mariejo cherestal world class fashion designer
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Mariejo Cherestal - Leading Fashion Designer

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Mariejo Cherestal - Leading Fashion Designer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mariejo Cherestal has just launched the new range of Kick starter campaign, where she has introduced the new concept of godly access jeans.

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mariejo cherestal invented unzip able pockets for jeans

World-class fashion designer, Mariejo Cherestalhas just launched the new range of Kick starter campaign, where she has introduced the new concept of godly access jeans. This jean is going to create a complete new mindset among people, and can prove to be a revolutionary change for the entire fashion industry. The main feature of this product is that it comes with completely unzip able pockets, listed on the front end of the jeans. According to the fascinating world class designer, this kind of jean is surely one of a kind option, and this is also the first time for any such item, in the fashion-centric world.

Mariejo Cherestal Invented Unzip Able Pockets For Jeans


According to the latest news feed, it has been clearly found out that once the jeans hit the outer world, it has become a craze of its own. The number of customers, planning to spend bucks on this product, is increasing at a fast pace, and Mariejo Cherestalis likely to earn a good profitable deal with this perfect invention. Even though, critics have their viewpoints, but maximum people came to this conclusion that this campaign and this magnificent invention is truly a masterpiece of the century. Few might have loathed this idea, but the rest of the world is just in love with it.


According to the leading designer, Constant Cherestal in an interview with the reporters, “This pant can be stated as nothing but just a modified version of some of our previous best-selling pants. There was a time, when I suddenly found a hole in my jeans, and that gave me this magnificent idea. According to me, this kind of jeans is the only example and one of a kind product, which is going to create a revolutionary change in the outlook of people. Therefore, these pants are enough to spice up your life.”


These pants are quite good for different things and can also act as the awesome gift for anyone. Nowadays, the stores managers say that people are not only buying pants for their use, but the gift rate has also increased to a completely new level, after the invention of these jeans. However, for a formal party or any official meeting, this pant might not be a good idea, however. It is mostly associated with the idea of a fun-filled evening or anyone, who wants to have some fun with their jeans. These are mainly aimed at those, who possess a pretty sense of humor.