

  • As discussed, Domain Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or SubDomains, while Page Authority measures the strength of individual page.

  • Even though they are dependent on each other but DA and PA are not at all similar.

  • DA measures the authority of the complete domain predictingtheranking strength of domain & sub-domain. WhilePage Authority measures the strength of individual page.

What is domain authority

What is Domain Authority?

  • Domain Authority is a score that predicts your website rank on search engines.

  • Domain Authority (DA) is metric developed by MOZ, for the purpose of rating a website on a scale of 1-100.

  • So, basically the higher you score the higher would be your ranking in search engines (100 being the best and 1 being the worst).

  • To determine Domain Authority, MOZ employs machine learning against Googles algorithm to best model how search engine results are generated.

Domain authority da in seo

  • A single calculation like this includes over 40 signals. Because of which sometimes your websites DA might fluctuate.

  • Hence, its best to useDA as a competitive metric against other sites as opposed to ahistoric measure of your internal SEO efforts.

  • Its also important to note that the Domain Authority metric is almost entirely dependent on the backlinks (dofollow) pointing to your site.

  • So, what helps the most to increase your sites Domain Authority (and thus its ranking potential) is to acquire links from sites that already have high Domain Authorities themselves.

Lets take a look on how to check domain authority

Lets take a look on how to check Domain Authority?

  • There are a fewdomain authority checker websitesavailable online which you can use to check your websites DA.

  • The first is the officialMoz open site explorerwhere you type in your domain or sub-domain address, and it will show you the latest DA score.

How to improve domain authority

How to Improve Domain Authority?

  • Like I mentioned, despite Domain Authority being a common term, many fail to understand it. And many fail to implement it.

  • We need to understand that by improving the DA of our website, we can even increase the search engine ranking for our website.

  • It is therefore very simple that the higher the DA of a website, the more difficult it is to outrank it in the Google Search.

Domain authority da in seo

  • At the same time it becomes very necessary to get the backlinks for your website, you should focus on websites which are having a good domain authority.

  • Based on the above discussion, below are a few ways by which I can show how Domain Authority for a website can be increased significantly:

Site dependency on site

Site Dependency/On-site:

  • On site factors like maintaining a clear user friendly site structure is the most basic one to increase page authority and domain authority.

  • Other on-site factors include, such as Offer an Easy to Browse User-accessible Sitemap.

  • Keep the average number of links on pages within a limit. Make the website fast (browsing and opening). Cut off link diluters.

On page seo

On-Page SEO:

  • If you want your website to be found on Google Search Engine results, then on page SEO is the most important factor.

  • SEO depends on, strong content, keyword variation, link building, brand building and Promotion.

Social media

Social Media:

  • Social Media is one of the best ways to leverage a site and increase brand promotion.

  • With a proper social media strategy, you can get your content in front of people and get links that matter.

  • And thus helping in increasing domain authority of your site. But to get the site social media optimized, there are things that need to be followed

  • First, create website profiles on major Social Media Sites. Then use Professional Designs to boost credibility.

  • Once thats done, then comes, promoting your social media presence and linking to your Social Profiles from guest posts on top rated sites.

Creating brand awareness brand engagement

Creating brand awareness & Brand Engagement:

  • Now the world is too big. Just making a social profile or getting followers is not enough.

  • But then again how to create awareness and customer engagement.

  • Here are the best steps that can be followed. These can be like setting up a re-targeting campaign, utilize Offline Marketing, advertise your Brand on Social Media Sites.

  • Remember toalways respond to Your Users Questions & Comments. Along with posting an informative Blog that people frequently would come back to.

  • And most importantly you should Build Brand Trust.



  • Google page rank is usually a factor for any webpage on the internet, but it has its own drawbacks.

  • Whereas,a maintaining a good DA scoreis now the most trusted way to measure the rank and authority of a webpage on the internet.

  • There are many positive effects to having a moderately high Domain Authority.

  • Better search engine visibility guarantees more traffic, leading to more exposure and brand awareness, and thus increasing the chances of landing in more social shares and natural back links. Now, those are pretty good influencers of the Domain Authority metric themselves, so you can basically say that once you start rolling the ball, it continues to gain more and more momentum every day.

  • If you have neverfocused on your sites domain authority score, then its time for you to use some of the above mentioned domain authority checkers, and check your DA score.

Domain authority da in seo

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