Healthy benefits of citric acid uses
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Citric acid could be a weak organic acid having the formula C6H8O7. acid is found naturally in citrus fruits. Here square measure some necessary uses/applications and side-effects of acid.

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Citric Acid uses

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Healthy Benefits of Citric Acid Uses

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In food and beverage industries Citric Acid Anhydrous is mainly used as acidulate, flavoring agent, preservative and ant staling agent. It is also known as antioxidant, plasticizer and detergent in chemical, cosmetics and cleaning industries.

In the food manufacturing industries this is known as the citric acid usesin making of soda, candy, biscuit, can, jam, juice and so on. It has excellent emulsifying properties. It is very safe, non-toxic no pollution, no stimulation emulsifier.

Citric Acid contains monoglyceride has a high acid resistance ration mostly used in Greece, margarine, sweet milk, ice crème and ice sucker.

Benefits of Citric Acid

Citric Acid naturally presents in the citrus foods like lemon, orange and lime fruit. It is known as the good source to get Vitamin C.

Citrus fruits flavored citric acid tablets are also available to improve the metabolism.

Citric Acid

Used to Ferment

From decades lime juice is become the best alternate to ferment the meat, fish and paneer. It is also used as a best preservative for preserving food and beverages for longer time.

Best alternate of Lime Juice

When there is a need of lime juice, citric acid can satisfy the taste of lime. The taste is slight different from the natural lime, but it can be applicable for adding sourness in the food.

Add sugar, salt and teaspoon of citric and lemonade is ready to serve.

Used to Keep Fruits Fresh

You can cut the fruits and in mean time it catches brownie color.

To avoid this type of brownie image citric acid used. It will prevent the fruits from browning; also it is a best agent to keep fruits fresh for longer time.

Used to add little sourness to Sweet

For homemade candies it is a best option to add little bit of sourness to sweet candy. Finish the candy with coating from citric acid powder.

Add teaspoon of citric acid in soda to get a good tangy soda.

Citric Food in the Dairy Products

Citric acid results good in making ice-crème, cheese, curd and many other dairy products.

It is a best emulsifier keeps the fat globules away. It is best used in solidify milk and give good quality curd. It is also used in making good cottage cheese.

So here are the citric acid uses which are helpful in our daily life. The most common acetic acid uses is to preserve the food and drink.



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